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2 October 2021

20% off ALL shirts!
We are offering 20% off the marked price of ALL shirts in the Pro Shop for a limited time!
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Best regards
Andy & Nick
Pro Shop Staff

Second hand Ping

The best way to get stated in golf is to buy a scond hand set of Ping from ebay. Have them cut down for a junior golfer.
When they get older and they are tall you can have them re-shafted 1 an 1.2 in longer than standard - 1% upright d4 swing weigh - Tour lofts and you will have a custom set of golf clubs.

The classic k2 is nearly a blade - heal and toe weighted cavity back - a classic club worth £200 of anybodies money.

There is a a left handed set and a right handed set (in need of re-shafting) on sale at Withington golf club Manchester.

Phone 0161 998 2637 / 07535 188 264 for phone and collect same day.




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Hazel Grove Fof Club


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