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Fun Stuff

This is our shared webpage to help us plan our Friendship Night Event. New Year begins on Monday, February 8, 2016 Year of the Monkey You can edit the text in these boxes just by clicking where you want to type. You must Log On to be able to edit. The button is on the top right of the page. The Password is yellowrose. There is a separate tab "Purchases" (just above this note) for listing our purchases and spending. Go there to list what you have bought or planning on getting. If there is an ad on the top of the page, you can close it by clicking on the X. You can't get rid of the search bar however. Check out the Bookmarks tab for some sites with craft ideas, or the Fun Facts page.

Supplies Check List

Please add your ideas and comments... Name Tags - Bev making animal name tags and Table markers, Tables grouped by Zodiak Animal. 8 tables with 7 guests seated. -- red table cloths -- red lanterns -- Hildegunn's table runners/accents. -- Animal marker on each table. Any other table decorations? Dollar store tealights?? Red Dinner Napkins (we have plenty of cocktail size) Paper Plates Patty buying Gold Coins for the red envelopes Jenny brought. 2 coins per envelope -Chinese Food from Danny's - plus our rice cookers for white rice. Chopsticks supplied too. Some regular cutlery for those who cannot operate chopsticks (on request). Rice cookers - Pat, Bev, Pamela, Serving Spoons - Bev (have 9 large ones Tin foil - Doreen Water cooler, warming platter, large serving spoons (Hildegunn() Dessert - lemon tarts -Decorations (posters, chinese lanterns, red balloons, etc). There are some craft ideas on the Bookmarks page for making our own lanterns and decorations. Pam will provide 8oz red paper cups for green tea and coffee, cream, sugar, large kettle and serving thermos, red punch and serving dispenser. Kathleen has clear plastic cups Patty - do you have a coffee urn? -Prizes for games: - Pam has some boxes of green tea etc to put towards prizes. - Hildegunn has 3 prizes (1 Murano glass necklace and 2 rose compacts) - Sandi has provided a set of red handled cheese slicers - Kathleen - la-de-da stuff Decorations: - 3 Asian umbrellas, colourful cloth table cloths, Year of the Monkey banner, Monkey cut-outs (Bev) - 1 black chinese lantern, 3 fans, 1 coolie hat (Hildegunn) - for photo booth: gold scarf, gold shawl, red and white feather boa, 3 fans (Hildegunn)

Fun Stuff

Mix and Mingle Game at the beginning. Make six groups of things and assign each guest an item. As they mix and mingle they will see all the items on everyone. Before we are seated ask everyone to break into appropriate groups. They need to determine which group they belong to - they aren't told what each group is. Each "team captain" will have a Chinese Parasol as a muster point. Chopsticks Race Small cup of beans and an empty cup on each table. Table assigns four players. One person puts all the beans from one cup into the other then passes the chopsticks to player two who does the same and so on until the last person completes and stands up. Will need eight sets of chopsticks (one for each table. Chinese Laundry Game - or Bring Me game Divide into teams and set the challenges.

Todo lists

Chapter Count - so far

Xi Upsilon - 8+1
Perceptor Alpha Xi - 2
Perceptor Gamma Theta 6
Laureate Alpha Zeta - 9
Laureate Gamma Lambda - 8 +2
Sigma Master - 13 +1
Torchbearer Alpha - 5
55 total


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Girls' Purchases

You can use these notes to update your purchases. There is a box for each of us. Make sure you are logged in. You can start typing right in your box.


Dawn, rubber gloves, dish cloths, paper towel


Cheque for church Staff purchase gold coins 13 for $6 120 coins $42 Dinner Napkins - 80 Green bin bags, cleaning supplies Lemons


Making tarts with Pat



Black cardstock, dowels, gold ribbon, shredded paper Serving spoons Sharpies, pins for name tags


Jenny provided 75 red envelopes Cocktail napkins


Cheque for food - $508.82 Dinner at 7pm George to pick up at 6pm - deliver at 6:30 Rice cookers and rice Fortune cookies Tin foil, oven mitts, tongs



I will do the punch, green tea, 8oz hot cups, hot beverage dispenser and cold drink dispenser, cream, sugar Boxes of Green Tea for prizes Garbage bags ice


12 red tablecloths from the dollar store Red plates - 80 square ones - dinner Red Plates - 12 round ones - dessert One white lantern for the food table 4 Chinese place mats for the food table 12 Red Lanterns - tables Two Year of the Monkey Wall Decorations (no charge) Total to date $57.12 Rice Cooker Plastic Forks from City Council box Warming tray


Warming trays (plus Pat)


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Food: $508-82 Church: $265 Patty (Purdy's, Napkins, tarts, etc) $120 Pat (Tablecloths, plates, lanterns, placemats, etc) $57.12 Bev: (paper supplies etc) $20 Kathleen (tarts) Hildegunn:

Fun Facts

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Characteristics of the Zodiac Animals

Rat (Sandi) Those born under the Chinese Zodiac sign of the Rat are quick-witted, clever, charming, sharp and funny. They have excellent taste, are a good friend and are generous and loyal to others considered part of its pack. Motivated by money, can be greedy, is ever curious, seeks knowledge and welcomes challenges. Compatible with Dragon or Monkey. Ox (Kathleen) Another of the powerful Chinesse Zodiac signs, the Ox is steadfast, solid, a goal-oriented leader, detail-oriented, hard-working, stubborn, serious and introverted but can feel lonely and insecure. Takes comfort in friends and family and is a reliable, protective and strong companion. Compatible with Snake or Rooster. Tiger Those born under the Chinese Zodiac sign of the Tiger are authoritative, self-possessed, have strong leadership qualities, are charming, ambitious, courageous, warm-hearted, highly seductive, moody, intense, and they’re ready to pounce at any time. Compatible with Horse or Dog. Rabbit (Ann) Those born under the Chinese Zodiac sign of the Rabbit enjoy being surrounded by family and friends. They’re popular, compassionate, sincere, and they like to avoid conflict and are sometimes seen as pushovers. Rabbits enjoy home and entertaining at home. Compatible with Goat or Pig. Dragon (Hildegunn) A powerful sign, those born under the Chinese Zodiac sign of the Dragon are energetic and warm-hearted, charismatic, lucky at love and egotistic. They’re natural born leaders, good at giving orders and doing what’s necessary to remain on top. Compatible with Monkey and Rat. Snake (Christine) Those born under the Chinese Zodiac sign of the Snake are seductive, gregarious, introverted, generous, charming, good with money, analytical, insecure, jealous, slightly dangerous, smart, they rely on gut feelings, are hard-working and intelligent. Compatible with Rooster or Ox. Horse Those born under the Chinese Zodiac sign of the Horse love to roam free. They’re energetic, self-reliant, money-wise, and they enjoy traveling, love and intimacy. They’re great at seducing, sharp-witted, impatient and sometimes seen as a drifter. Compatible with Dog or Tiger. Goat /Sheep (Doreen) Those born under the Chinese Zodiac sign of the Goat enjoy being alone in their thoughts. They’re creative, thinkers, wanderers, unorganized, high-strung and insecure, and can be anxiety-ridden. They need lots of love, support and reassurance. Appearance is important too. Compatible with Pig or Rabbit. Monkey (Pamela) Those born under the Chinese Zodiac sign of the Monkey thrive on having fun. They’re energetic, upbeat, and good at listening but lack self-control. They like being active and stimulated and enjoy pleasing self before pleasing others. They’re heart-breakers, not good at long-term relationships, morals are weak. Compatible with Rat or Dragon. Rooster (Patty) Those born under the Chinese Zodiac sign of the Rooster are practical, resourceful, observant, analytical, straightforward, trusting, honest, perfectionists, neat and conservative. Compatible with Ox or Snake. Dog Those born under the Chinese Zodiac sign of the Dog are loyal, faithful, honest, distrustful, often guilty of telling white lies, temperamental, prone to mood swings, dogmatic, and sensitive. Dogs excel in business but have trouble finding mates. Compatible with Tiger or Horse. Pig (Bev) Those born under the Chinese Zodiac sign of the Pig are extremely nice, good-mannered and tasteful. They’re perfectionists who enjoy finer things but are not perceived as snobs. They enjoy helping others and are good companions until someone close crosses them, then look out! They’re intelligent, always seeking more knowledge, and exclusive. Compatible with Rabbit or Goat. Pat: Dog Kathleen: Ox Sandi: Rat Bev: Pig Christine: Snake Patty: Rooster Hildegunn: Dragon Pamela: Monkey Doreen: Sheep Ann Rabbit Jenny In order, the 12 animals are: Rat, Ox, Tiger, Rabbit, Dragon, Snake, Horse, Goat, Monkey, Rooster, Dog, Pig.

Zodiak Years

If your birthday is at the end of January or the beginning of February, you may be listed the year pior. Double check the dates. It depends on when the lunar new year occurs. 1930 1930-01-29 Horse (1930-01-29—1931-02-16) 1931 1931-02-17 Sheep (1931-02-17—1932-02-05) 1932 1932-02-06 Monkey (1932-02-06—1933-01-25) 1933 1933-01-26 Rooster (1933-01-26—1934-02-13) 1934 1934-02-14 Dog (1934-02-14—1935-02-03) 1935 1935-02-04 Pig (1935-02-04—1936-01-23) 1936 1936-01-24 Rat (1936-01-24—1937-02-10) 1937 1937-02-11 Ox (1937-02-11—1938-01-30) 1938 1938-01-31 Tiger (1938-01-31—1939-02-18) 1939 1939-02-19 Rabbit (1939-02-19—1940-02-07) 1940 1940-02-08 Dragon (1940-02-08—1941-01-26) 1941 1941-01-27 Snake (1941-01-27—1942-02-14) 1942 1942-02-15 Horse (1942-02-15—1943-02-03) 1943 1943-02-04 Sheep (1943-02-04—1944-01-24) 1944 1944-01-25 Monkey (1944-01-25—1945-02-12) 1945 1945-02-13 Rooster (1945-02-13—1946-01-31) 1946 1946-02-01 Dog (1946-02-01—1947-01-21) 1947 1947-01-22 Pig (1947-01-22—1948-02-09) 1948 1948-02-10 Rat (1948-02-10—1949-01-28) 1949 1949-01-29 Ox (1949-01-29—1950-02-16) 1950 1950-02-17 Tiger (1950-02-17—1951-02-05) 1951 1951-02-06 Rabbit (1951-02-06—1952-01-26) 1952 1952-01-27 Dragon (1952-01-27—1953-02-13) 1953 1953-02-14 Snake (1953-02-14—1954-02-02) 1954 1954-02-03 Horse (1954-02-03—1955-01-23) 1955 1955-01-24 Sheep (1955-01-24—1956-02-11) 1956 1956-02-12 Monkey (1956-02-12—1957-01-30) 1957 1957-01-31 Rooster (1957-01-31—1958-02-17) 1958 1958-02-18 Dog (1958-02-18—1959-02-07) 1959 1959-02-08 Pig (1959-02-08—1960-01-27) 1960 1960-01-28 Rat (1960-01-28—1961-02-14) 1961 1961-02-15 Ox (1961-02-15—1962-02-04) 1962 1962-02-05 Tiger (1962-02-05—1963-01-24) 1963 1963-01-25 Rabbit (1963-01-25—1964-02-12) 1964 1964-02-13 Dragon (1964-02-13—1965-02-01) 1965 1965-02-02 Snake (1965-02-02—1966-01-20) 1966 1966-01-21 Horse (1966-01-21—1967-02-08) 1967 1967-02-09 Sheep (1967-02-09—1968-01-29) 1968 1968-01-30 Monkey (1968-01-30—1969-02-16) 1969 1969-02-17 Rooster (1969-02-17—1970-02-05) 1970 1970-02-06 Dog (1970-02-06—1971-01-26) 1971 1971-01-27 Pig (1971-01-27—1972-02-14) 1972 1972-02-15 Rat (1972-02-15—1973-02-02) 1973 1973-02-03 Ox (1973-02-03—1974-01-22) 1974 1974-01-23 Tiger (1974-01-23—1975-02-10) 1975 1975-02-11 Rabbit (1975-02-11—1976-01-30) 1976 1976-01-31 Dragon (1976-01-31—1977-02-17) 1977 1977-02-18 Snake (1977-02-18—1978-02-06) 1978 1978-02-07 Horse (1978-02-07—1979-01-27) 1979 1979-01-28 Sheep (1979-01-28—1980-02-15) 1980 1980-02-16 Monkey (1980-02-16—1981-02-04) 1981 1981-02-05 Rooster (1981-02-05—1982-01-24) 1982 1982-01-25 Dog (1982-01-25—1983-02-12) 1983 1983-02-13 Pig (1983-02-13—1984-02-01) 1984 1984-02-02 Rat (1984-02-02—1985-02-19) 1985 1985-02-20 Ox (1985-02-20—1986-02-08) 1986 1986-02-09 Tiger (1986-02-09—1987-01-28) 1987 1987-01-29 Rabbit (1987-01-29—1988-02-16) 1988 1988-02-17 Dragon (1988-02-17—1989-02-05) 1989 1989-02-06 Snake (1989-02-06—1990-01-26) 1990 1990-01-27 Horse (1990-01-27—1991-02-14) 1991 1991-02-15 Sheep (1991-02-15—1992-02-03) 1992 1992-02-04 Monkey (1992-02-04—1993-01-22) 1993 1993-01-23 Rooster (1993-01-23—1994-02-09) 1994 1994-02-10 Dog (1994-02-10—1995-01-30) 1995 1995-01-31 Pig (1995-01-31—1996-02-18) 1996 1996-02-19 Rat (1996-02-19—1997-02-06) 1997 1997-02-07 Ox (1997-02-07—1998-01-27) 1998 1998-01-28 Tiger (1998-01-28—1999-02-15) 1999 1999-02-16 Rabbit (1999-02-16—2000-02-04) 2000 2000-02-05 Dragon (2000-02-05—2001-01-23) 2001 2001-01-24 Snake (2001-01-24—2002-02-11) 2002 2002-02-12 Horse (2002-02-12—2003-01-31) 2003 2003-02-01 Sheep (2003-02-01—2004-01-21) 2004 2004-01-22 Monkey (2004-01-22—2005-02-08) 2005 2005-02-09 Rooster (2005-02-09—2006-01-28) 2006 2006-01-29 Dog (2006-01-29—2007-02-17) 2007 2007-02-18 Pig (2007-02-18—2008-02-06) 2008 2008-02-07 Rat (2008-02-07—2009-01-25) 2009 2009-01-26 Ox (2009-01-26—2010-02-13) 2010 2010-02-14 Tiger (2010-02-14—2011-02-02) 2011 2011-02-03 Rabbit (2011-02-03—2012-01-22) 2012 2012-01-23 Dragon (2012-01-23—2013-02-09) 2013 2013-02-10 Snake (2013-02-10—2014-01-30) 2014 2014-01-31 Horse (2014-01-31—2015-02-18) 2015 2015-02-19 Sheep (2015-02-19—2016-02-07) 2016 2016-02-08 Monkey (2016-02-08—2017-01-27) 2017 2017-01-28 Rooster (2017-01-28—2018-02-15)




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There are some links to the left that have some good craft ideas for making decorations.

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