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Why the Jiff am I Here?!?!?!?

For one of these 3 reasons. 1. You somehow got here in the middle of searching for funny youtube videos.(I know how you feel) And if you want you can exit out and continue watching Friday which i can totally understand. 2. Because someone really cool told you to come here. 3.You are bored. Now,you probrably think that I just copied and pasted all these ideas from wikkipeidia. I didnt, I came up with them on my own time. So, enjoy weather you are bored or just mad because you found this website. I dont care.

For All Ages

Plain sticky notes

Things to do part 1

1.Make a fort using four chair and put one of those stretchy sheets over the top,its really fun if you watch T.V in it! 2. Make a water park outside using tarps and a playground slideif you have one). Making a pool with a big tub is fun too!! 3.Make an arcade! The prizes can be McDonalds toys or Dollar Store stuff. Use boxes to make games or hoola hoops! 4.Write a play for you and our siblings,like one off of a funny movie or T.V. show you really like. 5. Go take a bike ride up and down your driveway, see how many times you can go up and down before you get tired. 6.Make a comic book series about things that are almost impossible(like lamborghinis falling from the sky into your trampoline. 7.Make cookies(ask your parents first!)

Part 2

8.Make up a new language where saying boat could mean "I love You". 9.Have a Jumping Challenge(rules in Fun games to play) 10.Play factory(rules in Fun games to play) E:woop woop! we are at ten hehehe 11.Play Couch Potato(rules in Fun games to play) 12.Write a book 13. Read this note 14.See how many math facts you can do in a minute. 15.See how many states you know 16. Make a webiste(its free!)go to to make one. 17.Take pictures of thing you think are cool.

Part 3

18.Watch top 50 songs of 2011 19. Make a mobile lemonade stand(using a wagon to put the sstuff in and go around your neighborhood selling it) 20.Play all the Bloons games E:Yeah buddy, we are at 20!!!! 21.Memorize the lyrics to your favorite song 22. Find new styles for your hair. 23. make a resturaunt! With Real food!(if you cant use real food then draw it on paper) 24.Look up how to tell someones fortune 25.make a fortune telling place. E: a fourth of a way to a hundred!! 26.Think of how many ways to say Butt 27. fake cook with stuff like soup and salt. 28.Go on my other wwebsite

Part 4

29. Read Previews to books 30.Find th echeapest tablet on the market! 31.videotape someone ripping a piece of paper in little peices and the play it backwards! 32.Write a parody of your favorite book.(Hunger Games is a good one) 33.Watch One Direction video diaries, they seem boring at first,but they get funny. 34.Draw a map of your house. "sims". Visit Fun games to play to see how to play. 36.Design your dream house using paper and crayons 37. Invite a friend over and play town. rules in FGTP. 38.

Fun games to play

Plain sticky notes

Town 2

Players:3-4 Rules:Put 4 chairs(or 3) around a small table. Make each player 20 dollars. Give them the money and start at player 1. If player 1 says they want to add an edition, they drag another chair,table,etc. Then all of the players must vote for how much that would cost. If it costs 2 dollars than the player must place the money in the table. To go to work the player must take the money from the table and that is their turn. Do whatever actions you want, make up new rules too!

Jumping Challenge!!!

Players:2-infinity Rules:All pplayers must jump untill they fall! Skipping and jumproping count as jumping. if you stop your out. The winner is whoever is jumping alone.

Town 1

Players:2-infinity Rules:Each player makes a house and a shop. All players must vote for who will be the mayor. The mayor makes the money and collects taxes which is what the mayor gets paid in. Dont forget to make money!

Couch Potato

Players 4+ Rules: The coach potato sitsin the couch potato spot and they can say any channel. The channel they say will have to perform a copy of a tv show , movie or a show they made up untill the coach potato changes channelsl. Then the channel must freeze untill they are called again. The couch potato decides after a while who had the best show. Additional Rules: If you have 8 people you can have two people for each channel. If the game starts to get boring, here is a new rule. When the couch potato says on demand, the channels get together, come up with a movie title and with no practice must do a summary of the movie. diagram of seating --------------------------------------------------------------------->


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