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Welcome ESOL 4


Quick Searches

Indigenous Australians 2

Activity - 3 Skimming & Scanning



1. Click on 'Indigenous Australian 2' under 'My quick links'.


2. Answer the questions on the worksheet that has been given to you as you read along.


3. Use the dictionary under "Quick Searches" to look for meanings of  those words you don't     understand

Indigenous Australians

Activity - 2- Skimming & Scanning


1. Look at 'My quick links'

     Then click on -   Indigenous Australians

2. Answer the questions on the worksheet given to  you

3. Hand the worksheet over to your teacher


You can always use the dictionary under 'Quick searches' to help you

with the meanings


Rich text note

Australian History

Activity 4 - Short Oral presentation of a famous person


1. Look under 'My quick links'

2. Click on ' The First Australians'

2. Read it and make notes

3.  Use the dictionary under "Quick Searches" to look for meanings of  those words you don't     understand

4.  We will discuss what you have read and understood

5.  Later,  you will be asked to give a short oral presentation in class on the notes you have prepared on the 'First Australians'



Australian Icons- Activity 1

Activity 1- Writing a report


1.  Look under 'My quick links' -

      Then click on -   About Australians

2.  Click    -  'Aussie icons'

3.  Choose one 'Aussie icon' that interests you

4.  Read about that icon (famous person)and make notes in your book

5.  Write a short report (based on the model you did in class)

      on the person you have chosen

6.  Submit it on an A4 sheet paper in your next class

Activity 5 - Job search

1.  Go to '' or ''

     under 'My quick links'

2.  Browse a trade of your choice

3.  Fine three jobs that interest you

4. Fill in the worksheet that you have been given



Listening - Podcasts


BBC Podcasts : News feed 1

BBC Podcasts : News feed 2

BBC Podcasts : News feed 3

BBC Podcasts : News feed 4

BBC Podcasts : News feed 5

Rich sticky notes

Quick Searches

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Activity 8 - Listening

1.  Under BBC Podcasts: News
     'World Today Select'
2.  Click on the 'Play' button
3.  Listen to news
4.  Write down in 'note form' atleast two news item you have heard under the following headings:


Who is it about


Where is it


What is it about


Remember you can listen by clicking on the 'Play' button as many times as you like

Activity - 6 Vocabulary

1.  Use the 'Thesaurus' on the right side of your screen

      to find at least three synonyms  and two antonyms for the following


Activity 7 - Following instructions

Try these with your Protopuppy


1. Feed Protopuppy a bone
(either place it on the ground or over his head)


2. Play fetch with the ball
(either place it on the ground or throw it into the distance)


3. Pet Protopuppy
(try clicking both his head and his body)


Were you able to do them?????

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