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-i will have set up a blog with prototype. -i will have added a sticky note and a screen shot of my comic life work to my blog. -i will have customised my blog 7th march 2008 i will understand and be able to describewhat MP3 is. i will understand and be able to describe what WAV is. i wil understand the difference between the two and whenthey would be used 14th march 2008 i willhave added at least four tracks which work well together using the loop browser. i will have extended the piece of music over at least 16 bars. i will have finished my piece of music and exported it to itunes. 11th april 2008 editing with imovie i will have decided on clips to use for my movie i will have imported clips into imovie I will have extracted audio from the clips ˙i will have cut out the parts of the clips that i want to use 18/4/08 i will have selected 3 or 4 movie clips and addedthem to imovie. i may have included still images as well i will have added a soundtrack to my movie i will have added appropriate effects to my movie 25/04/08 i will have thought about what makes a good website i will have looked at and evaluated various websites i will have made sticky notes on what makes a good website on my protopage 9/may/08 i will have reminded myself about whatwhat makes a good website

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what makes agood website 1. free website 2. good presentation 3. interesting presentation 4. mixed media 5.communication

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mp3 an mp3 fis a small file used to store audio. short for mpeg audio layer 3 MPEG stands for moving picture expert group. popular because compresses by 12 times=portable wav a wav is an uncompressed file audio extension for windows short for waveform audio format