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    Ben Franklin was a scientist and an American revolutionist for the colonies.  He was also an embssator in France for the colonies to get help for the Revolutionary War.  He was one of America's founding father's.

    Ben was the one who found out about lighting being electricity.  He suspected that lighting  was an electic  current  in nature.  He  found out by tying a key to a kite and have  lighting shock  it.  He found  lighting  was  electricity,   He also found  out it was  powerful  and  dangerous.   That is why  he  made  a  way  to protect  people,  buildings,  and ships.  It was the lighting rod.  Although electricity was a hobby to Franklin he made many important contributions to it.


    Leonardo da Vinci was a scientist and an artist. He was the most famous man in the rennisance.  He worked in Firenze (Florence) and Milan. He was rival's with Micheal Angelo.
    He studied the scientific fields.  He studied plant growth, stratification of rocks, the flow of water,and action of lights. He went from studying surface to structure. He was famous for finding the perfect shape  of the human body. Leonardo made something so man could fly, it didn't work.He made weapons for the Duke of Milan's army, he designed the first tank but never used it.


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