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Healthier Chichester Programme - Workplace Health Project
Sponsor: John Kingdon
Manager: Elaine Thomas
Rating: Amber
Last Updated: 14 Dec 05 John Parsons


About the project
This project aims to improve opportunities for health and well being activities for people within their workplace environment.

The recent Health Inequalities audit for Chichester District identifies 29% of the population of Chichester District work for a statutory organisation eg Chichester District Council, Western Sussex PCT, West Sussex County Council.

By working to improve the health of the staff in our workplaces we not only have a happier and healthier workforce in Chichester District but will have the opportunity for them to encourage their families to make healthy lifestyle choices as well.
Outcomes and measures of success
Greater awareness of health issues in the workplace

Integrated approach to workplace health amongst statutory organisations

Involvement of private sector businesses

Updated and relevant policies eg smoking, alcohol

Reduced rates of sickness absence, therefore financial savings

A happier and more productive workforce
Action Plan - Nov 05

Identify a HCP rep to to promote workplace health in their organisation and provide information for staff

Identify evidence based interventions to improve the health of the workforce

Map current health improvement activity in HCP orgs

Obtain and evaluate sickness absence stats via HR departments

Staff consultation/needs assessment

Identify key national awareness days to promote health within public sector organisations

Engaging with the wider community

A one day workshop is currently planned for May 2006 by University of Chichester to promote healthy living through local businesses.

Develop the Clean Air Award to reduce exposure to second hand smoke in the workplace. Working firstly with the public sector organisations represented at the HCP and licensed premises in the district.