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Volunteers - Number of Volunteers Needed

The final Bowl Game requires FOUR volunteers (2 per game) to sell 50-50 tickets. Bowl Game (9:00 am) 1. Bobby-Jo Morin 2. Bowl Game (10:00 am) 1. Greg Brentnell 2.


Craig Warren - Head Coach Dan Farthing - Offensive Coordinator Michael Paul - Offensive Coach Larry Somers - Receiver Coach Craig Warren- Defensive Coordinator John Ross - Defensive Coach Geoff Wiebe - Defensive backs Coach Brennan Craig - Defensive Coach Tara Richter - Team Manager

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Badgers Game Times

FINAL BOWL GAME THIS SATURDAY September 26th at Leibel Field.
Please arrive at 8:30 on the Track for warm-up.
Let Tara know if you won't be there.

Game 1:     BADGERS (Home) vs. Bengals  @ 9:00 a.m.

Game 2:     BADGERS (Home) vs. Kats        @ 10:00 a.m

Team Events & News


WHEN:       Saturday, September 26th

WHERE:     Level 10 Fitness (Whitmore Park on Grant Road)

TIME:          5:00 pm to 6:30 pm

NOTE:         Come dressed in gym clothing (t-shirt/shorts) 
                        & bring indoor shoes. 
                    We will be having pizza

RSVP:         Please indicate if you are coming in TEAM SNAP or by sending an email to Tara

Practice Schedule

All practices are at the park at Arlington & Groome.
Let Tara know if you won't be there.


September 22 @ 6:00-7:30
September 24 @ 6:00-7:30
September 25 @ 6:00-7:15 ** Walk-Through




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Badger's Roster

# NAME 1 Theron Farthing 7 Luke Cote 9 Matthew Braumberger 14 Nicholas O'Reilly 15 Tomas Patterson 17 Samuel Wiebe 20 Isaiah Richter 21 Kye Olsen 23 Nathaniel Ross 25 Hunter Kannok Leipert 26 Colin Marshall 27 Jude Craig 29 Hayes Mcintyre 30 Graham Mandryk 32 William Somers 34 Cade Kennedy 36 Jaxon Weir 44 Zach Warren 46 Christopher Anderson 53 Titus Martens 57 Prabnoor Multani 59 Xavier Paul 63 Shawn Parsons 64 Burke Bakouris 66 Dawson Morin 71 Nolan Evert Wanner 74 Charlie Parks 75 Seth Bowns 76 Mason Schimmelmann 80 Cole Marshall 81 Breckin Provick 85 Matthew Jennings 89 Jacob Brentnell




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Practice Field - Arlington & Groome

Leibel Field

Map: Yorkton Regional High School




Contact Us

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Contact Us

Tara Richter - Team Manager Cell: 306-527-0920 Craig Warren - Head Coach Cell: 306-450-2344

Parents' Meeting Notes

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Parents' Meeting Notes

RMF Badgers  - TEAM MEETING (August 4th)


·       Head Coach:         Craig Warren

·       Assistant Coach:   Dan Farthing

·       Assistant Coach:   Larry Somers

·       Assistant Coach:   Michael Paul

·       Assistant Coach:   Bart Cote

·       Assistant Coach:   Geoff Weibe

·       Assistant Coach:   John Ross

·       Assistant Coach:   Brennan Craig

·       Team Manager:    Tara Richter

a. Equipment

 Do not alter the equipment in any way

 If there are fitting issues come see a coach

b. Team Managers Role

               Keep parents and players informed

<!         Organize off-field issues for the coaches

            Primary contact point for parents


 a.      3 practices per week 

          About 1 hour and 45 minutes long - Walk-Through 1:15

          Weekday 6PM - Starting time may adjust as it gets dark earlier

          Saturday 10AM – Sunday 2PM


         6 regular season games all at Leibel Field except for:

             August 29th  - YORKTON
       September 12 - MOSAIC STADIUM

<!       1 Bowl game at end of season


3. TEAM BUDGET - $60 per player

       Player shirts

       Wind up party

       Team picturesPackage with individual and team photos

-        * Receipts will be issued




a. Absences

For both practices and games, it is really important that we are aware of absences as soon as possible

We have to provide a lineup for each game, which I put together the night before.  Coaches also need to plan for substitutions.

First year players

      If your child is finding practices or games challenging, please let me know.  We will do our best to make all of the kids successful.


               b. Missing practices can limit your ability to play in games, or time in games

                Other than that, all players on game day roster will play at least half of the game

               c. Reply to E-mails

Please reply to e-mails when I request a response, even if it is to tell me that

you won’t know for a few days.

       d. Complaint Procedure - RMF Policy

            - 24 hour cooling off period. Contact manger with complaint

       e. Game Day Volunteers

<!               We need volunteers for each game

                  Either yard markers or 50/50 tickets

5.  REGISTRATION / WEIGH IN – Tuesday August 11th at 8:00 PM

      Please be there 15 minutes early so we can get everyone organized


           Players wearing shorts and t-shirts

           Pay remaining dues – Cash, Cheque or Money Order – Pay to “RMF”

           Confirm age of first year players – Health Card or Birth Cert – copy is okay

           Confirm weight is 115 lbs or less – Let me know if your player is close

           RMF will give players a tax credit form and a t-shirt

           Alternative dates – If you can’t attend or need to re-weigh


               Please go through the Tabs on the Website

                   *Primary Location for Info


              TeamSnap App (available for Android & iPhone)

                    Badgers 2015

                    Manager (Tara) will include up to date information on the team, games, 

                        practices etc.

                    Provides easy access information in an App right from your SmartPhone

                    You will receive an email invite to join our Team Snap account.

                        Information contained on the app is private to the team only.


           a. Gateway Alliance Medical

                    Sports medicine specialists who have times reserved for RMF players

                    South location – 757-4283

                    East Location – 565-4283


            b. Allergies and Asthma

                        Let me know if your children have EpiPens or Inhalers


8. GAME DAYS @ Leibel Field


          Players only through players’ entrances – 

                        Home – North

                        Visitors – South

           Parents and fans enter through new entrance in the middle

           Pregame warm-up @ Douglas Park Field across the parking lot

           After game, let players get out the parking lot, don’t come into their exit to see them