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Plain sticky notes

Nannys Results

Super Gum- 2cm 3cm 1cm 2 And A Half cm. Hubba Bubba- 8 And A Half cm 3cm 5cm 6cm.

Sticky note

Super Gum-3 and a1/2 cm 2cm 1cm 1 and a 1/2 cm

Rich sticky notes

VaRiiAbLe To ChAnGe:

tHe TyPe Of BuBbLe GuM.


WeE tHiNk ThAt DiFfReNt BuBbLe GuMz WiLL hAvE dIfFeReNt  SiZeZ oF tHe ShApE.


wEe ArE gOiNg To FiNd OuT wHiCh BuBbLe GuM bLoWs ThE bIgGeSt BuBbLeS.


**.. NaNnYz SkUxX..**

!!bLoWiiNg Hr BuBbLe!!

..**RiRiA sKuXx**..

!!HoLdInG hR hUbBa BuBbA!!