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Big Five Dimensions - Online Resources

Big Five Personality Tests

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The Five Dimensions Continuum

Conscientiousness                 ------   Disorganized

Careful, dependable, efficient, focused  ------ Easy-going, careless, unfocused, impulsive


Agreeable                                 ------   Disagreeable

Courteous, good-natured, empathic, caring   ------- Competitive, outspoken, indifferent, jealous


Neuroticism                             ------   Emotional Stability

Anxious, hostile, depressed, temperamental ------- Secure, confident, stable, relaxed, calm


Open to Experience               ------   Closed Mindedness

Sensitive, flexible, creative, curious, liberal   ------- Conventional, conservative, down to earth


Extroversion                            ------   Introversion

Outgoing, talkative, sociable, friendly            ------- Shy, withdrawn, reserved, inhibited