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Alex's Party info page

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This is a simple summary info page. The password to edit this page is: vegas You can login by clicking the Login button below. Please update as you see fit. Party dates: Friday Oct 19 - Sunday Oct 21 Location: Las Vegas, NV Aim: To celebrate Alex's forthcoming marriage - and last few weeks of freedom!

Hotel Options

On the strip 2 people per room? Suites at the MGM Grand

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Name Email Response

Michael Oakman No, wife's birthday
Wolfgang Jank No
Veersen Ghatge  I'M TROLLING
Dave Mollin  Yes
Jason Davis  will go if available (IB)
Vipul Pal  Yes
Faisal Khan  No, wimping out
Kurt Smolek  No, top secret
Kaan Onur  Nope. Have fun!
Giancarlo M                                                                                Not in the USA
Alex Bogdanovsky       No, family circumstances.

Todo lists

Todo list

Decide date
Communicate date (Naum)
Pick main hotel (David)
Book Flights (individually)
Plan Itinerary (Vipul/David)