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Plain sticky notes

Wat makes a gd website

1. easy to read 2. easy to access 3. colourful, eye catching 4. interesting 5. mixed media

Learnin Intentions 4 april

L.I. •I will have set up a blog with protopage. •I will have a sticky note and a screenshot of my comic life work to my blog. •I will have customized my blog. L.I. I will be able to create and save a song in garage band. I will be able to add/delete and manupilate various loops. I will be familiar with the basic interface and function in garage band. L.I. 11th march I will hve added at least 4 tracks which work well 2gether usin the loop browser. I will hve xtended the piece ova at least 16 bars. I will hve finished my piece of music and exported to ITUNES. L.I. 18 of march I will have finished my piece of music in garageband. I will have adapted my garage piece of music to create a rintone. I will have exported my piece of music and convertd it an mp3. L.I. 8 of april I will decided on the clips to use 4 my movie. I will have imported clips into imovie. I will have extracted audio from the clips. I will have cut out the parts of the clip I want 2 use. L.I. 15 OF april I will have selected 3 or 4 movie clips and added them to imovie. I may have added still images as well. I will add a soundtrak. I will hve added apropirat effects. L.I. 22 of april I will have thought about wat makes a gd website. I will looked at and evaluated verious websites. I will have made notes on WAT MAKES A GD WEBSITE on my protopage.

L.i. 4 may

L.i. 6 of may I will have reminded myself about wat makes a gd website. I will have identified and modified styles on a webpage. I will have changed colour and worked with tables on a webpage. L.I. 13 of may I will set up a website usin freeway. I will knoe how to insert hypalinks. I will have added a table and the info to create my healthy living site. I will have started my own website. L.I. 27 of may I will have set up my web site using freeway. I will have added info on my interests. I will have inserted hypalinks between pages and otha websites.