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This site is now the personal site of Quidam for the storage of document that he wants to print at The Bideford Centre.

I have been told in no uncertain terms by Kirsty that I have no Association with The Bideford Centre.
My association now with the Bideford Centre is that as a service user I use the Foodbank and use the IT Services for print services.

I am disappointed that they do not want a site that has a directory Job Sites and a raft of Training material - Including DWP Training in Managegment.
Protpage is very powerfull for Active web services - Collaborative Communication / Infonet Technology could be set up for the community to talk with Alistaire.

I set up the IT in the Bideford Centre over 11 years ago under Eric. I only serviced it for 9 month setting up a notice board.

The Bideford Centre did not advertise the centre - I had flyers printed and distributed.
I also have over 101 websites with llinks to the Bideford Centre.
I am a community Guardian (BA019)
You can now find the Bideford Links on
I am sorry that I can not service you I have accoumulated 10,000 Timebank hours  that i can spend with you teaching your children. Timebank costs just £7 to cover Bideford Print services.

As I am not wanted I will stop coming to the Bideford Centre as a Community Guardian. if I am there I will help you under Red Octopus Business Services for free.

As you will see I have taken the Bideford Centre out of the projects tat I manage at Red Octopus.
I hope that you all keep well - I frequent the Garderrs  Arms as the 19th Hole of Wythenshawe Golf Club
Watch out for Hogan - Junior golf lessons at Protopage Wythenshawe Golf Club
Welcom to The Infonet - Infonet services have not been applied to this site as open collaborative communication will have to be done at the Northernden Community Library.

If you find a link to the Bideford Centre please phone me strait away on 07535 188264 and Wildfire Infonets will Remove IT immediately.
For a reviw fo the script of todays conversation - that i will make a priority as the opening scene to the movie Quidam.