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Tech Republic

Mauro believes that AI in customer service is going to change the narrative around AI. "We're going to say, 'remember when we used to let people do menial, repetitive, horrible jobs?' AI will be able to pull out the menial jobs and allow people to focus on the parts of the job that are meaningful and human." He acknowledges that this may result in the need for fewer employees. "But the jobs that are there will be much more interesting."




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Acme Inductries is Alan Bramwell's development environment.

Prototype solutions for his management team are developed here.

This site has many password protected zones.

The origins of Acme Industries was just a fun site name for holding documents which I wanted to push through Northenden Community Library where  I volunteered. The NCL site is now suspended.


I am involved in a small way in the Telecoms industry. In a small way I present some small ideas via my protopage website.

This has been in public domain for 18 months but is now going under wraps.


I volunteered teaching at Manchester Adult Education Services - Where I developed my own material to supplement their standard courses.

Assurance Environment

The Generation Project is where I present my Business Models. 

Generally I focus on Manufacturing, Service and Print Industries.

Skills Set

IBM Assembler, Macro and Command Level CICS/COBOL, BMS, COBOL, IDMS, VSAM, DLI, CIMS/ESCAPE, DB2/SQL, JCL, JECL, SNA, RJE, MRJE, Tubes, IDCAMS, Selcopy, Ditto, CA-SORT, CA-EARL, Cobol Report Writer, FOCUS, EASYTRIEVE, CULPRIT, RPGII, REXX, EXEC, EXEC2, CLIST, TSO/ISPF, SDSF, SAR, VM/CMS, TICTOC, FileAID, CICS Playback, DOS, Win3.1,WIN95,WIN98,NT, WIN XP, Win 2000 Advanced Server, WIN Millenium, Win Vista, Win 7, Win 10, MAC OS, DISPLAYWRITE4, Word, AMIPRO, WORD for Windows, Lotus 123, Lotus Smartsuite, Microsoft Office, Office 365, Open Office, Microsoft Publisher, Visio, Microsoft Project, CA-Superproject, Project Managers Workbench, Openworkbench,Unirpay5.2/5.3/Consolidated 5.4/UNISTAR/UNI2000/UNIPOST, Olas Report Writer, Westinghouse Utilities, Dynam/T, DYNAM/D, DYNAM/FI, EPAT, CC Mail, MEMO, Memo for Windows, Outlook, ICQ, SSADM, FileZilla, AptanaStudio, Visual Studio, PHP-MySQL, ASP.Net/SQL Server, HTML, HTML5, CSS, CSS3, Javscript, Angular, Bootstrap, Wordpress, Protopage, Wix, Prezi, Powtoon, Sharepoint(user), AJAX, JSON, XML, JQuery

Development Environment.

I do the majority of my development on my Apple Mac. 

I have a Goddady account which allows me to construct Server side processes. This account allows me to host ASP.Net/SQL server applications which I model on my Windows machine. 

I tend to do just systems modelling - for business layer processing I have Ricjard to outsource it to.

Not on my list is MVC - might go on my to do list if Richard can advise of a training module.

The Generation Project



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The Generation Project

The Story so far.....

I lost my son 12 April 2016 - the golf projects which we were working on was a big part of my life.

I now need to move onwards but backwards into the life which I used to have - volunteering.

It is time to review the past and present the future.

Tom, Adams friend, has agreed to participate in my IT Tutorials.  I now need to create the material for Tom and present it to him via the internet.

Project - The Generation Project will be a record of this learning and will be my next step to gaining my next qualification.





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12/01/2021 01:48

Can you please look at 

I have been trying to do a photo booth video for Paul using Adams Machine - they are long and the machine has crashed twice.

I have been at it now 1 and 1/2 hours and have decided that it is time for you to get involved with this one.

Paul is not responding to e’mail requests for him to phone me - there is no communication even though I am doing daily video blogs now.

I willl contact Scott to say that I am working on a click and collect service for his golf club for him.   He is at the woodside now.

But initially the click and collect solution will be for Sheffield golf club. I have been trying to contact Scott since before Christmas about the changes at Withington golf club.

This should be simple stuff for you Richard - please help me out of my log jam.

With regards to documentation I have decided to used SSADM in an Agile environment.

It will be up to you to tell me as product owner what reports that you need as scrum master tp progress this project.

That includes specifications for Paul.  See