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About me

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My name's Afton. I'm in Year 7. My fave subject is English, but I like most subjects. My worst subject is Science and I hate it!!! I love reading and Ballet. I play the flute and play in my school orchestra.





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Math's Test mistakes

I'm OK at Maths but make loads of stupid mistakes. Here are some I've made before. READ IT PROPERLY! I often read questions wrong and so, of course, I get them wrong. CHECK THAT YOU'VE COMPLETED ALL THE PAGES IN THE TEST! Once I missed a whole page and lost loads of marks. THINK ABOUT YOUR ANSWERS! Don't write the first thing that comes to your head. Once I was asked to write 1/1 or 1.0 as a percentage - I wrote 1%. CHECK THROUGH AT THE END! Check your answers after you've answered all the questions to make sure you've got them right.

Manga High Games

Bidmas Blaster Lite Addition - Bronze Subtraction - Silver Multiplication - Gold Division - Bronze Mixed - Overall Score - 97,950 Flower Power Lite Ordering whole numbers & halves - Gold Ordering whole numbers, halves & quarters - Silver Ordering fractions & decimals - Bronze Ordering harder fractions - Ordering harder fractions & decimals - Overall Score - 5,128 Flower Power Ordering decimals - Silver Ordering fractions: halves & quarters - Bronze Ordering general fractions - Ordering fractions, decimals & percentages - Ordering including negatives - Overall Score - 2,651

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Nth Term

How to find the nth term of a sequence of numbers


First work out the difference between the 1st and 2nd numbers.We'll call this number "a". If a was 5 you would start your Nth term equation with 5n. Then work out the difference between "a" and the 1st number. We'll call this "b". If the sequence increases by "a" the equation would be "a"n + "b". If the sequence decreases by a the eqaution is "a" n - "b".





0, 5, 10, 15, 20


Nth term





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Useful words

Mots : Words Bonjour, ca va? : Hello, how are you? À propos de moi : About me Mes affaires : My stuff Les nombres : Numbers L'Alphabet : The Alphabet Les coleurs : Colours Mon anniversaire : My birthday Les mois : Months

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Les nombres

Les coleurs

Rouge - Red

Bleu - Blue

Jaune - Yellow

Vert - Green

Rose - Pink

Orange - Orange

Violet - Purple

Noir - Black

Blanc - White

Marron - Brown

Bonjour, ca va?



Bonjour : Hello

Au Revoir : Goodbye

Ca va? : How are you

Ca va bien : I'm good

Ca va : I'm fine

Comme-ci, comme ca : OK

Ca ne va pas : I'm not good

Ca va mal : I'm upset





Bonjour = Bon - shor

Au Revoir = O rev-wa

Ca va? = Sa va?

Ca va bien = Sa va bee-yon

Ca va = Sa va

Comme-ci, comme ca = com see com sa

Ca ne va pas = Sa ne va pa

Ca va mal = Sa va mal

Je me presente

Ou habites-tu? : Where do you live?

J'habite a ________. : I live in _______.

Combien de freres et de soeurs as-tu? : How many brothers and sisters have you got?

J'ai ________ (demi) freres/soeurs. : I have got ______ (half) brothers/sisters.

Quelle est la couleur de tes yeux et de tes cheveux? : What colour are your eyes and your hair?

J'ai les yeux ______ et les cheveux _______. : I have ________ eyes and _________ hair.



À propos de moi



Comment t'appelles-tu? : What's your name?

Je m'appelle ... : My name's ... toi? : ...and you?

Quel age as-tu? : How old are you?

J'ai ________ ans : I'm ________ years old





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Illuminated letters


Pop Art


Web widgets

Google Maps



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The term to term rule - Silver Find the nth term of a linear sequence - Silver Recognise number patterns and relationships - Silver Order of operations - Silver Add and subtract decimals - Silver Least common multiple and highest common factor - Bronze Types of angle - Gold Basic angle rules - Gold Add and subtract terms with single letters - Silver Add and subtract terms with multiple letters Bronze Substitute whole numbers into algebra - Gold Coordinates - Silver Coordinates in 4 quadrants - Gold


Getting bronze on mangahigh was a bit too easy. Please can I have more challenges ?. Done all 5 new challenges. Got silver on 3 of them. More, please.


Todo lists

Books I'm reading 21/07/11 - 06/07/11 (Tick = Finished)

Double Cross
The 13 Curses
H.I.V.E. - The Overlord Protocol
Dead Gorgeous
Doctor Who - Only Human
Angels Unlimited - Fighting fit
Princess Katie
Conspiracy 365 - January
Mary, Queen of Scots
Six Steps to a girl
Judy Moody
I'd tell you I love you, but then I'd have to kill you
Conspiracy 365 - February
H.I.V.E. Escape Velocity
Startled by his furry shorts
Conspircy 365 March
Conspircy 365 April
Conspircy 365 May
Nancy's mysterious letter
13 Secrets
Marshmallow Skye
Cross my heart and hope to spy