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3rd Grade Weekly Newsletter

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Reading: Compare/Contrast

In class, we will be working on comparing and contrasting American Indian fables with fairy tales. On Tuesday, we will read Rough Face Girl and compare it to the modern day Cinderella story. We will then make a double bubble map comparing and contrasting the two stories. On Wednesday, we will take the information off our maps and write a compare/contrast paragraph. We will do the same Thursday and Friday with two different fairy tales. For homework, the kids will read 20 minutes each night and record the most important part of their stories on the reading logs.

Upcoming Events

Mon, June 10:  PACK assembly -- 9:15 am Tue, June 11:  5th grade continuation -- 9:15 am Tue, June 11: last day of school -- 9 am to noon

Writing: 5 paragraph narrative

We will be finishing up our end of year writing and starting some father's day writing as well.

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4th grade math:

Below is a link for students to print homework, should it be left at school.

FYI, you can use the website below to print out the Everyday Math study link IF your child should forget the homework sheet. NOTE: This site is different than the one first used.

Monday: - No school

Tuesday: 12.6


Wednesday: 12.7

Thursday: End of the year concept review

Friday: 12.1: End of the year concept review

3rd grade math:

FYI, you can use the website below to print out the Everyday Math home link IF your child should forget the homework sheet.

Monday: No school

Tuesday: Review for the end of the year test

Wednesday: Review for the end of the year test

Thursday: End of the year test

Friday: End of the year test

Social Studies - American Indians

The 3rd grade students will begin learning about the American Indian cultures.  Each class will be working on a different region to begin the unit, and then rotate through the five major regions of these first peoples in North America.

The regions and tribes are:

Northwest Coast

Plains (Sioux)

Southwest (Hopi)

Eastern Woodlands (Iroquois)

Southeastern/Eastern Woodlands (Cherokee)


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Spelling:No spelling

Thinking Maps

Dear parents, Throughout the school year, students will be using “thinking maps” as tools to help them organize information. There are eight (8) visual patterns or maps based on fundamental thinking processes: defining, describing, comparing and contrasting, classifying, seeing whole-to-part relationships, sequencing, analyzing cause and effect, and seeing analogies and relationships. These maps can be used alone or in combination at all grade levels in all curriculum areas. You will see your child use these maps in reading, writing, math, social studies, and science this year.

Lunch Schedule

Parents, you may visit the following website to check the Elementary Lunch Cycle. We hope this is convenient and helpful for you!

Spelling; Word Enrichment Form

Enrichment Form information. This will NOT be used this week. The students will be expected to: 1) write a meaningful, complete sentence with at least 6 words. Capitals and periods must be included in the sentence; 2) write at least two synonyms for the word; 3) write at least two antonyms for the word; 4) write the dictionary definition of the word; 5) list the guide words on the dictionary pages where the word is found; and 6) draw a picture that depicts the word being used. Students can use to find the word's definition, synonyms, and antonyms. In addition, students were given their own dictionary on Thursday from the Aurora Rotary Club, which will allow them to find guide words. The 3rd grade teachers will model how to complete this form in class before students are expected to complete it at home.

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Homework: May 20-24

Monday, May 27
- Read: 20+ minutes
- Read out loud: 10+minutes
- Spelling: No spelling 
- FLASH: 10+ minutes (parent signature)
- 3rd grade math: finish open response if not finished in class
- 4th grade:  no homework: end of year test in class


Tuesday, May 28
- Read: 20+ minutes
- Read out loud: 10+minutes
- Spelling: No spelling 
- FLASH: 10+ minutes (parent signature)
- 3rd grade math: finish open response if not finished in class
- 4th grade:  no homework: end of year test in class


Wednesday, May 29
-Read: 20+ minutes
- Read out loud: 10+minutes
- Spelling: No spelling 
- FLASH: 10+ minutes (parent signature)
- 3rd grade math: finish open response if not finished in class

- 4th grade:  study for unit 12
Thursday, May 30
-Read: 20+ minutes
- Read out loud: 10+minutes
- Spelling: Lesson 22 test on Friday
- FLASH: 10+ minutes (parent signature)
- 3rd grade math: Finish math boxes 
- 4th grade: no homework: Unit 12 test in class


Friday, May 31
-          No homework! Please check your student’s Friday folder, sign and return it on Monday.


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FLASH: math facts practice

Tutpup for fact practice


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Daily Schedule

8:50 Student Drop-off 9:00-9:45 writing 9:45-11:05 math recess/lunch morning meeting 12:30-1:10 specials for Haines, Marino, & Bergner 12:30-1:10 reading for DeNooy and Love 1:10 - 1:50 specials for DeNooy and Love 1:10-1:50 reading for Haines, Marino, & Bergner 1:50 snack 2:00 ss/science (FOSS on Tues. & Thurs.) 2:40 afternoon work: FAST,spelling, DOG, Mt. Lang, cursive 3:20 Clean up & Pack up 3:30 Dismissal & Parent Pick-up

Important Information

All Visitors/Volunteers Must: * Enter our building through the front door only * Check-in with the office staff (bring a photo ID) * Wear the Visitor's Pass AT ALL TIMES! Thank you for helping make our school and classroom a safe place! ___________________________________ If your child will be absent, please inform the office by calling the attendance line: (720) 886-3995 The school main office number is: (720) 886-3900 The school fax number is (720) 886-3988 School Website: ___________________________________ Classroom Numbers: Mrs. Marino - 720-886-3961 Ms. Haines - 720-886-3959 Mrs. Love - 720-886-3960 Mrs. Bergner - 720-886-3963 Ms. DeNnooy - 720-886-3962

Traffic Info

As our school continues to grow and our drop-off and parking areas become more congested, we thought we might highlight our safety procedures around Coyote Hills at arrival and dismissal times. We hope that you can support our efforts to keep our students safe during these high traffic times of day. Please, keep your speed in mind when approaching and leaving the school and notice all signs and markings in our parking lots. Our staff will also appear more present and vigilant in the mornings and afternoons with regard to driver behavior and procedures. Help us keep your children safe! Teaching your child about avoiding strangers and procedures for crossing the street seems like second nature. Remember the best teaching you can provide your children comes by modeling or setting a good example. Following laws, expectations and school guidelines for safety provides children with knowledge and respect for proper procedure. The following is a list of procedures we can all follow in and around school to make it a safer place for everyone and as a result will promote a positive learning environment. Coyote Hills school campus expectations at arrival:  DO NOT DROP OFF STUDENTS BEFORE 8:45 AM as there is no adult supervision outside our school  If your child is dropped off prior to 8:45 AM with no supervision plan, we will contact you to return to the school to provide supervision for your child.  IF YOU NEED CHILDCARE BEFORE 8:45 AM you must enroll your child in our Before School Extended Care Program or have enrolled them to attend one of our student clubs (Pre-arranged tutors must meet you at the front door.)  Every morning, ALL CHILDREN ARE EXPECTED TO LINE-UP AT THEIR EXTERIOR DOORS where teachers and assistants are present to meet them each morning.  The only exceptions of front door usage is when a parent has an appointment and must escort a child into the building, inclement weather requires an indoor line-up procedure, a child arrives after 8:55 AM and the staff on duty permits front door access or for special needs children who are met by staff for adequate supervision before school.  PLEASE BE CONSIDERATE if you need to meet with your child’s teacher do your best to have an appointment scheduled in advance or you can phone the office prior to your arrival to check for availability.  We kindly request that you do not expect that your child’s teacher will be at the classroom prior to the start of the school day to meet with you or to supervise your child. Teachers have many commitments during the hour before school begins and are not often in their classrooms.  USE CROSSWALKS. Please teach your child to cross the street at a crosswalk, even if it means going out of the way, so that your children will continue this habit when they are alone.  Please remember YOU MUST SIGN-IN to walk your child to a classroom. While operating your car around our school & community:  DRIVE SLOW and DO NOT PASS when in a safety zone or near school grounds.  Be mindful of CROSSWALKS when pedestrians are present. Watch for pedestrians in our parking lots.  Always PULL TO THE DROP OFF ZONE  DO NOT DRIVE IN THE BUS LOOP.  DO NOT PARK behind, double park or block other vehicles. Children are small, vulnerable and hard to see when they must move between cars or when you must back up in an unusual way to exit your parking place.  PARK IN DESIGNATED AREAS ONLY… be especially mindful of red fire lanes and crosswalks.  Do not leave your vehicle unattended in a fire lane or unmarked space even for just a minute at any time of day. Reminders at dismissal and always:  Never leave SMALL CHILDREN in the car alone.  No roller blades, skateboards, bikes, scooters or small motorize toy vehicles may be used on school grounds. WALK!  NO PETS on campus unless special arrangements have been made with your child’s teacher.  BE ON TIME. Supervision is available from 8:45 AM to 3:45 PM.  Students should enter and exit, walking through grade level area doors: PARENTS ARE EXPECTED TO USE THE FRONT ENTRANCE ONLY AND AT ALL TIMES.  ALWAYS SIGN-IN and OUT of the office using the front door when visiting our school. Take a STICKER or BADGE for visitor or volunteer… even if you are just dropping something off. You must sign-in and wear a badge to be on our campus, in classrooms, the lunch room, and playground etc. during school hours.  REPORT STRANGERS to a staff member and expect to be stopped by a staff member when not wearing a name badge.  UPDATE YOUR EMERGENCY CARDS. Have more than one way for us to reach you and list multiple contacts other than yourself in case of emergency.  VOLUNTEER! Come to conferences and communicate regularly with your child’s teacher.  Seek out your child’s teacher or a member of our administrative staff when you have school SAFETY CONCERNS. Thank you for keeping all of our children safe!


Need to Know EVENTS!!!


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Specials Week of September 4-7

Tuesday 9/4- Technology Wednesday 9/5- Music Thursday 9/6- Art Friday 9/7- PE

A Little About Me

Hi! Welcome to 3rd grade! This will be my first year teaching 3rd grade at Coyote Hills, and I am very excited about the change! This is my 3rd year at Coyote Hills. I was born in Sioux Center, IA. It is basically in the middle of a corn field:) We moved to Denver when I was two years old and I spent the rest of my childhood growing up here. I am the oldest of 3 kids, my brother, Keaton, is 3 years younger than me, and my sister, Danika, is six years younger. After high school, I went back to the cornfields for college and graduated from Dordt College in the Spring of '09. While at Dordt, I played volleyball for two years, soccer for two years, and basketball all four. After graduating, I moved to Bozeman, Montana to teach 2nd grade. While I loved the scenery, I could not handle the brutally cold winters and decided to move back to Denver. I have been at Coyote Hills ever since, and I love learning and growing in new ways each year!

As a class, we will observe, predict, and graph the weather daily...we all know that it can be quite interesting here in Denver! Try it with your families at home too! :)

What's For Lunch?!


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Special Schedule May 6-10

Monday: gym Tuesday: tech Wednesday: music Thursday: art Friday: gym

About Ms. Haines

I have had the privilege of teaching 3rd grade at Coyote Hills since the school opened in 2006. However, teaching was not my first career. I grew up in Colorado and graduated from the University of MIssouri with a bachelor's degree in journalism. I worked in the newspaper industry for over 10 years. In 1989, I moved east, first settling in Boston, and then in Princeton. I worked for the vice president of technology at Princeton University for six years before leaving to teach in the Princeton schools. I taught 5th grade and 4th grade at Riverside School. I also took a one year leave of absence to teach 4th grade in Brussels, Belgium. In 2004, I returned to Colorado where I taught 6th grade language arts and social studies at Horizon Middle School in the Cherry Creek District for two years. In my spare time, I love to travel, read, enjoy plays, concerts, and movies, and exercise. Occasionally, I pick up my pen and write. :-) I also spend time thinking about how to help my 22 students succeed.


Our library time is Tuesday at 2:40 pm.

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Classroom Information

Location: Room 204

Phone: 720-886-3959


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Sharing Schedule: MONDAY: Jaya Logan Abigail Beau Sierra Giulio TUESDAY: Beth Brahm Carmen Ryan Maddy WEDNESDAY: Cade Yahseen Miranda Jaelyn Ella THURSDAY: No share Thursday, we have LIBRARY FRIDAY: Jasmine Aedyn Blake Jonathan Chasitie Dema

About Mrs. Bergner

I have been dreaming about being a teacher since I was a child. I love my job and I love coming to Coyote Hills everyday. I am an avid reader. I am constantly reading multiple books at one time. My favorite book series is Harry Potter and I enjoy rereading them often. I am a huge snowboarding and enjoy spending my winter weekends up on the mountain. I love Colorado and feel blessed to live here. I love to learn and love to grow as an individual. I am always trying to better myself and try new things. I am spontaneous and daring. I am always trying to find something new to experience.

Specials Schedule

January 28 - Feb 1 Art PE Technology Music Art Feb 4 - Feb 8 PE Tech Music Art PE Feb 11 - Feb 15 Tech Music Art PE Tech Feb 18 - Feb 22 Music Art PE Tech Music Feb 25 - March 1 Art PE Tech Music Art

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A note from the teacher:

Scholastic Book Orders!

You can order books online from

Our order number LL2RC


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LIbrary Schedule

Our library day is Wednesday at 2:40 PM

D.I.G. Award

Our D.I.G. Award goes Mya Bugos the week of April 29. Congratulations for being a diligent student, incredible classmate, and good citizen.


Specials for the week of May 13: Monday - art Tuesday - PE Wednesday - tech Thursday - none due to field trip Friday - art

Classroom Location

Room: 205 Phone: 720-886-3960

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Math Websites

EDM Games
Basic Operation Practice
Math MAPS Site
Math Word Problems
Math Games


First Day of Third Grade


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Specials week of 4/15

Monday: Art Tuesday:PE Wednesday:Tech Thursday:Music Friday:Art

Scholastic Class activation code: L7HHT

About Mrs. Marino

This is my fifth year teaching third grade at Coyote Hills, and I feel fortunate to be at such a wonderful school, teaching in the district that taught me as a child. I attended Whittier College in southern California where I majored in Child development and earned a Masters degree in Education. While in college I ran a computer -based educational program at The Boys and Girls Club. After graduating I moved back to Colorado, (though I miss the warm winters and being near the ocean) Colorado is home. Fall Break of 2010, I headed down to La Paz, Mexico and got married to Matt Marino. Matt and I met my freshman year at Whittier and are very excited to have started the next chapter of our lives together. Matt curently is a golf pro at The Club at Pradera.

Read aloud

City of Ember

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Our class visits the library every Thursday  at 2:40


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August 16                                                                                Chick-Fil-a Night Community Day


September 7                                                                           Donuts for Dads


September 12                                                                         PTCO General Meeting 6:30 pm


September 13                                                                         Papa John’s Pizza Night


September 14                                                                         Spaghetti Bingo Night


September 24 – 28                                                                 Scholastic Book Fair


October 12                                                                              Muffins with Mom


October 18                                                                              Chick-Fil-a Community Day


November 7                                                                            Papa John’s Pizza Night


November 14                                                                          PTCO General Meeting 6:30 pm


November 16*                                                                                    Fall Dance


December 4                                                                            Barnes & Noble/Dessert Night


January 16                                                                              PTCO General Meeting 6:30 pm


January 25*                                                                            Mom/Son Bowling


February 5                                                                              Papa John’s Pizza Night


February 24*                                                                           Father/Daughter Dance


March 13                                                                                 PTCO General Meeting 6:30 pm


March 14                                                                                 Chick-Fil-A Community Day


March 23                                                                                 CHE Spring Auction


May 6-10                                                                                 Teacher Appreciation Week


May 8                                                                                      PTCO General Meeting 6:30 pm


May 22                                                                                    Papa John’s Pizza Night


May 31                                                                                    Summerfest 2013      



*Date subject to change based on venue availability