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Note - This site is not edited it is a dumping ground for initial thoughts - it is not checked for selling and typing typos / grammar or readability.

This now needs to go through an effective writing process for compression.

Just one of the lessons learnt at Google Garage.

Google Garage links are no longer valid - Google has removed their training material.

Part of the Alpha Testing Conducted for Google by this site.




Nimrod Implemantation




Silver Skins (White)

Green Onions (Green)

Blue Flamingos (Blue)

Red Octopus (RED)

Rich sticky notes

Line Management 06/06/2019

To the Manager at WCGG for giving me an instruction to close Project Nimrod. (28/05/2019)

This is the first instruction from Management that I  have had about this site.

If you had bothered to look at the site it took about 2 hours to create and had nothing more than references to the noticeboard.

No content was made as no request for content was made from Eric Smith.

The effort at the centre was manning the machines which did not work. Thee was no broadband and no print services - I had nothing to support.  All I had to contribute was my Project Management Knowledge and my IT Knowledge.

My IT Knowledge was handled by my Digital Champion site.

The Major loss are my Personal Knotes on Psuedo Code which were placed there for an interview that I had. These came under a tab called Manny - they would not have made sense without my presence.

So Nothing is lost an a lot has been gained as I had a interview with Cristies today about use of their logo for my Erica Society Website - Which is a Pay Pal Susbcripton account.

When Christie give uo the go we will write our own Subscription Account - Richard Gilbert my Microsoft Certified Programmer has been primed and we have the funds available for the developmemt.

Adam Bramwell's Charity Golf Day 2020 will pay for the development at Hazel Grove Golf Club - See Hazel Grove Golf Club Website.


Project Nimrod ( IS a SSNA / Google BrexIT project.

Now in operation in its secure zone.

Ambition / CV

Since 19 Feb 

Since 19th Feb 1995 I have worked for charity and my children and ex wife.

I wanted affordable housing for my children / executive cars and a business  to run.

I have achieved  Mortgages on three houses a series 5 BMW and a war chest of £80,000 for charity IT work.

And a number of Businesses operation under a brand.

My next phase is Pegasus - To capitalise on my Research Work for Microsoft/Google/Worrdpress/Delicious/Protopage/Facebook/Twitter/Sound Cloud/Instagram/YouTube/NHS   a sub project called SSNA.

As a family we have achieved 101 Million You Tube Hits - Significant   


Project Nimrod is near completion.

Project Pegasus is now in operation serviced by WCHG as a service user.

I am receiving support on Poster Generation at a cost of 10p per print.

I will expect training on this and configuration of my own IT Equipment.

I will also expect Alister to obtain information about MVC Programming form WCHG IT Services Division or from YouTube.
 Alistrer can do his own YouTube Support on MVC.  I will provide the Tech and he can undertake the learning.  I will need 20 hours per week support from Alistair for this training - Which is what The Bideford Centre Website did before I was asked to delete it.

My Blue Flamingoes suggestion / instruction set was for Alister to create his own website.

Alister does not follow instructions from his line manager - he shook my hand at Wythenshawe Forum - Is a hand shake no longer a contract between friends.

Myself and Alistair are great friends we work together great as a team - It is a shame tat WCHG will not allow it.

I tried today to thank volunteering staff at the centre for helping me - my thank you was rejected. 

If I did not need the centre as a service user I would no longer attend. There is no volunteering opportunity for me there now.

To the Community Centre Service Users - My last communication to you is register your own Protopage and use it as a lifestyle method of learning and enjoyment.

I have listed for you here some sites that interest you.

Note : I registered you as the Bideford Centre to stop somebody else using it to abuse you - I was protecting your interests.

Kindest Regards

Alan Bramwell
CEO Red Octopus Business Services Limited / Design House . Foundation Computing / Verasta Community Buildes / Red Octopus Building Services / Red Octopus Taxis / Red Octopus Broad Band /
Red Octopus Event Management / Red Octopus Employment Services / Red Octopus Outsourcing /
Red Octopus Golf Club Managemant / Redoctopus Catering / Red Octopus Architects / Red Octopus Solicitors / Red Octopus Estate Agents / Red Octopus Gas Fitting / Red Octopus Tree Felling /
Red Octopus Garden Services .    

Onboard Promotion - MultiMedia Marketing
InTouch Newspapers  

Red Octopus Social Services
Red Octopus Fund Raising 
The Manchester Discount Card

WCHG Line Manager Instruction / 28/05/2018

Hello Joanna Taylor Coburn of Hayes Recruiting.

I have been instructed by my line Wythenshawe Community Housing Group today the the website I created for The Bideford Centre is no longer needed and that having Alister in place as a paid employee covering 5 datacenter in wythenshawe.

Alistair and Daru at WCHG agred to work with me on Wellbeing Project Blue Flamingos - this will mean that I will have to visit each data centre as a service user at least once per week to monitor Security / GDRP - I have seen many instances of internet cafe’s exposing peoples CV - This service will Extend to Tree Of Life Centres and Age Concern Centres.    I have registered to volunteer for both as well as registering for WCHG.

My next project for WCHG will not be a IT Project it will be a sports project - I have registered with Manchester City Council to Franchise the Tennis, Bowls and Pitch and Put over to my group.

(Synergy) This communication has saved me an Hours work having to explain to my community why the Bideford Site is going.

Note :  A Transcript of this text has been placed in the  the secure Community Guardians Zone of this site and the pass work sent to MP Mike Kane to bring up in Parliament - I am unhappy about the health and safety of David a Vonuteer worker in the Green Houses at Wythenshawe Park. He is 74 and is concerned about this plants but is concerned about the general public and falling broken glass.

Note : A transcript of this communication has been sent to Mike Kane who will be asked to forward it to Richard Lees - Head of Manchester City Council.

This is called - Effective Communication - I studied Effective Communication on my Management Traineee program at Ingersoll Rand where I became a Manager in 1974 in the Control Centre on the shop floor. NOT IT..

I am 100,000 percent interested in this job.

When you talk to me you will understand.

I am an agile project manager a professional salesman and negotiator a contracts manager a business analyst and a scrum master.

I have my own IT Services Companies and bespoke software and I volunteer for lots of organisations.

I am currently writing communication portal software for two NHS Discussion group and I am leading the IT Technical Requirements for to project .

I am a qualified teacher with my own Agile Project management module and have today been designing my Pegasus award for Excellence in Industry, Wellbeing, Education, and Communication.

I would be just great at this job.

Please arrange an interview.

Do not - doi not send my cv it does not represent what I do. I manage an Illuminati called High5local of volunteers and oracles that can not be named.

CEO Red Octopus Business Services Limited - Community Guardian (BA019)

For more information on community guardians see - and look at the Manchester City Council Website you will see that I am now Head Guardian.

Project Nimrod has ran since 11/11/2000 and will come to an end on 06/06/2019 at an estimated personal cost of £40,000 per year.

I am dedicated and hard working I work 16 hours a day in my work and my voluntary work.

I am currently unemployed seeking £20,000 per year minimum.

My value as a software developer is £80,000 per year - I do it for myself and my company voluntarily. !

On 28 May 2019, at 10:38, Joanna Taylor-Coburn <> wrote:

Progress Report

£100 has been invested in flyers and business cards for the circulation into Every Golf in Mancheter.

The Secondary Entry Point to this event will be The Bideford Centre Website.

ISSNA / NHS Division

If you have any stories or comments on Cancer please see my Cancer Research Website - Under Blue Flanmingoes 

Three is a dedicated NHS Contact E'mail there called NHSInTouchUK

Todo lists

Todo list

Biderford Centre Flyer Campaing 07/07/2019
Buy eggs
Buy milk


Cancer Research UK

Is Cancer ResearchUK - The Patterson Institute


Chisties give you the run around - do they support CRUK - Red Octopus Mantra Communicate/Discover/Care/Teach ........All I wanted in 11/11/1994 was use of the Cristies logo - Nimrod would have been Implemented 19 Feb 1995 when mum died - and Red Octopus would not have existed.




Plain sticky notes

Sticky note

The siad task list should take a comperant IT professional about a week to complete - all of that is watching YouTube videos The IT developmemt should take less that a day.

Sticky note

These are not unreasonable requests a 12 year old could do this. To have the time do you have the Ambition to work 20 hours a day as I do on a new project ?

Sticky note

As mentioned today i will visit you daily for my Wellbeing Support. If not adhered to I will get my Wellbeing case workers to discuss your role and competancy. If you do not come up to the education standards that I set up for the centre then WE will be asking why.

Rich sticky notes

A Service User Personal Training Plan


Do you have the Balls and Ambition to become an Agile Projects Manager and earn £80.000 per year 
All you have to do is join BSG Elite as a Associate Consultant in the Voluntary Division of Red Octopus Business Services Limited.

You will complete Agile Express training worth £400 and get a Pre Learning Pegasus Certification Certificate Prepared by Alistair of WCHG.  

Then if you do not get a job you can joint Foundation Computing as a Associate Consultant and Recieve Pre Pre SQL. and get a Pegasus Certificate for Pre SQL Training.

You will need ECDL Training - Alan does that for Manchester Adult Education - and again you will get a Pegasus Certificate.

If then you have not found an IT Job you can join Redcamel Systems as an Associate Consultant and you will get Microsoft Certified  Training and a Package Program to write.

For this my fees are £100 per hour - This is the same as a Motor Mechanic from John Delany Motors.
Thats a simple part change of an oil filter and a spark plug that you can do yourself with 10 minutes training.

What I have complied for you is 20 years analysis of job offers.  I get 25 job offers a day at over £60,000 per year - non of which I get cos I hide my skills.

You mission is to program a Manufacturing Bill of Material then clone it as a Business System Company Structure application for the purpose of post payroll reporting you can see the spec at HTTP://protopage/quovadiz along with a simple front end system. These test module will give you experience of writing APIS / Interfaces across multiple IT Palatforms including SAP/Quickbooks/Sage and Workflow.

If you are a HighFlyer like i was recognised as when I was 17 you will learn this in 5 months and gain a Pegasus Pre Learning Certificate.

You lwill then be signposed to harvard University In America and complete their CS 50 course.

You code will then be inspected for comments  If it is not commented to Red Camel Standars then you will fail Pegusus Certification  I am a qualified IT Trainer and Certified City and Guilds C programmer.

The Pegasus Certificate is to City and Guilds Standard,

You will then be signposted to the Open University and conduct a Openings Course in Management / Health / Sociology  This will qualify yo to become a . Business Analyst. amd again you will get a university Part Completion Pegasus Certificate Qualifying you to work as an Agile Product Owner / BA.

There is more to be said - You will have to pay me for that. Im now out of work and need an income.
You can buy Personal One To One Trining from me at £14 per hour if yo enter the Manchester Discount Card Scheme.

The Manchester discount card scheme hhas been set up so that you can buy a Stratbox from Hitec Computer.  This comes pre configured with all that you need to become an IT Professional.

Do this and spend 1 Year in trainiing to gain you currency you will be Certified to Joinn the British Computer Society. Reach this stage and you can come back to us to receive Operations Analysis Trainig which will lead you into becoming a Agile Scrum Master  - it will also give you legacy system training for the few mainframes that are out there. This will make you rounded and cabable of great things.

Reach this objective then you will join Design House as a company Director,

This is a training plan leading to Board Recognition.

But fiirst you must pass through the Steering Committee  phase which is a job title perculiar to Agile Pegasus. This will set you apart from other Agile Project Managers.

To qualify for a Agile Pegasus Certificate you must first Qualify as a Prince2i Project Manager.

Prince2 Qualification is a pre-requisite to joining Redcamel Systems.

You will then  expected to Volunteer for Onboard Promotions.

You can start your learning path by volunteering for Onboard Promotions and you can Manage the Media Promotion of Red Octopus Broadband - This project Starts 07/07/2019 so yo have plenty of time to register.

Todo lists

Todo list

Print Pegasus Certifications
Remind me I owe you £2 por food and print
Load Stratbox Programs
Watch Agile Videos
Print Own Pegasus Certificate
Ask for Pay Rise
Watch MVC Videos
Prototype New MVC Project
Protptype Forms View Load
Prototype InfoNet Implementation
Ask Al What a InfoNet Is
Do InfoNet Training with AL
Do IIS Training
Confifgure Stratvox for IIS
Configure Port 80 Traffic on hub
Genesis on Stratbox
If you dont understand ask AL
Create Notes
Create Powtoon on Stratbox Configuration
Create Powtoon on Hub Configuration
Ask Virgin abot Stratbox Firewall Configuration if Stratbox does not work
Confirm Local Host works on Stratbox
Determine IP Address of Stratbox
Get Blue Flamingos off Al
Bookmark Stratbox link on stratbox
Convert Centre PC to stratbox
Consider doing an inventory of Centre shop
Comminicate best Items on offer on InfoNet
Prepare a action plan for recievieng stratbox students from the job centre
Request another Payrise.

Job search

Rich sticky notes


Thanks for this 

Rather tan sending my Cv to you client look at this and write me one 

I have my own recruitment agency and training schoo;l

This job would diovetail into my volunteering worlk niocely 


On 28 May 2019, at 17:28, wrote:

Dear Alan
Your CV came up in a search which I made as I am currently recruiting for a Recruitment Administrator based in Stockport.
Please see below the link and if you think the position is relevent to you, please apply and I will contact you over the coming days.

If this position is not suitable for you then please feel free to delete as this can sometimes happen by mistake.

Kind regardss

Matthew Fletcher

REED Stockport Business Support
8th Floor, Beckwith House, 1 Wellington Road North, Stockport, SK4 1AF

Meeting 20/06/2019

Rich sticky notes


Hi Alan,

Thanks for showing an interest in becoming a Real Neighbours volunteer. Would you be available to attend our upcoming induction day on Thursday 20th June? You will have a half-hour, one-to-one induction with a member of the volunteering team, with the opportunity to discuss your interests and what activities you're most interested in. We have the following time slots remaining:


These slots are available to book on a first-come, first-served basis, so do let me know as soon as possible which time slot you would like.

Best wishes,

Abigail Palmer
Volunteering Administrator

0161 946 6443 / 07410 943055

Wythenshawe Community Housing Group
Wythenshawe House
8 Poundswick Lane
M22 9TA

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The Generation Project - Hitec Computers