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Welcome to Afrasian Kung Fu web  site.  My name is Master Robert Thompson and I live in suburban Maryland, near Washington DC.

I've been doing Kung Fu for more than 37 years.  My passion in  life is to teach Kung Fun to youth and adults.  People tell me that I'm an excellent teacher.

If you have a question about my classes, I welcome email at

Click on the numbers below to read futher about  my history and how I came to learn Kung Fu. You can see me jumping high in the air on page 2 in the kick called Eagle Clearing Nest.

I teach group lessons and private lessons -- in your home or in public settings. The video link to the left below shows me demonstrating my craft. This video is about 25 megabytes in file size, so you might need to wait while it transfers.

Click on the numbers at the bottom right of my web page to navigate through my web site.


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Eagle Clearing Nest Kick

This is photo is from a video of me doing the kick called Eagle Clearing Nest. I am able to jump higher than this because of the type of Kung Fu training I have done.


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My Philosophy

My philosophy in teaching Kung Fu is to create an experience for my students. My business card motto is: Just Experience.

My students tell me that I have motivated them to reach excellence they never thought possible. For instance, one of my students has gained tremendous physical strength and a keen balance. His ability to concentrate and focus has been strongly enhanced.

People think of Kung Fu as a development of the body, but in truth, it's as much a development of the mind. When you have complete control over your mind, you can achieve physical levels not attainable any other way.

Kung Fu is a practice of thinking and reacting carefully with relaxed and focused concentration. It is a defensive sport that turns fear into action. People trained in Kung Fu walk through life with confidence, but not arrogance. Through their training they are prepared to react to any unexpected situation -- handling the situation swiftly, decisively and with grace.

Kung Fu is about control. You can learn it and experience the quiet confidence of having complete control.

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This photo is of me doing Monkey and the Staff.

Practice makes perfect.

Our goals are within reach -- if we reach for them.


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My Story

Known  in the Kung Fu world as Sifu Thompson, he was born in Kingston, Jamaica, in 1964.  Growing up in Jamaica during the 1970’s was a time of unrest with the political upheavals going on in the government. His Father and Mother were very young when he and his eldest sister were born. His Father later moved to the United States to live with his diplomat mother leaving Sifu Thompson’s Mother behind; where she later married and move to the United States leaving Master Thompson with his grandmother to raise him.

The streets of Kingston were very violent during the time of Sifu Thompson’s adolescence. Curfews were enforced, thus, not allowing young men to have a sense of freedom to simply walk about. He became very bitter and angry with his environment.

His uncle Garth knew he had to interject and somehow save this young boy and not let him fall victim to the plight... a lot of young men were falling to his age; “violet related crimes.”  Sifu Thompson’s uncle’s outreach to him was going to through and anger management harness.

He told me, “I am going to show you something that is going to change you and you will benefit from this for the rest of your life.”  He went on to say, “This is a secret. Don’t tell or teach anyone. This is for only you.” This secret my uncle referred to was a very different technique of Kung Fu: Afro Asian Kung Fu.

Sifu Thompson moved to the United States in 1977 and attended Montgomery Blair High School in Silver Spring, Maryland. Shortly after his coming to the United States,  he learned that his uncle had been ironically killed in the very way he was trying to prevent happening to him -- a violent-related crime. Sifu Thompson grieved for a very long time, but has never forgotten the teaching of his uncle; his very own mentor. He continued his education in computer technology. Sifu Thompson says, “This form of Kung Fu has benefitted me in so many ways; intellectual enhancement, physical adeptness and spiritual awareness are just a few of those ways. I just could not keep it to myself. I started teaching Afro-Asian Kung Fu when I was in high school. My dream then -- and now -- is to gain into a way of helping underprivileged children focus on succeeding.”

This type of Kung Fu is a Jamaican art form that combines African foot fighting along with the old ways of the Mongol Warriors. There are many facets to this art, but the spiritual and physical benefits are most valuable. I offer a hard style, a soft style and a form of kickboxing and aerobics. Following the pioneering ways of my uncle and his master, I have created a technique that I refer to as The Lion technique, which combines the efficient ways of The Dragon, Cat, Tiger, and Panther techniques.