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Ichiro Suzuki Bio



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Ichiro Suzuki Stats

--Had record breaking 262 hits in 2004 --Defensive player of the year 2005 --Led MLB in steals with 56 in 2001

Icihiro Suzuki JockBios

--Nobuyuki owned a small cooler repair factory --Joined little league when he was 6 --Nobuyuki made Ichiro a lefty so he could be a few steps closer to first base --His fastball was 80 mph when he was in seventh grade --Ichiro used to be an amazing pitcher --Ichiro ate nothing before his dad approved of it --Graduated from high school in 1991 --Became a right fielder during his first few days as an Orix Blue Wave --Ichiro was sent to the minors inJapan because of his unorthodox batting --Played in Hawaii in the winter of 1993 so he could play against better competition (he hit .311) --In his first full season in Japan Ichiro hit.385 with 210 hits, won MVp and the gold glove for rightfielders --Won MVP in 1995 (Japan) --1997 Ichiro batted over .300 and set a new Japanese league mark by not striking out for 216 consecutive at-bats --Ichiro shortened his legkick when he got to America --Ichiro batted .387 in his final season with Japan --The Seattle Mariners payed 27 million in total to sign Ichiro --Lots of people thought that Ichiro would never be able to make it in the American majors --In 2002 pitchers adjusted to Ichiro, so Ichiro ajusted to pitchers --In the summer of 2002 Ichiro faced his first long slump in the majors --In 2005 Ichiro didn't wear down in September because he stopped trying to drive the ball as far in the early games of the year --In 2007 Ichiro became the first player to hit an inside the park homerun in the all-star game --Ichiro got his 3000th hit of his professional career in 2008 (Japan and American league combined) --In 2011 Ichiro had his first American season where he hit below .300 --Ichiro was traded to the Yankees on July 23rd, 2012 --Ichiro gets to first in 3.7 seconds which forces fielders to make absolutely perfect plays

Ichiro Suzuki Citelighter

--When pitchers tell media that they found the key to Ichiro, and getting him out, they are very wrong --Born October 22, 1973 in Honshu (an island 150 miles from tokyo, japan) --Dad was named Nobuyuki, and mom was named Yoshie --Ichiro got his first baseball and glove after 3rd birthday --Nobuyuki's favorite Japanese baseball team was the Chunichi Dragons --Mom and Dad really wanted Ichiro to develop a love for baseball --Won best nine 7 times (Japan) (Best player at each position) --Gold Glove 7 times (Japan) --Matsutaro Shoriki Award (Japan) (Given to Japanese baseball player who contributes the most on and off the field) 2 times --Rookie of the Year --Topps rookie all-star team (America) --AL All-star 10 times --Second place in popularity poll in 1990s --Had 450 hits through first 2 MLB seasons (Most in MLB history) --Ichiro won the batting title, gold glove, rookie of the year, MVP, and most hits in his rookie year --Debuted in MLB on April 2, 2001 (Seatlle Mariners) --He is a slap hitter because he hits the ball on a line drive to the left side --Quote-If Im in a slump, I ask myself for advice

Ichiro Suzuki Notable Bios

--Has his own 4 story museum in Japan built by his dad --Considered best player in Japanese baseball history --First Japanese positioned player to sign with a US team --Called "Hitting Machine" by sportswriters --Leigh Montville "Any pitch, any time, any place, any situation-You throw it, Ichiro will hit it --Born in Kagusai, Japan --Ichiro means "First Boy" --Dad made Ichiro go through baseball drills for up to 4 hours per day when he was in elementary school --First got drafted in Japan by the Pacific League's Blue Wave --Ichiro said "I'm Unique, I'm a very rare type of player" --Went to Nagoya Electric High School --Ichiro sometimes played catch with some of the people in the right field stands when he was in baseball games --Likes to only be called by his first name-Only US player to wear a jersey with only his first name on it --Exercise consists of rolling of shoulders between pitches, massage before each game, and rolling a stick on his feet after games --After games Ichiro spends a long time just examining his glove, and reflecting back on the game --Nicknamed "Wizard" because of his amazing way to hit the ball hard no matter where the pitch is --Compared to George Sisler-Both quiet-Both very good fielders-Both had seasons of over 250 hits-Both could hit for amazingly high averages --5 people in the Sisler family were at the game that Ichiro broke George's record