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Google Classroom Codes - Science

SCIENCE: *Full Time Remote Learners - please be sure to join the following class and not a specific period number Remote Learning - ukzwnf7 *Hybrid Students - please be sure to sign into the correct class according to your period and cohort. Period 2 A/C - 73ae5ko Period 2 B/D - jxgzt5k Period 3 A/C - hswzs2j Period 3 B/D - 56apdjp Period 7 A/C - ha2gzg3 Period 7 B/D - b7nxy6o Period 8 A/C - wdsnxam Period 8 B/D - oupadu2

Google Classroom Codes - Math Enrichment

MATH ENRICHMENT: *this code is for all sections (A, B, C, D and remote learners) Period 5: srlsfkz