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Todo lists

Todo list

Meet with Craig
Discuss Primary, Passive and active sites
Conduct Training and hand over


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This is an active website proposed for Lee Electric.

There will be a passive site - Delivered by Redcamel Systems.

Plus a Primary Site that will be put out to tender by Redcamel Systems.

This strategy will keep development and support costs down.

Requirements Specification


Example Wish List

Old Site

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A clone of one of these websites is required. Please offer your tender: Arri Lighting Media PKE Lighting Panalux Lee Eectrics was an olde site

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Hi Alan

Great example of how to get the message over quickly Who we are – what we do

Nice site   Might be just the job for this guy Although steer him away from the Events page as it has links to other places.

This would work well


Problems  = Solutions

What problem does his client have they he solves

What solutions does he offer his clients


Build trust with him first before money.

We look after his money

We want to do a good job so he tells the world and we build business.


Tell him where you live and he can find you anytime because you aren’t some young kid who will clear off with his money.





1/3 deposit

1/3 on approval of designs

1/3 on completion within 7 days.


Good luck


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its just a matter of clarifying what is required and we can give them a price.

As an outline, consider:

  1. Complexity of site - simple few pages or is there functionality involved? Crucially - what is the functionality. Is it db driven? Will it require secure areas? E commerce?
  2. Do they require hosting?
  3. Do they require email?
  4. Have they got a domain?
  5. Do they want ongoing support
  6. Do they have a social media presence?
  7. Have they got any digital assets- logos, photos etc?




Proposed Sites

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Redcamel Systems initially offers an analysis service.


Web widgets



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Click me

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RED Light    

Click the big one....

Image 2 Image32


Code Sample



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Proposal for the development of systems and webservices for Base2Base :

1. Showcase SSNA Enterprise Solution Proposal                           £240 Payable in advance
2. Construct                                                                                                     £240 Payable in advance
3. Delivery of SSNA                                                                                        £240 Payable on completion
4. 30 hours of Skype SSNA Support at £60 per hour                     £240  Redcamel Discount Applied (Optional)
5. InfoNet Delivery and hosting (Worth £480)                                     £Free     Redcamel Discount Applied
6 Infonet Home Server                                                                                 £280 (Optional)
7 Site visit Hub setup - server setup                                                      £65   (Optional)
8 Nimrod Enterprise Systems (Worth £3,000)                                  £Negotiable Redcamel Discount on a pplication) 
9 Service and support Contract £10 per month)                               £360 Rolling 3 year contract (Direct                                                                                                                              Debit)  Manatory
10 150 hours Community Guardian Support (worth £3,600)      Free DC discount applied


The development of a website will be £720 which is mid point to services offerd locally. However for that we intend to deliver a high end web site valued in excess of £1000.

In addition to delivering your primary site we will deliver an enterprise database service where the development costs are significantly higher than those of a standard website. This is high end bespoke development in MVC/C#/ASP.Net and SQL Server.  This is in the highest tier of computer development and is only offered here.

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Hi Alan,


Thanks for your time earlier today.


As discussed here is my website


And some sample websites we have done in the past:-




  1. Informative website upto – 10 pages – 400
  2. Ecommerce website upto – 30 products – 800


Let me know if you need any more information.


Looking forward to speak to you again.


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Hello Alan Bramwell,


Hope you are doing well.


I just checked your new booked domain: & I have a proposal for you that brings you more BUSINESS & PROFIT.


We will be happy to help execute Web Design and Development projects at a much lower cost than what you have in house - No compromise on quality!
Minimum Cost of Web Solution:-@

"CMS Website- in which you can make changes in your website yourself"


We have expertise on Various Platforms: -

·         PHP-based Website Development

·         Joomla-based Website Development

·         WordPress-based Website Development

·         Magento-based Website Development

·         Drupal-based Development

·         E-commerce Websites

·         Payment Gateway Integration


We also provide SEO Service in Existence! Only $149!

If you have any query so please reply to this mail with your query. We can send our proposed solutions and quote to you.

Thanks and Regards, 


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Hi Alan,


Tell me about your requirements so that I can provide you the cost. Awaiting your response. 

My Latest work

Web Applications:

Mobile Applications

Turo- Rent Better Cars:

Sehat Android App

Shuttle Music Player Android App

CaloryGuard Pro

Fashion Freax Street Style App

Wakau-Exclusive Celebs Videos (Tinder clone-Dating App)

Crave on Campus iOS App:

InTown iOS App

Response Awaited.



Sangeeta Singh

Digital Brain Media 

Communication Address: B1/25, Sector A, Kapoorthala, Aliganj, Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh. India

Offices: India | USA 

Phone: (Office:0522-4955929)(Mobile: 7071605054)


Digital Brain Media (DBM


Base2Base InfoNet

Web widgets

Web page


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Special Pricing Policy

Redcamel Systems

Redcamel Systems now operate out of Hitec Computers in Cheadle. They undertake outsourcing of anyform of IT project that needs resourcing. With contacts in the Northof England, the South of England and India we are well placed to operate Nationally.

Redcamel Sytems can offer Hardware and Sofware Services to you as a Special Cusrtomer with ata Special Discounted Price of 10% of total cost excluding VAT.

Proposal for Enterprise Development.

Here is the proposed chargeMatrix for any Enterprise developments that you require :

1. Consultancy :

Where required is charged at £240 per hour discounted to £60 for being a SpecialCustomer.

2. Development Charge.

As much as you are willing to pay.

3. Hitec Computers Agency / BillingFee :

15% of Development Charge

4. Special Customer Deduction :

Less 10 % of (1+ 2 +3)

5. Vat.

All work will be invoiced including VAT by Hitec Computers Of Cheadle.

I hope that this is to your satisfaction and that you elect to use Redcamel Systems.




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About Genesis

Genesis is primarily a Sales and Marketing tool for tracking customer communications.
It can also be used to track and chase suppliers.


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A Bespoke Enterprise development costing £900 discounted to £300 

Performs the function of Ticketing / Inter Department Communications.


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A bespoke Training Module discounted to £300

Basically an applicant Tracking module - Reporting employees skill sets and aspirations. 


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A Focus Group Module - Discounted to £300

A method of recording Business stories for use of Focus Groups.


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1. Tutor Table

2. Student Table

3 Tutor/Student Table

4. Course Code Table

5. Lesson Table

6  Session Table

7 Course Code/Lesson Table

8 Lesson / session Table

9. Company Table

10 Company/Course Table

11. Password Table   

12, Course Table (Containing Course Ref, Date, Course Code and  Tutor)

13, Course / Student Table

14 Materials Table (Containing Links to documents)

15 Session / Materials Table

16.Course survey Table (Containing, Course id, student id, Comments  




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Pathway is work in progress and will contain the Redcamel Contracts




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We will support you in the development of your website. We will create for you a 49 page InfoNet Bootstrap website.

We will harvest narrative content from this Socrtes / InfoNet tabs.

You will provide graphic content to

We will work together to the point where you are happy with you web objects.

We will then decide if you want to continue with Bootstrap development having proved that it is mobile friendly or select a website from one of the service providers that we have suggested. Then we will support you with your contract with then ensuring that you get value for you money having already built your web content.

Infonet page 1 - Write your narrative here.

InfoNet Page 2

To create a html page for InfoNet page 3 go to Add Widgets and aDD html page

Base2Base InfoNet

Web widgets

Web page