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Plain sticky notes

Sticky note

• i will have set up a blog with protoblog. • i wil have added a sticky note and a screen shot of my comic life work to my blog. • i will have customized my blog. 29/2/08 • i will have added atleast four tracks which work well together using the loop browser. • i will have extended the piece of music over atlest 16 bars. • i will have finished my piece of music and exported it to itunes. •i will understand and be able to describe what MP3 is. •i will understand and be able to describe what WAV is. • i will understand the difference between the two and when they would be used. •i will have selected 3 or 4 movie clips and added them to iMovie. I may have added still images aswell. •i will have added a soundtrack to my movie. • i will have added appropriate affects to my movie. •i will have reminded myself about what makes a good website. •i will have identified and modified styles on a webpage. •i will have changed styles and worked with colours on a webpage.

Sticky note