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                      Welcome to the 21st Century Classroom!         

Protopage is one tool that can be used as a classroom website and/or a for individual students to create their own pages for publishing and collaborative work.

Explore the possibilites as a place to begin giving your 21st Century Learners the chance to:

1Inquire, think critically, and gain knowledge.

2.  Draw conclusions, make informed decisions, apply knowledge to new situations,

          and create new knowledge.

3.  Share knowledge and participate ethically and productely as members of our

         democratic society.

4.  Pursue personal and aesthetic growth.

To learn more about Protopage, explore The Manual.

Wonderings and Learnings

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I Wonder Book

Click on our I Wonder Book to add your questions!

All About Fish!

Learn more about fish in these videos!


Learn about Sharks
Bull shark

Listen to this Radio Show

What Do You Wonder?

Fish on the Floor

Have you ever wondered why some fish live on the ocean's floor?   How do they survive and adapt deep in the ocean?
Underside of young skate     A ray's underside       Top and bottow view of skate
Read about Skates and Rays and ask your own questions. 

Ask questions that start with
I wonder
 Write them in your I Wonder Journal

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Look at the to learn more about bears

Group Collaboration

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Wiki Work

Try a Wiki Writing Center Activity!


Welcome to Book Jogging!

Book jogging is for you to write a convincing argument so that your classmates will want to read your book.  Then "jog" on over to a different book title, and see if you are inspired to read somethink new.  Add your comment about someone's book review!

Monster Exchange

Join the Monster Exchange!

Flat Stanley

Join the Flat Stanley Project

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Word Choice Voice Thread

Students choose a photogaph and wrote a sentence to describe that picture.  After a class discussion about word choice, the entire class created a word bank for all pictures.  Each student then add words from the bank to enrich their sentences.  Students and/or the teacher could listen to the sentences and make audio comments.

Global Connections

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Join the Habitats Classroom Project

If a camel lived in a rainforest, would it still have a hump? In this project, students research habitats, and the animal and plant life within. Learn about threats to habitat life, as well as unique qualities of each habitat. Email exchanges (setup by your teacher!) will help you identify differences between their own habitat and that of their ePals.

Earth Day

Earth Day 2008 Turn Over a New Leaf

Geo Game

Join the Geo Game!
Geo Game - An Interactive Game for the Web

Online Learning

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April is Poetry Month!

Write with Jack Prelutsky

Listen to U.S. Children's Poet Laureate Jack Prelutsky read one of his poems,
then follow his tips and techniques to have some fun with poetry writing!

Start Your own Poetry

Try the Poetry Engine Machine

Get your poetry juices flowing with the Poetry Idea Engine. Created with GoCyberCamp, this activity will allow you to write haikus, free verse, limericks, and more!


Sharing your Poetry!

Listen to how you can share your poetry!

Read, Write, Think

Create an Acrostic Poem!

Our I Wonder Book

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I Wonder Book

                                   Our Class I Wonder Book
                Ask questions that start with How, Why, Which, OR I wonder
                * Ask your teacher for the password to add your questions.
                                          Write your questions here~

I wonder how fish sleep.