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Description: A 1 year project to improve healthy opportunities for older people in Chichester District

Planned Actions/ Objectives:

· Develop and co-ordinate a range of programmes to support older people in the community:

· Taking account of the Older People’s NSF

· And the work of the Western Sussex OlderNet

· Preventing crises & hospital admission


· Oct 05 – Performance report


· Improved understanding of local programmes for older people

· Evaluation of the role of health visitor for older people


· NSF Std 8 and Health and Rehab groups have been merged.

· Current work being identified - IS + Jill King, JPK and DU

· Health Advisers for Older People being introduced.

· Mid Life - Pre-retirement Project - Gillian Granville from the Health Development Agency attended Nov meeting of the HCP.

· Linking up with:

· Avoiding Isolation Group - Ginni Hales

· "Midhurst Befriending Project" -Clive Carty

· and other themes identified in the Maintaining Independent Living Project

· Best Value and Key Reference Review completed

Further work:

1. Promotion

Promoting Independence - Action Plan

2. Assessment

Maintaining Independent Living Project - themes

3. Access

Preventing Falls - Local Fact-Pack

4. Learning

Best Value and Key Reference Review

5. Accounts

· Get Up and Go - Health & Lifestyle 26/10/05 Fair - Assembly Rooms, Chichester

· 20/10/05 Get Up and Go - Health & Lifestyle Fair - The Grange, Midhurst