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Postings to Facemail are dead as Susan restricts my usage of Facebook -  plus I have lost Facemail password. 


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000 - PlanIT our action plans can be seen at database. Scheduled Monthly.

000 - Twitter - Our Development action plans and pointers to our development environment can be found at Scheduled Weekly.

With Executive statements.

001 - A development release of project Zeus is now available at


000 - Twitter - Our Development action plans and pointers to our development environment can be found at Scheduled Weekly.

With Executive statements.


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Keystone statement

I would like you both to have the following environments.


dev - No web exposure as yo are working now
Assurance - exposed to the www
Production - Exposed to the www

Change control 
Class 1 Source to be exposed on Git Hub
Class 2 source - Keystone Source - Not for Sale
Class 3 source standard project source
Class 4 User requested User Hooks
Class 5 Source  Not thought about yet.
Please think about class 6 and advise.

Project - Zues 
Pauls pet dev projects nightmare park / Muti Lingual international Business monopoly / q
I would like standard programs to be written in whatever language you want but reusable source to be written in C

Richard I would like your pet subjects to be Tennis.
Your current project being business directories - Phase 2  - Tennis social clubs throughout the world.
I would like you to do a switch case code generator that builds switch case code depending on the number of input condition like if a= x and b = z that would give a signature of 2
If you can not do a code generator - you would need an indicator of table to know which table to connect 2 and field no to know which field to access. 
Could get quite complicated this - you might need multiple versions depending on signature.


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Raja Singh - India 04:17 07/05


I am just setting up a development team to do international mulit currenctransactions using the latest languages. 

I have a developer with 30 years development experience who I train in 1980 to do structured basic on a commodore pet - we only got as far as bow street and ran out of memory.

I have just instructed them that they need development assurance and production environments and to share their code on git hub.

I have a policy or tasking just 40 % on project work and 60% on training.

I have a project folder of projects that companies want but they don’t have the budget.
I give tis code a class of T and expose it to all the team.

If you have the code for a multi lingual transaction or a code generator that generates switch case code depending upon the number of input variables .

I call this process signatures - I have a customer with 6 input rules that I string process into a signature then create switch case messages called outcomes.
The business process that defines the number of outcomes I call pathway - in this clients case the number of option is 3 

The signature for this program is there fore 6 input variables - no global variable and 3 output variables - giving a business complexity of 7 with a complexity factor of 1.

If you have any programs which you want writing by all means expose them to me - send me a document and I will see if my lads want to do one.

In fact I have a man coming out of work in a months time - he has no current skills and has decided to do full stack.

Got though php in no time with a sick recording program - I want him now to convert it into a shop and create a back office system.

I write low level code - machine code / I BM Assembler using Jackson structured programming 

Perform Main
Perform Open
Perform Routine 1
     Perform Subroutine 1 (SDATCON) Date conversion
     Perform Subroutine 2 (TDD)  Dated Event Processing
Perform Y2K Procedures
Perform Std date output
Perform y2k output
Perform compare
Perform Generate - Report Generator.

Testing Method TDD - Batch test scripts 

Number of jobs 1 set with perimeter driven file identifications.
Number of test schedules 10 
Number of mainframe test partitions 4.

I learnt c programming in 4 weeks the end course was 15 weeks.

Could not get a job cos I don’t have a degree - so became a voluntary teacher for ECDL - gt my friend Richard to create a website called as he was working for a company that was doing it - it was his test system, its now gone and he is working on directory systems and is doing something for himself with Bing.

But it is a bit advanced and it is taking him ages - he did a version called lokuhl which would have been great for a post code directiory. I am certain that it would take him three days to write a back office subscription based user input.   I paid 50% to join scrum Alliance just to find it was only a forum that had no activity and no information about scrum.

I have a website with hundreds of topics and lots of video content - including Agile - I have been Agile for 30 years plus using paper based gaunt charts and manual critical path analysis - now have a spread sheet for that and am working on  performance based output.

There are 3 factors with cap optimum / expected / … can’t think of the name but it is problematic.

I am looking at a trio of formula - one to out for award messages for over performing
One to output warning messages for underperforming 
Finally one to issue verbal warnings if off the scale .
I am not going to do written warnings - there has to be discussion - there might be valid reasons - sometime people do incompetent things on purpose - there might be risk in the business that is being ignored by line management and the only way to bring it to th senior managers attention is through mis reporting systems.
So you have to take care.

If you have a business topic that you want one of my guys to train on - let me know - I can’t gat my head around method overloading  - if you can think of a business process that needs it please let me know.

If you work with us and I get clients I will share my load with you - we will do all the design a build - you can analyse the business rules and do the coding / support 
I am just happy doing the database design - security / access systems.

If you want to propose a library management procedure where we can send you code rather than GIT hub let me know - I will define a class where it is shared with you - you can do the QA / Structured walkthrough.  

I could then do my costings on the fact that we are joint developers and Benin to look for clients in the UK.

My problem is - I can not plan work - my lads have jobs and lives to lead - my work is low on their priority list.

I hope this explains everything - you work looks really interesting - I have added it to the systems that we can deliver.
Thank You

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