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100 Years of Guiding in Alberta



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Lady BP Challenge Step 4 Completed

Brianna N Ange Sydni Shae-Lynne Luka Chloe Kaylie Alicia Catherine

Lady BP Challenge Step 2 Completed

Brianna N. Alicia Sydni Ange Luka Shae-Lynne Kaylie

Lady BP Challenge Step 5

Luka Catherine Alicia

Lady BP Challenge Step 3 Completed

Brianna N, Shae-Lynne Sydni Layne Luka Catherine Kaylie Alicia Ange Chloe

Lady BP Challenge Step 7

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What should I do?????

Learn about Lady Baden-Powell and then

prepare a skit,

write a song,

write a story,

prepare a poster,

make a movie (

or any other activity to demonstrate what you have learned.


Then you will share it with your patrol, unit, or group of Guiding friends.


Lady Baden Powell Challenge

This is the highest award a Guide can earn. It is usually earned after three years, but Girls who are motivated can complete the activities in two years!

To earn this challenge you must complete Numbers 1 and 2, as well as four more of the activities below:

1) Complete all of the four program areas.

2) Learn about Lady Baden-Powell and prepare a skit, song, story, poster, or other activity to demonstrate what you have learned. Share it with your patrol, unit, or group of Guiding friends.

3) Complete a project to help your Guide unit enjoy their Guiding experience. This project should involve a regular commitment over a period of time: the effort required will vary depending on the service project. Talk to your Guider and your unit about ideas of what you would like to do. For example, create a book of active games, or prepare a Thinking Day ceremony.

4) Participate in a major community service project. This project is in addition to the service completed in You in Guiding. You could volunteer at a daycare center or a food bank, for instance.

5) Participate in three Pathfinder meetings.

6) Take part in a community activity that involved doing something for someone else. For example, shovel snow for an elderly person, help carry groceries, or entertain children so a parent can do household chores.

7) Share your favorite Guiding experiences over the last year with a group of friends who are not in Guiding.

Finding Information

There is lots of useful information on the internet try web-searching


Lady Baden Powell

Lady Baden Powell guiding project


The girl guide site has lots of information as well


This site has lots of good information too. There are chapters from "Window On My Heart" her autobiography. 


Your Guide Handbook has information too! See pages 16, 34-26, 274-277, 320.


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Enrollment Ceremony for New Guides

June 2013 Campout at Guider Julie's

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Patrol Elections


Take a look at the results from voting last week

Fire Safety/Recycling/Zumba


Click here to go learn about Recycling and other Eco-friendly stuff


Click here to learn about Fire Safety


What is Zumba?



Try out this link to start building your own food guide for planning meals


Because I AM a Girl

Great new web site for  International Girl Day !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Guide Marching Song for Horseshoe

Guide Marching Song - for Horseshoe


Guiding Law Song - for Horseshoe


Taps Song - sung at close of each meeting


On My Honour


Link to other Guiding Songs





Badge Work Completed as a group todate


Self Esteem

CLick on this link to access the Dove Self Esteem Booklet