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On the 5th-6th June Mike Hollings, Philip Smith, Bryce Pedersen and Neil Melhuish attended a MoE conference on 21st Learning environments for all learners. These pages contain resources from the conference and reflections and commentary from the delegates.

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Comments can be made with links to resources - including the presentations that will be placed on the MoE website later this month.

Knowledge Wave

Catching the Knowledge Wave

Jane Gilbert provided the opening keynote address and revisited the theme of much of her work over the last few years. 

In this presentation, Jane Gilbert  argued that the Knowledge Society is a major challenge to schools as we currently know them, one that can’t be addressed by simply adding more ideas to existing structures. We need a new and different framework, a new way of thinking about education: one that can take account of knowledge’s new meaning, and give everyone an equal chance to succeed.
Those of you thataren’t familiar with the ideas that she propounds should read her book ‘Catching the knowledge wave?’.

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