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A wall flower which violet is refured to has a choice to either wilt or blossom. Violet Greenfield life is changing in a whole different way. A women named Angela Blythe in chanel sunglasses, and prada boots. Gives her a contract of a lifetime. She evens tells her she could be bigger than Kate Moss. So she heads off to New York City to be apart of Tryst Modeling Agency.

About Author

Melissa Walker the author of Violet on the runway, Violet by Design, and Violet in Private. Those are her Modeling book series. She worked as ELLEgirl's features editor and Seventeen Prom's editor. Melissa lives in Brooklyn, New York. She also has a BA in english from Vassar College. She has a Mypsace telling about her books and modeling career, and her webiste.

Date of Print

September 2007


Melissa Walker

Author Of Violet On The Runway.


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About The Main Character

Violet Greenfield is 6ft 1, skinny and wears a size two, and a social outcast. Violet has patsy skin and green eyes, and freckles. Violet is choosen to be a model in New York Fashion week because, she is a fresh new raw talented model. With no experience violet is notice by the BK's, and veronica, and peter also sam.

Main Characters

Julie Violet Roger Shelly Angela Samantha Veronica Aunt Rita Jake Brian R Jasmine Tina Mom Dad Peter Mario

About Other Main Characters

Julie- Julie is a outspoknen person who is a nice girl. She is conneted to other cliques in the school. Who's also Violets best friend. Roger- Roger who is violets best friend and also a very sarcastic person. He is tall kinda thick with black hair that's greasy. Shelly- One of the BK's, she is a pretty girl. Who is very popular. She has blue eyes and fair skin. She is skinny and has tan skin. Peter- Peter is a tall guy with black hair and big blue eyes. Also violet's crush. Veronica- Veronica has a icy stare and round sharp blue eyes. Also she has a gold radience in her skin. With a tall skinny look to her model body, and violets new friend that she meets in New York. Sam- Sam is nice and has red hair, with huge freckles on her face. She is tall and skinny. She was girl who gave violet advice before her the runway walk, and also her new friend.


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New York

The setting is in Brooklyn New York, also it's was in Violet's home okalhoma. New York is where she goes for Tryst Modeling, also it's where her aunt rita lives.


Brooklyn Bridge

Main Action

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The main plot of this book was when violet forgot what Angela told her. Angela told her not to smle when she got to the end of the runway. Violet totally forgot and smiled anyway. By her not following rules, two designers named Mickey & Matt asked her to be the model to close the show. Which means to take a bow with the designers at the end othe stage. They wanted her to be the closing act because she was a fresh new modeling talent. Instead of veronica who was suppose to end the show.


Then her modeling contract expires so she goes back home. She makes up with her friends. Her friends expect her back in her life. Then she gets a new contract with a latino designer.

How this make you feel?

It made me feel sort of excepting what was going to happen to Violet. It was kinda predictable.

Make a Connection

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Relate to personal life

Just as violet I am trying to become someone famous. I believe that I can be whatever I want be. All though I wont get caught up in drama like violet did.

What is different?

The difference is that I want to be a lawyer and a actress.

How This Make You Feel?

It really didn't make me feel anything.


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Violet On The Runway

I would recommend this book to anyone who loves books, about modeling, love, and fueding. The reading was up to 8th grade reading and 7th grade. I think that the book was a good book. It was interesting and very exicting.While waiting for something to happen.Unless you knew what going to happen. I think this book is awesome it's such a good book you don't want to put it down. It was the way Melissa put such specific details. Then added the drama to it. You could tell the setting was around the 2000's. It included Wendy's, H&M store in NewYork, America's Next Top Model, and more.