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Hitec Computers Discount

To et 15% off stock and services from Hitec just say Alan sent you and that you are a member of the Manchester Discount Card Scheme.

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Red Camel Systems

Manchester Discount Card



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Rich sticky notes

PAT 4/4 2019

Please report to Richard Peabody that during Beta Testing of SSNA Multi Media Marketting Alan has found a fault with Club Systems Website - It does not Render on Mult Media promotional websites.

I will phone Club System to advice them as I did in 2007 when I first me Richard following an add in the Manchester Evening News for a programmer. I advised Richard that tey were recruiting the wrong skills, I andvised club system to move to ASP.Dotnet

If you want to phone me I am available to you as your persnal assistant as discussed today 4/4 2019

Please book me a meeting at 13:00 on 05/05 2019 the discussion will be about on-line shopping baskets / shops and pre-payment for golf - Like Steve does. Steve uses Nigal Cowan at Really Simple Media - Really Simple Media is a Red Octopus Company as is LV Media in Cheadle. (See Hitec SSNA Development  at Cheadle)  

Board Cover Letter 4/4 2019 Agile Release Scheduled Date - Next Sprint 5/5 2019 13:00

Pat I have found a problem with club systems website on my production site.

I had missed a beta test of Club Systems site I will have to check version control and past versions of the site.

Thanks for the meeting today this sheds new lite on my communication to the board.

Please see

Note : A transcript of this text has been placed on the production system - The Cheshire hub for all Club Systems users to see.

Thanks Pat - You really are a good olde friend.

Could you please ask the Marketing Director to give me a call - I think we communicated I am not quite sure who I was talking to - It was a long time ago and I did not use SSNA so I have no way of tracking our discussions.  I use SSNA as an Agile Project Manager and Freelance IT Consultant - It is to only way I can keep track at the pace I work. I can deliver Web Services in half a hour using Godaddy and Protopage. - The Houldsworth website took  about 1/2 hour to create.  If you wish I can give you 101 pages for the Centenary Handbook for just £60- I have a copy already cut up and ready to be scanned if the board want it. If they did I would host it on my home server which I call a Stratbox. You can but a Stratbox from Hitec Computers for about £250 - You should have one in the office to reach out about club news - It is really really easy to use you would need about 1 hour Bootstrap training and you are moving forward as a Multi Media Programmer.

You don’t need me - Scott can train you in SSNA - He does his own website now - After me telling him to do so - It only took about 8 years for him to get around to it - Then he did not chose Protopage as I instructed - bit silly of him really.

Remember Skype is a great tool - If you need help creating a Skype directory for members I can do a on-line form to collect member details - I will only take me ten minutes. ——— Think about it - No Charge.

Skype ID : DotnetUK

Thanks Pat  

Feya 04/04 - Agile Project Management

Hi Feya 

I love you like a sister and you looked after me like a brother.

I always said to you that my job at Verastar was to report to Chris Earl and see that you achieve your ambition and get promoted to Senior Manager.

You may or may not know this but you operate in an Agile fashion with morning scrums. If you don't know what I mean go to, Scrum and Kaban (and Agile Light which is what I use). 

And use Open Workbench and create terms of reference for task management - deploy a traffic light system for task tracking and DO NOT credit time against a task till task completion - DO NOT account for part complete tasks. Do A/B/C task control and ABC paper management. 

And apply for the jobs that are available as Agile Project manager for the company. 

Finally - Stick with the company for life long service - don't chose to leave in the way that I managed to.
Leaving Verastar in July 07/07 2017 was my life plan.  It until Jan 2019 to find a way out.

Andy was realy great he put so much effort in keeping me and he refused to accept my resignation on 19th Jan. I said that I would give Andy a 360 degree review after I left - which he read online and thanked me and we agreed it should be archived.  It is all archived I have 30 generations of websites that I cheated for Andy demonstrating SSNA but he chose not to use Protopage for Minerva / Genisis project.

With regards to my Genisis notes that I took home - they still have not shown up - I am convinced Adam threw them away cos we has a big argument about me working till 2 am in the morning on Xenophon for you.

I am in negotiations with WGC about doing a Minerva document for Directors roles and responsibilities - I just have to check my archive to see if I still have photocopies of the clubs Minerva project.

I will contact you now on Social Media to Direct you towards this communication.

Lots of Love - Miss You all
(Full Time Community Guardian (BA019)

P.S. Going Rate for Agile is circa £60k if you chose to look.

Club Systems draft 4/4 2019

I have tested club systems - see
I don't Know what is going on - I have no test tools - I will ask Club Systems to contact Protopage - I am too busy.

Club Systems 04/04/2019 Service / SLA Test

FAO Richard  Peobody

Alpha Testing Scheduled Completion Date 07/07/2020

Hi Richard hope you are well - Looks like I have found a way into the Golf industry after 40 years trying.  Design House developed Handicap Systems in 1983 but left it to you guys - we continued to work on mainframe Payroll and HR Solutions.

BSG Elite - Dave Goslings brainchild is now owned by Red Octopus - Dave is Ex YMG / Bitesize Golf - I am IT Strategist for YMG - Its a long story that I know you remember - well the project is still going - It is all about teaching IT. My learning material is a

I want to talk to you about putting TheGolfHub.Net on your websites alongside English Golf Union as a new SSNA web Standard. Lets work together for the better of Golf Clubs.  Protopage is a free social networking tool for active websites - it should be a standard for club professionals / assistants to report club news.  

The only alternative that I have is to contact Congu for a software licence - we know that we do not want that to happen - I have a resource unit with 40 years experiance - Ex Feranti coming out of contract he wrote Monopoly on a commodore pet as a training exercise and Hunchback on a PC to learn Pascal. He is a top top programmer - perfect for club systems. I have set up an employment agency called Ambition just to promote him and myself.

I would like to report a fault with club systems websites - They do not render on Protopage Social Media Sites

Please see Withington Room 101 for Beta Test Example

Please see for alpha test of sites that do work.

Could you please tell Richard that Alan Bramwell needs to talk to him about Onboard Promotions 

Please ask Richard to contact Alan on 07939525218

Thank You 

Alan Bramwell
(CEO Red Octopus Business Service Limited / Onboard Solutions / Foundation Computing / Red Camel Systems / The Manchester Discount Card / Design Hose / Systems / Slattocks Database Development.

Red Octopus is an Outsourcing and multimedia marketing company
Partnered by Green Cloud Hosting (And other India based interested bodies)

Note : A copy of this script has been placed on / withington  as an Alpha Test of SSNA

Dave (Support Manager Club Systems) - 05/04/2019 Beta / Alpha Test Errors

Hi Dave 

Design house has been involved with club systems since 1982 as a product tester.

When I was involved on Match and handicap you sent me a beta version of your software to play with before I proposed your solution to the club.

Again I got involved in getting you to install the system in the club house when it changed

I contacted Richard in 2007 to say that I thought you were using the wrong language - I was frantic at the time that you would not meet the standards the I needed for my project.

I have watched your web development and have decided that I can supplement it - not replace with a responsive website called Photopage

Yesesrday I notice that your site did not render on my propane and today I have noticed a 404 error on your site.

You can track both errors   at 

This afternoon you will be going on 

Onboard Promotions are giving you / BRS / YMG / Bitesize golf £2000 worth of free multimedia Marketing in a hope that you will work with Red Octopus.

If not then Red Octopus will obtain a Congu Licence to create a state of the art responsive mobilee friends handicapping system in association with golf shake which it will distribute free to virtual golf clubs.

Please ask Richard to call me on 0739525218 to help me write a board proposal for Withington Golf Club - My proposal will look better with his name on it.

Note : A transcript of this script has been placed on The Chesire Hub

Thanks Dave for asking for an E’Mail - It would have been easier just looking but you have given me the opportunity to write a forward for my Board Report.

Alan Bramwell
(Community Guardian(BA019)
(CEO Red Octopus / Onboard Promotions)

This has been a Manchester City Council - Community Guardians Report

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Withington Golf Club - Club Systems




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Protech Gas Services


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Protech Gas Services








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Red Octopus Estate Agents

Callahans elected not to join the Gatley family but they do have a Bargain  Buy in their window.

A property in Mount Grove is a snip for a London Buyer - It is an Investment property  with a hidden gem that is not reported. It has a wine cellar - an old air raid shelter now covered by a garage. It is a potential development that is worth thinking about.

We will now include a link to the property to start our London pages.j

Feature Property

Mount Grove Gatley,


bedrooms4    bathrooms 1   receptions 4   

A well presented & extended four bedroom semi detached house situated within walking distance of Gatley Village. In brief the property comprises: entrance porch, entrance hall, lounge, living room, utility room, dining room, kitchen/breakfast room, sun room, three double bedrooms, one single bedroom, a four piece family bathroom, a generous sized rear garden, off-road parking and a double garage. This property must be viewed to be fully appreciated!

Red Octopus Surveyors

For a full service history on Mount Grove and a Current MOT contact TeKay Builders

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Tekay Builders





Rich sticky notes

Agile Project Management

Note : This article has not gone through my editorial process -  It will contain a lot of typos and  errors

This site is a work horse site for a business - it is important that we do not focus on English.

It is a place to Brain Dump - It is not a InterNet Site - It is a Agile Project Management Utility.

Country Estates and Listed Buildings - Jaguar Cars

Mr Green can not be named - He worked for the Queen and is now employed outside the Royal Household.
He had his own consultancy - His hobby is resoring classic cars - he does total rebuilds and can make up to £90,000 on a project.

If you have a listed building or a Jaguar - I will sign post Mr Green to see if he is interested.

As he works full time I expect that a restoration would take many years.

I watched a Executive Home be built in Didsbury - It was a feature of the village it too about 20 year to complete - it was clearlty a Builders Pension Fund.

My recommendation to Tony (TeKay Builders - is to look at your pension fund and to consider a 20 year project where you can work on a project whem work is slack - watch the property accumulate it value.

My property in Gatly was bought for £26,000 it is now worth a third of a million. I managed to keep my wife and children iit after our divorce - It is a showhose for Malbern Window and Red Octopus Landscape Gardeners.

My house is not a showcase it is a workhouse - there is no time to focus on the garden. I need to outsourse to one of the lads - Vinnie / Kenny will do they are retired.

Kenny helped me out in a Community Guardian Demoolision Project in about 1976 where we used to demolish air raid shelters by hand for a couple of hundred pounds - The Business was set up as a Green Gym project where instead of going to the gym we did hard labour. I wanted to set up a green gym at Withington Golf club - Like Reddish Vale but Stuart Bridge rejected the offer of FREE LABOuR saying it is not an Artisans Club.

Action : Set up The Gardeners as a Green Gym / Artisans Club and Resotre Wythenshawe Park Pitch and put.

Http:::// Blue Flamingo Wellbeing Project.  (Red Octopus Restoration)

Rich text note

Sub Projects

1. Blue Flamingo - Wellbeing Commence 05/05/2018 - Communicate Intent - Now create placeholders NOW.
2. Minerva - TEKAY Procedure Manual - Commence NOW (Stratbox) Place Holders.
3 Genesis - Draft Documents - TeKay Builders (START NOW) Password : Minerva
8. Socrates - TeKay Procedure Manual - Contracts (STRT NOW) - Password : Socrates

Rich text note

Andrew at Google says. 

Alan is a Legend at Google

Google Manchester is closing 
Action Plan - Find out where the Google Garage is going and Network again.
Give yourself a nice day out Alan - Visit  National Trust Proerties in the region

Todo lists

National Trust

Create SEM websites
Natinal Trust
Set up Red Octopus Restorations
Create Green Gym
Reseach Bookmark Green Gyms Acroos UK
Create Major UK SEM Project - Commence 08/08/2020

Red Octopus Solicitors




Rich sticky notes

Para Legal - First Communication of Intent

Please Please Please 

Can you 

1. Do a brain dump about your personal wants and needs / IT Home projects 
2 Produce a Redcamel Vision Document / Strategy 

Detailing how much time you want to spend Freelancing for Redcamel Systems and what is your projected workload / schedule for the next 12 moths.

I will try to create Terms of reference as we work together - once we are started.

Tell me how much it will cost Tony at TeKay Builders to secure your services  for long term CASUAL developments

Thanks Rich 

You a re a great guy

Copy of this transcript has been placed on TeKay Builders SSNA site under the Banner Synergy for use to communicate to other LinkedIn users 
Now get Tony to jjoin Linked In as A Software Service Provider / Building Development company Which what David Gosling should have done in 2007

Copy 2 David Gosling - Dave tis is how you should have managed working with Richard - I gave you Agile lessons but you took 12 moths to conduct a 2 week project.

I am now going to invoice you £1,000 for the service of Richard during your 2007 YMG Project and Your 2015 project - I will again write of the cost of my profession services which are £10,000 .

I am not meeting about here Dave I will employ Red Octopus Solicotors (See Gatley) to issue you with a small claims.

It Does not have to be like this Dave all you have to do is ring from time to time to check progress on BSG Elite and SEM Red Octopus on yr Facebook to your Kids and PGA Professionals.

I will let Manchester City Council fight my case for me.


Red Octopus Solicitors  have studied law but have not qualified for the BAR.

It can be considered as part of the BSG Elite Training Schedule.

Time Recording/Day Book

Rich sticky notes

Day Book

04/04/2019  Setting up SSNA 1/2 £50  
05/05/2019 SSNA Activity 2 Hours £100
05/05/2018 Onboard Promotions Contract Negotiation / Design House Activity 1 hour £50 plus Travel Expenses £10 
05/05/2018 Godaddy Hosting / Minerva Development £100+ per year  - 5 Year Contracted with Go Daddy £700 
05/05/2019 Project Blue Flamingo (SEM) £20 per month (Invoce Tony 05/05).
06/04/2018 The Directors Table - £2000
05/04/2019 Medi Golf £2000
05/04/2019 Medi Care £2000


Rich sticky notes

Rich text note

Method of Payment -  Direct Debit to Redcamel Systems - Transaction Title Discounted Agile Project Management

Discounted from £10.000 per year service contract. (Contract to be drafted as a1 task by Redcamel Systems) 

Todo lists

Project Blue Flamingo

05/05 £20
06/06 £20
07/07 £20
08/08 £20
09/09 £20
10/10 £20
11/11 £20
12/12 £20
)1/01 Contract Review


Rich sticky notes

Rich text note

The art of working on two projects at the same time delivering the same tangible deliverable.

First lesson of OOP (Object Oriantated Programming) Create reusable code by creating standard routines and sub procedures (SQL Lesson 1)


Todo lists

Todo list

Bristol Hub
Cheshire Hub
Lancashire Hub
Yorshire Hub
High5local Test

Bargain Buy

Rich sticky notes

Best Buy

This Month Bargain Buy goes to TeKay Builder that are offering £1000 of professional services.

Contact TeKay and ask them about their professional business services.



Red Octopus Estate Agents


Rich sticky notes

Stop Press

You experience Village Life in Gatley - Houses in Mount Grove dont stay on the market long.

A property now on the market was valued at £26,000 and was owned by a little olde lady called Mss Liles.

The property is now valued at £450,000.

There are other properties in Mount Grove that have been maintained to a better standard. 

Ring 07939525218 for more details.

Investments circa £500,000 should be considered. 

These include detached houses where upkeep has been a obsession.

The property to look out for is that of a builder, as you can imagine investment within your own property is the key to the business. Mr Black owns other properties in Manchester he may be open to offers soon.

It is one that I am keeping an eye on.

TeKay Executive Homes



Rich sticky notes

Look Out

We are on the lookout for properties that are in need of an uplift to raise thei value - just like Mount Grove Gatley

Web widgets

TeKay Builders

Nimrod / Agile Project Management




Todo lists


Tech Tony Agile Project Management
Teach Tony Speed Reading
Teach Tony - Effective Writing
Teach Tony Busiiness Modal Canvas
SSNA Brooklands Academy - Sponsored By TeKay Builders
Blue Flamingo Poster - Brrokands Academy
YMG IT Stragegy Report - Chris Smit YMG
BSG Elite Progress Rport - Dave Gosling
The Directors Table

Blue Flamingo

Commence Terms Of Reference folder - Google Drive
Red Octopus NHS SSNA
Buy milk

Blue Flamingo

Terms Of Reference - Google Drive
SSNA Promotion Folder for Brooklands SSNA
Talk to Head of Brooklands - YMG IT Startegy

Onboard Promotion

Terms of Reference Google Cloud
Buy eggs
Buy milk

Suits Para Legal

Issue Intent Notification 06/04/2018
Create Para Legal Letter - Google Drive
Consult CABi
Raise Case
Fight Case
Outsorce Solicitor - No win / No Pay

Redcamel Systems

Terms Of Reference - google Cloud
Ask Rich to Braindump Plan Strategy document
Buy milk
Create Service Level Agreement / Annual Contract (1st year £20 per month Aggile Tuition (BSG Elite)

BSG Elite

Terms Of reference Googlle Cloud
See Blue Flamingo SEM Promotions
Buy milk
See Redcamel Systems task list

Green Cloud

Terms Of Reference Google Cloud
Buy eggs
Buy milk

Verastar / Project Mayflower 02/02/2015

Progress Report to Andy Cowlishaw
Progress Update 05/05
Progress Update 05/06


Terms Of Reference Google Cloud
Hitec Active Update
Buy milk




Rich sticky notes

A day in the life of a Community Guardian

Thank you  Gatley for all that signed up for my services 5 in all said that they would allow me to build websites for you.  

This is a lot of business for me which I will now try to outsource.

My brother in law Paul wants some advice on the software that I am using - I will be going up to Slattacks to train Paul - with permission from Susan Paul will take on support of Gatley.

Gatley will be a TrainIT project now.

Thank you all - I had a Great Day - Special thank you to Paul from the NHS in Cost who kindly spent 1/2 hour doing Alpha Testing with me. Paul - if you are reading this / Gatley Glass are you reading this - I gave you the wrong website to look at. I will now be promoting you through Willmslow where I have a wellbeing project as a Community Guardia for people recovering from cancer. 

Susan helper me with a life plan today - so thank you Susan it was a great session.

We set priorities for today but I have just read my E'Mail and I might have a chance of a job as a carer.
I am exhausted I am going to bed now - I got talking to olde friends from Hazel Grove at the pub we just had a simple chat the lady has cancer her husband is retired and needs a life plan and the daughter is in HR. I asked her what she was using for her HR as I too was a HR Consultant she said that they are moving away from SAP to Workday. I was tempted to take note of her company as a potential client but I did not I just said that I was unemployed now trying to find a simple job as an admin assistant.

I said my plan now was to go home and find some easy listening on YouTube, Create a YouTube channel on my social bookmarking channel using Protopage. It is great fun I use it to relax and learn off YouTube
I am a teacher and am looking for a teaching kob I have just signed ur with Reeds - they are very interested as they have seen my IT work and online training.

The plan now is to train WCHG on Tuesday and to get Daru to create a central hub for their sites and link it to my Wythenhawe site that I am doing fo Nick at the Church of England. I talked to Nick in the community are at the Forum - Nice guy - I said that I was a community Guardian and that I would held the church - and with that protopage Wythenshawe was started which has tuned into a big project called Blue Flamingo - So big that Daru anf Alistaire have volunteered to help me.  


Special thanks to Terry for giving me his copy of SK8 it is a great piece of information that I did not know existed.

The circulation does not extend outside Gatlley so I will post a link to the On Line Service in Cheshire Website and on my Green Pages  Info site. There must be thousands of Directories on the wb - I will make it my mission to promote them.

Thank Terry nice seeing you looking so well.


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Golden Triangle


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Roscoe Catering