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About MCG

I volunteer my services to The Manchester Community Guardians to manage a directory of their champions website. I am also available to teach other champions on how to become web savvy if they feel the need.

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Where are you ?

July 2017 

Where are the Community Guardians now based - Manchester Town Hall can not help me.

If you are a Community Guardian or Digital Champion please contact me at

Why I am a Digital Champion

I have been active as  Community Guardian (BA019) for many years and I now act under the banner of Digital Champion.

Aug 2015 I have started a project called Acme Industries which is about education for my Local Community Library and  Community Centre where I volunteer.

This has turned into a project called LearnIT which now some of the community projects which I have been involved with in recent years.

My Bookmark here scope the some of my efforts as a community Guardian.

July 2017 Update

Some time ago I tried to contact the Community Guardians at Manchester Town Hall - No Body could help me.

I have worked without any support from them for many years I shall continue with a vengance.





BA019 Sites

BA019 Flagship Projects

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Whilst I was employed at Verastar as a paid employee - I consider voluntary work under the umbrella of Community Guardian as I do so much in my own time to support the department.

At Verastar I have attempted to create an InfoNet for departmental procedures in my own time - I call this my Genesis Project and I use it for my own personal development..


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This is a letter to whoever is now in charge of the Community Guardians Scheme.

Since 2014 I have been acting Web Wizzard for Northenden Community Library.

In February 2015 I was able to take up full time employment using references about my involvement with the library.

I said to my line manager the I would continue to manage the NCL website under the banner of Community Guardian which I still do to date.

I now manage the site for trainig purposes where I load documents which I need to print.

On 01/02/2018 I re-engaged with NCL to once again offer my onsite support as I now work next door and can afford 1 hour per day..

I have been informed that my duties as a Web Wizzard are no longer required as the library has web pages. 

I have now gone through the process of privatisation and have branded the site Community Guardian (BA019) for my own personal use.

I will ensure that all updates are conducted at NCL and shown to the volunteering team on duty as the manager is difficult to get hold of.

In addition to my NCL duties I can now announce that for the past 7 month I have been volunteering at Hitec Computers in Cheadle where again I operate under the Community Guardian and Digital Champion banners.

If this work is deemed inappropriate for Manchester City Council please advise and I will privatise all the sites that I have developed over the past 18 years under the Redcamel Brand.

I have been unable to locate the line management of the Community Guardians scheme for many year so I am passing this communication to the line manager at NCL under cover that it can be directed to the right department.

Note : NCL Print Services has been utilised to print this letter - it is a great service to the community as home printers so often dry out when not used for any period of time - when refreshment of cartridges cost £35 a time it is not worth the hassle having your own printer.

As a power user of NCL I will utilise the printer for all future communications to the Community Guardians line management..

For more details on my activities please visit website 


As a line manager for Manchester City Council can you please arrange that the attached letter gets to the Community Guardians Line Manager and the head of Manchester City Council.

Starting Up A New Business




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29 March 2019 - Town Hall

Thank you  civic and Ceremonial

There ha been a major development today - I have completed a Community Guardian project called Nimrod that has been 19 years in the making.
It has involved 5 It Services companies and will revolutionise many things - How projects are managed - how communities communicate.

An example of the technology is   I will be communicating to minister that it should be a Brexit standard for small businesses.

I need somebody - a manager on the council to report to. In 2007 I created a community guardians site but the council did not take up my offer of managing the communications of the community guardians
I am a facilities Management consultant I will be announcing in the press that Red Octopus Business services Limited Is now out sourcing council business on the basis that the council can not get their act together - It has been at least 3 years without a line manager.

Had I had a decent Line Manager in 2007 this project would have been completed - as it stands I have had many avenues blocked and finally it has been the church that has helped me out.

Please advise who is controlling this project.

Note : A copy of this transcript has been placed on the community guardians website 

Thank you for your prompt response.







Stop Press



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Dec 2019

Still no news of a leader from the council to track progress.

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