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AT Roll Call


     Elementary Years


Jerry         Ron            Darcy

Kathy        Mike           Kay

Denise      Linda          Emily

David        Dan            Jim

Brad         Linda          Larry

Elaine       Cheryl        Nancy


We're going to see Dangerous Liaisons at 2 PM on Saturday October 16th and As You Like It at 2 PM on Sunday October 17th.  Buy your own tickets at We'll meet together for lunch and dinner on Saturday and brunch on Sunday. Contact Elaine if you'll be joining us for a meal; she's making the reservations.




3rd grade boys

3rd grad girls

2010 Reunion Pictures

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2010 Reunion Pictures

2010 Reunion on PhotoPeach

50 Prepositions

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50 Common Prepositions

about between of above beyond off according to but on across by outside after concerning over against despite since along down through amid during till among except to around for toward at from under before in until behind in front of up below inside upon beneath into with beside like within near without

at the dome


Jim Tracey in Liberty

Toronto Trip

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Toronto Trip


October 10, 1966

Dear Mr. and Mrs. _________

One of the challenges of setting up a curriculum for the academically talented is that of providing enrichment. In the social studies program this should not consist solely of requiring our students to read more books, write more papers, and participate in more panel discussions than the people in less ambitious programs. Although all of the above mentioned have value, they alone will not provide as broad an understanding of alien cultures as is desirable for young people who will be providing the leadership of the future.

As you are probably aware in our so-called “Civics” course we are really engaged in an examination of Asiatic cultures. At present we are studying China in depth.

The finest collection of Chinese antiquities under one roof outside of China itself in in the Royal Ontario Museum in Toronto. Here there are rooms filled with Shang bronzes, Han mortuary figurines, Sung, T'ang and Ming pottery, paintings on silk, lacquer work and many other beautiful art objects. I feel it woul be a very rewarding experiencefor the people in the AT program to make a trip to see this wonderful and exciting collection.

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To that end I have tentatively set up plans for a trip.
Date: November 3, 4. This date was chosen since school will not be in session due to the MEA convention, and thus no classes will have to be missed.
Transportation: In view of the length of the trip Mr. Overly and I feel it will be best to go by train.
Chaperones: One responsible adult (teacher or parent) for each 5 students.
Leave P.H. At about 11:30 A.M. November 3 arrive Toronto 4 P.M.
Dinner and whatever evening program the students choose to follow. I have requested price lists of all available concerts, plays, good movies, etc. If you wish we could also check hockey games and the like. Participation in any of this would be optional.
November 4 Museum tour 10 A.M.
Tour of city
Dinner Tran leaves at 6:40 P.M. Arrives P.H. 10:20 P.M.
Train fare $9.08 round trip
Meals should plan on 5 meals cost depends on student's appetite
Museum free
Bus trip around the city cost not to exceed $1.50
Room I hope to have a figure for you on this by Tuesday of this week.

Perhaps I should say at this point that this is the most expensive trip projected for this year. I hope we can go to the Greek plays at Ypsilanti and make a Detroit museum trip, but for those we can use school busses and will not need to stay over night. . . .

Please get in touch with me if you have any questions. . . .

Mildred Rush


Mini Get -together


Elaine played with the International Symphony, and we met for lunch.

Mr. Bottrel, Elaine and her sister, Mr. Payton, Nancy, Denise, Linda J., and Kay

1995 Reunion Pictures

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1995 Reunion Pictures

1995 Reunion on PhotoPeach