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Whilst I was employed at Verastar as a paid employee - I consider voluntary work under the umbrella of Community Guardian as I do so much in my own time to support the department.

At Verastar I have attempted to create an InfoNet for departmental procedures in my own time - I call this my Genesis Project and I use it for my own personal development..




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About MCG

I volunteer my services to The Manchester Community Guardians to manage a directory of their champions website. I am also available to teach other champions on how to become web savvy if they feel the need.

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Where are you ?

July 2017 

Where are the Community Guardians now based - Manchester Town Hall can not help me.

If you are a Community Guardian or Digital Champion please contact me at

Why I am a Digital Champion

I have been active as  Community Guardian (BA019) for many years and I now act under the banner of Digital Champion.

Aug 2015 I have started a project called Acme Industries which is about education for my Local Community Library and  Community Centre where I volunteer.

This has turned into a project called LearnIT which now some of the community projects which I have been involved with in recent years.

My Bookmark here scope the some of my efforts as a community Guardian.

July 2017 Update

Some time ago I tried to contact the Community Guardians at Manchester Town Hall - No Body could help me.

I have worked without any support from them for many years I shall continue with a vengance.



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This is a letter to whoever is now in charge of the Community Guardians Scheme.

Since 2014 I have been acting Web Wizzard for Northenden Community Library.

In February 2015 I was able to take up full time employment using references about my involvement with the library.

I said to my line manager the I would continue to manage the NCL website under the banner of Community Guardian which I still do to date.

I now manage the site for trainig purposes where I load documents which I need to print.

On 01/02/2018 I re-engaged with NCL to once again offer my onsite support as I now work next door and can afford 1 hour per day..

I have been informed that my duties as a Web Wizzard are no longer required as the library has web pages. 

I have now gone through the process of privatisation and have branded the site Community Guardian (BA019) for my own personal use.

I will ensure that all updates are conducted at NCL and shown to the volunteering team on duty as the manager is difficult to get hold of.

In addition to my NCL duties I can now announce that for the past 7 month I have been volunteering at Hitec Computers in Cheadle where again I operate under the Community Guardian and Digital Champion banners.

If this work is deemed inappropriate for Manchester City Council please advise and I will privatise all the sites that I have developed over the past 18 years under the Redcamel Brand.

I have been unable to locate the line management of the Community Guardians scheme for many year so I am passing this communication to the line manager at NCL under cover that it can be directed to the right department.

Note : NCL Print Services has been utilised to print this letter - it is a great service to the community as home printers so often dry out when not used for any period of time - when refreshment of cartridges cost £35 a time it is not worth the hassle having your own printer.

As a power user of NCL I will utilise the printer for all future communications to the Community Guardians line management..

For more details on my activities please visit website 


As a line manager for Manchester City Council can you please arrange that the attached letter gets to the Community Guardians Line Manager and the head of Manchester City Council.

Starting Up A New Business





Q TV - Richard

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29 March 2019 - Town Hall

Thank you  Civic and Ceremonial

There has been a major development today - I have completed a Community Guardian project called Nimrod that has been 19 years in the making.
It has involved 5 It Services companies and will revolutionise many things - How projects are managed - how communities communicate.

An example of the technology is   I will be communicating to minister that it should be a Brexit standard for small businesses.

I need somebody - a manager on the council to report to. In 2007 I created a community guardians site but the council did not take up my offer of managing the communications of the community guardians
I am a facilities Management consultant I will be announcing in the press that Red Octopus Business services Limited Is now out sourcing council business on the basis that the council can not get their act together - It has been at least 3 years without a line manager.

Had I had a decent Line Manager in 2007 this project would have been completed - as it stands I have had many avenues blocked and finally it has been the church that has helped me out.

Please advise who is controlling this project.

Note : A copy of this transcript has been placed on the community guardians website 

Thank you for your prompt response.


Lokuhl Reporter is now my community newsprint Q-TV being my TV Station







Stop Press



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Dec 2019

Still no news of a leader from the council to track progress.

Face Mail



Pheonix 000



NHS Medicare - Timebank




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09/03 /23:10 WCHG

Thank you - the people here can  help me - They have the power to progress my NHS Medicare project (Patient record keeping).

I work on International Multi Currency Banking and trading systems

But because it is a hobby and has been since 2000 after I finished the Y2K people think I am delusional.

I worked for Ingeroll Rand America for thee international systems and for Geof Unwin - Hoskyns the largest consultancy in the uk 
Advisor to Maggie Thatcher 
I move and Audit Data Centres all over the uk for him servicing the likes of courtaulds and powergen. 

I set up IT in the Bideford Centre years ago and no body from your organisation has ever asked me a question
I am an IT Strategist.
Please do not think that I am Bi-Polar just because an idiot could not grasp me or interview me properly 
I need your help to get this monkey off my back and you say that you can not help me !!!!!!!!
It is exactly this attitude that keeps getting me locked up. 

Just think about it and give me a plan how I can stop this nonsense.
Community Guardian (BA019)
C2 Robert Lizar
Pllease copy Sir Richard Lees 

The community gardiand refused to inplemnt this network in 2007 and I have not had a maager there for years / even though it is on the Manchester Website 
Its a disgrace - If I had a manager to report to I would not have to refort into the police where I used to work to log my incidents....
What you could d is organise an email address for me to log into you.
I could do it in seconds but you would not look at it.
Regards Alan 
Glad that you are in touch 

Repoting To

Mike Kane..

Sarah Kleuter
Danial Williams

Sir Robert Lees - Manchester City Council

Robert Lizar
Officer 17698 / 15873 / 18270

Wytemshawe Security 
Dave Johnson - The Johnson Clan / Gary 

The Ambulance Brigade 

Paul Edwards Slattocks 

Paul - Foxpro

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Support Plan


I am an Unqualified Financial Accountant / Unqualified Cost and Management Accountant and a an Unqualified Lawyer 

I have a meeting today with mental to do all the accounts for running this house 

You are at home working and you have to do your house hold accounts 

Can you please do a spread sheet of your household account under ECDL Spreadsheet Training - Sign up for a EVDL Training Course with me I am teacher 
I teach ECDL

Please write me in visual Foxpro a web application - the database must include post code but no owner name - this is a database for a shop - Reeds Rains

Now the good one 

Write International business monopoly with a variable of how many houses are in your street.

Send me written confirmation in the post with a copy to sue the you have started will the bossons database for a stock location system of locations in the house to store 


Confirm your record layouts of ALL YOUR DATABASES THAT YOU HAVE EVER WORKED ON    and I will prioritise the order that you should cover the / rewrite them

I have a phantom virtual contract with the NHS worth £461,000 for a rewrite of TESCO Systems 

I have worked so hard for you I hope that you appreciate it 

Do a calculation for a personal pension scheme for your self I need to get Prudential round to talk about a pension scheme for Emma,

Start This Now 

And Write This project was started in 1950 for a bowing club / a union / Manchester City Council MCTD Busses. We did their accounts I was the Treasures. And statistition.

So you are now a treasure = that is not a lie you work from home and have accounts to look after

Do a MVC / C#. Conversion 

You are going to be allright you will get a job in no time if you start an Agile Plan of your intention - over the new 12  months.

Your announce meant will be that you are going to take a holiday to tour Europe Via Interail. 

But that might change you might just take 2 weeks of then do some work on the house SO YOU NEED TO DO A PLAN OF WHAT YOU ARE GOING TO DO ON YOUR HOUSE OVER THE NEXT 5 YEARS.

I am going to talk to MY CARE noisier to TELL ME WHAT TO DO WITH MY HOUSE OVER THE NEXT 4 YEARS - to improve the price of the house.

I need to ask you 2 Questions 

What Will be the Price of bread over the next 25 years / when you retire / when you die - you will need two factors / bread price at Tesco NOW. / Inflation.

Then do the same for a 7 different shops.

Then create 7 bosons shops —— Paul I can’t do more than that for you - if you don’t report progress to me I can. Not help you - the least I want from you now is a crimes card with a Christmas summary of all the tables that you have been working on with their database layout - we should have been doing this for 30 years but you left home and lost touch. I was very upset.

Alan - your Guardian.

Paul I am going to buy your company - please tell me you business accounts for the past 5 tears and estimate your company values / and I will make you an offer 
Put your company inn receivership and list all your projects / application / tables / - They are valuable to anybody who want to design a system
I was really stupid at Ingersoll rand - I never printed a definitive set off - I manage to grab a few specs and they are stuttered away - I need to pull them out and prioritise them now.

I will get the NHS to do that for me.

I am going to send you all my specs - you will have plenty to go at whilst you are out of work.  
On second thought I will convert them from paper to protopage.  IInfact the world has changed now all the record layouts are out of date and the field types have changed  they will specify them as picx / comp3 .. all I need to know is how many fields we need per table - if we design overflow we can say simple each table contains 100 memo field initially - we can reduce the field between development and assurance - thats the bast way to analyse. Set me up a 7 table system starting with Bossons.

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Current Status 
Paul is running independiantly 
I have sugestd to him that he works for The Chancellor and Roadrunner.

My Finacial Accountant Friends and Banker 

On a World Bank Project - With virtual currency called the BramIT 

I want currency conversion formulae for every postcode in the world.

Simple - I would expect 1, Draft in 1 hour under Disaster Recover that a Language has been written out by a supper vires. and that all the worlds database have gone,

I am tasking Paul to create a new database and a new programming language - or an exiting programming language with the time it takes to buy your shopping at Tesco . - The shop will be called emergency home rations.

I have a friend coming round today i will take him to think about iit,.

Red Octopus Business Services Limited 

March 2021 - Paul has found himself a job back in the IT industry earning over £30,000 per year. A simple little job and at this moment in time is focusing on Power BI. A waste of such a talent.

Rich text note

Paul isa settling into his new job -

He has not shown the desire to do project work with me or for me - he is a great disappointment.

Such a talented man going to seed..........
July 2021

Bossons Database


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Emma - Thank you for ringing me today - I am going to value Adams company at the number of you tube hits he has. can you keep a daily log of the valuation of the company to monitor the rate of growth.
Is it ok to announce that Peter from Dragons den is our nominated dragon

I will get you christmas cards today. Please do a friends list with businesses and a friends list of Oracles that are rely realy clever who can think and who will allow you to task them for Daily Emma Thinking Time.
Thank you for ringing I will give you your phone when I see you next.

Lots Of Luve DA
Onboard Promotions Internet Marketing

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Richard Gilbert 

I need a product owner to report to - I will assign a budget and run this as a real project.
This is what we should have doing all the time .

Lets call it PCSkillsGain. A follow up to PCSkills Test 


Paul can be Product owner for Shops and High Street.

Plato W

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Rich text note

Plato 001 . Friends Andrew and Phil Refuse to look at computer / A!super projects tasks.
Plato 002 - Failure to communicate puts projects over budget / Case Studies - Greter Manchester Police 
The London Fire Brigade / Royal Mail / Sodexo / Verastar.
Plato 003 Andrew and Phil to be contacted on NHS Phone number 0161-271-0278 
Plato 004 Andrew and Phil conducted Perpetual Inventory....
Plato 005 Alan explained analysis of anxiety / blood pressure and the results of his medication and self prescription of half dosage.
Plato 006 Alan explained conficts with Dr Blatner and her refusal to talk to him on a disaster recovery Covid task.
Plato 007 Alan explained that he was working on satelite an military project  and a cristmas card list for his friends.
Plato 008 Alan asked a intelligence test - Phil failed to answer in half an hour - failed to do a comparison with Tesco check out girl.
Plato 009 Tesco answered high flyer test in 2 minutes - Action report to Tesco management .
Plato 010 Recommendation to Tesco to place till operatives on Management Trainee.
Plato 011 Alan passes Tesco test and gets an interview.
Plato 012 Alan fails Tesco interview
Plato 013 Alan Told by Tesco to apply for Management job.
Plato 014 Alan starts Tesco IT project for Tesco.
Plato 015 Alan desiings 3 Website for Steering group for IT projects. 
Plato 016 Alan to design Steering Group For NHS development
Plato 017 NHS Steering Group 
Plato 018 NHS Steening Group Now Announced - Action Link on NHS Infonet.
Plato 019 NHS Plan To be Released 11.11.11 Project Road Runner. Mystuddy Buddies.
Plato 020 Andrew and Phil are causing me Anxiety - They refuse to do intellect test
Plato 021 Alan requested NHS Letter Headed Stationary but non have arrived in 3 days.
Plato 022 Alan to place order for NHS Project Stationary / NHS Warmer Communication 
Plato 023 Warmer Communication Fav Icon to be as Red Camel Systems.
Plato 024 Wasting my time recording a meeting that was a disaster.
Plato 025 Members refusing to follow meeting strategy.
Plato 026 There is no point Talking to the NHS.
Plato 027 Talk to Friends about NHS PFI 
Plato 028 Talk To Richard About Tills Systems 
Plato 029 Tesco Announce Systems development under budget.
Plato 030 Sodexo discover Tesco ASP.Net Tills are wrong
Plato 031 Sodexho Announce tills are wrong and that customers are getting credits for purchases
Plato 032 Sodexho ask Tesco and are told are told thats right - tesco policy.
Plato 033 Design House disagrees with Tesco mangement 
Plato 034 Design House conducts Mystery shopper over various Tesco Stores
Plato 035 Design House gets £29 refund on item.
Plato 036 Design House select one item from shelf
Plato 037 Design House does 1 item test purchase.
Plato 038 Design House - Explains Tesco policy to tills when question about refund
Plato 039 Design House Clears Shelf of discounted 2 for one.
Plato 040 Alan, Richard and Charles do shopping at Tesco Didsbury before Cinema.
Plato 041 Alan does accounts to calculate costs and finds error.
Plato 042 SUPEFM Team discuss error for design house 
Plato 043 SUPEFM talk about Tesco at Sodexho for Design House.
Plato 044 SUPEFM Team Dicovers significant errors in Sodexo Mainframe Systems.
Plato 045 Design House finds significant errors in Personel Systems at Greater Manchester police.
Plato 046 Extraunit has team problems at Greater Manchester Police.
Plato 047 Extraunit Announces Defcon9 / Status Green at GMP.
Plato 048 Extraunit Discovers that Change Control / Product Implementation is In error at GMP
Plato 049 GMP product Implementor refuses to take instruction.
Plato 049 GMP Team member / ex Feranti asks why Extraunit were at GMP will not fit in.
Plato 050 Alan Bramwell Discovers that Steve Leader was in charge of systems at GMP
Plato 052 Extraunit Decide to write Systems for Steve Leader.
Plato 053 Alan Bramwell decides to borrow IT from North West Water
Plato 054 Alan Bramwell stays late - Reconfigures two rooms into one with splitter and cableing.
Plato 055 Alan decides to design for Tandam / SQL Server Applications an Web Development.
Plato 056 Police using OS2 / windows / Amipro for documentation
Plato 057 Alan decides to use mainframe to analyse GMP faults.
Plato 058 Alan tells team that they can cherry pick faults do ask much as you can as soon as you can.
Plato 059 Alan discovers disabled team member has no productivity.
Plato 060 Uni2000 is a batch system with a user TP system Screen painter.
Plato 061 Alan explains that the team structure at GMP is wrong - there are two teams when one is needed.
Plato 062 Alan explains to management that  4 members for a team is two many - only 1/2 a person is needed to support 10 companies.
Plato 063 Design House decide NEVER to use User Hooks - Keep Statutory system native.
Plato 064 George Drummond / Jack Abson win award every year for being first in with tax returns
Plato 065 Extraunit discovers NHS tables are printed incorrectly.
Plato 066 Extraunit is told by Peterborough Software NOT to talk at Leeds Uniuser Conference.
Plato 067 Alan is told that he can not talk at the Gleneagles Trade Conference fo his World Trade System done as a friend project for IT services director Eddie Lawson for Marketting Director Eric Potts
Plato 067 Paul Edwards is learning programming on a Sinclair Spectrum
Plato 068 John Arnold Edwards is doing Feranti Account on a commodore Pet.
Plato 069 Alan volunteers to write Feranti Accounts on a Comodore Pet.
Plato 070 Alan  Discovers Comodore Pet Home computing at home of school friend Anthony Graham.
Plato 071 Alan start writing basic with Stef Skiba on a Tandy 
Plato 072 Harry Lord Buys Atari
Plato 072 Atari has Player Missile Graphics
Plato 073 Hoskyns says that Alan is a High Flyer Give him every opportunity that he can.
Plato 074 Alan is requested to write IT Manual - Othe Shift Leaders Laugh.
Plato 075 Alan assigns progect to other two teams to write Genisis documents and when complete his team would write Socrates documents Project Xenophon
Plato 076 Alan Howarth and Steve Tompson object to Alans strategy.
Plato 077 Alan pulls out a Round Tuit given to him by Steve Thompson.
Plato 078 Alan choses to adopt Steve Thompsons Management Style - Funny buit Effective.
Plato 079 Steve Thompson gives Alan a Round Tuit
Plato 080 Alan is told by Steve Thompson that he has a roundto it - youve been asked to do a task do it NOW dont get around to it.
Plato 081 Alan decides to class NOW tasks as Disaster Recovery - D
Plato 082 Alan meets Geof Unwin at a Hoskyns Conference.
Plato 083 Geof Unwin indicate that the companty is doing better than announce and that employyes should buy shares.
Plato 084 Alan Buys shares in Hoskns and makes a fortune.
Plato 085 Chris Earle / under Geof Hoskns does not inform employees how the company is doing.
Plato 086 Alan decides to join Unicom an up and comming Communications Company.
Plato 087 Alan completes Y2K Project for Sodexo
Plato 088 Sodexho - Steve Leader refuses to listen to Alan - The Company Structure is wrong and your whole development strategy for UNI2000 is wrong.


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Oracles are important - you need people that you can call upon for help but they can not be trusted to do project work for you - they have their own life priorities.




New Recuits



Roy Rodgers



Adam Bramwell



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AJBB - Snaresallday / Sourface

Whilst he was alive I was guardian to Adam Bramwell.
Adam committed suicide in April 2016 after contacting Manchester Mental health about a concern for his safety. MMH said that Adam was fine - the following day he humped.

We continue to work on Adam's project in his loving memory.

Community Guardians



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Required ASAP

Contact Name :
Phone Number : 0161 234 5000

Alan Bramwell




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Status Report

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All projects are suspended having failed to recruit MVC developer.

Derek Beswick



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Derek Beswick entered into a community Guardian Contract for work on Erasmus with Alan Bramwell

Alan has left Verastar but continues to work on projects that he started there.

Tesco Infonet



Garden Guardians



FacX-TV FacePod



Moses NHS



Lemantec International Import Export



About Q

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Paul Edwards Feranti

If you have a computer users yearbook circa 1982 you will find a Dos system called Q.
Possibly the best product in its time as a forerunner to Wndows.

It was a menu driven access control system - designed to Ingersoll Rand standards using structure basic - Jackson structured programming. Paul was self taught writing a complex game of cascading characters similar to the arcade game Defender called night Park. On a Sinclair and a home built shoebox keypad.

Paul progressed to writing Monopoly on a Commodore Pet then started work for his father and cousin at Feramyti computers in Wythenshawe Manchester - Father john was DPROMAN - D Division production manger senior executive in the PC.

JAE was my mentor we sat and wrote Salesman's Commisions together in basic with Pauls help.
Out of scrap we were able to make our own PC - We were ahead of the game and have never looked back.

Working at Greater Manchester Police and Sodexo was a bad period in my life - they were so so inefficient - not me. Not out of choice I was made redundant after completing the Y2K project. A rewarding but numbing project - not pushing forward.
I was told that I would never work in it again.
From being a little boy i dreamt of the day when everybody in the universe would talk together.
Not quite the Universe yet but the world yes - Welcome to Nimrod........

BramIT Blog


Bookmarks panel


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Rich text note

Today I had an excellent meeting with Carl.
Not perfect / not Amazing but 8/10 that's 28/30 for today. Thank you Dr Ali it has been a realy Amazing few days - BramIT Word was Amazing - now SkyNet overshadows it..........

Tomorrow Universal Systems......
20/05/2020 16:54:00

Meeting with Carl 13:00 to 13:30 - /late start / late finish.
Outstanding task - Carl - Words off H poster......
Alan PlanET - Erasmus Testing - Sodexo Payroll and HR for the next century..... Project C22

C21 Completed at Ingersoll Rand
C22 Y2K at Sodexo Completed  - 06/04/2000 - Sodexo to SAP - Alan to SAP Front End Front End / IR Front End - Simple Pay / Quo Vadiz (IR 1987) 

Todo lists

Todo list

Do shopping for Support Tasks
ST1 - Food and Drink - Carl
ST2 - Clothing and Bedding - Carl
Communications / stuff / others - Carl
Emotional / Psychological Support - Carl

Todo list

IT Support - Alan - Red Octopus Business Services Limited
PHP - My SQL - Martin
PHP - My -SQL - Paul - ROBS Slattocs
Buy milk
Microsoft Certified Professionals
Richard - ROBS Redcamel Systems
Anthony - Retro / Legacy Systems (Oracle)




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Rich text note

You can pass me stuff here by Add Widget.

Sticky notes / To Do Lists and HTML pages we wiil be working with




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Watch this space on where I am available.............


I am registered Digital Champion and I expose most My IT stuff through my Digital Champion website.
However, I did start to expose a mini project through my Working Links website which is dedicated to Job Seekers as an exercise for Manny. 


was a simple example of a website which I described to Dave Gosling with the viewpoint that every club professional in his empire should have one.

I know that David has worked on developing but has not taken the initiative to promote it.

I have also offered my services to the Community Guardian Scheme to help thsoe guardians who want a WWW presence.

That offer still stands.

Looking For A Job


Looking for a job

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Job Club

One initiative which I am looking to drive out as part of my community duties is a Job Club at Northenden Community Library.


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Hitec Tec

July 2017 

What was the project BSG-Elite  is now Hitec Tec.

This will be a Technical College for those people capable of self study.

The measurement of their learning is a project called Showcase. 

Students will be requested to become service providers and present their own learning projects.

Where BSG-Elite was purely a Community Guardian Project - Hitec Tec is a commercial venture.

BSG- Elite will continue if David Gosling drive out BSG-Elite to his community.

Bitesize Golf


ESG-Elite Infrastructure

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The Delivery Of Learning.

My two latest Undertakings have pulled together all that I have been working on since April 2000.

An has resulted in an Contract of Employment being offered to me By David Gosling of Bitesize Golf.

I shall personally deliver IT Services to David Between 19:00 and 20:00 each night.

This will release me from any further Personal Development that I will be undertaking.

My next two underttakings are Joomla and UML - I now need to be creative to see way that this undertaking is taken on by another person as part of their Personal Development Program.

My first task with David will be recruitment.

Phase 1 - of the enterprise  with David is to find a suitable canditate local to me to wosk as an assosiate for David.

Phase iI - Will be to Define an IT Strategy.

Phase IiI - Will be the delivery of a OneDrive Infrastructre for his company.

Phase Iv - Will be to harvest ideas.

Phase V - Will be a total rework of David's Website.

Phase Vi - Will be to define new business areas for David to Expand into.

Phase ViI - Is to produce Prototype for the New Business Initiatives.

Phase Viii - Is to create a new E'Maill drive to harvest business queries.

Phase IX - is to Trade Mark and Publish and Learning and Training Material Generated by this Project.

Phase X - Is to agree an Intellectual Rights Contract.

Phase  Xi - Define Phase 12 and beyond.


I am Currently on Holiday.

I will be back at work Working For the Community Guardians Scheme in

25 x 16 days as I have not taken a days holiday in 16 years. 

I will now release my last last project to the world as to date none of my IT work has been exposed.

Since, 2000 I have been operating as an IT Consultant personally funding IT development up to a Budget of £1000 Pounds out of my own pocket.

In 2007 I formed a Limited Company BBCommuniSYS Ltd to Service YMD Golf.

I assigned an operating budget to deliver IT services into YMG on the basis that £10,000 per year would be returned to me under a profit related scheme. 

I will commence work on this venture  where I will spend ony 1 hour hands on where I will deliver Prezi Presentation to the Associates. These presentations will be the requirements of Dave. His Terms of Reference.

My undertaking with David is confined to Producing OneDrive Presentations with David that communicate his need to the group of Associates which I I recruit.

My First Presentation will be be an Action Plan For Delivery.

Progress Report July 2017

The Bitesize Golf Project fizzled away and died. The construct was left in the hands of DG after the death of Adam.

The build was a disaster - I still have no idea what was being attempted.

There is no communication and Richard will no longer afford DG any time.

I suspect we were again lead a merry tale and that there was never any real intention to do what was discussed.

But the project is not dead it has simply moved sponsor what was BSG-Elite will now become Hitec Tec.

This account is now closed. 23:00 20/07/2017


Christmas Cards

Rich sticky notes


2020 Covid. The IT Plan Acoording to friend Phil 

The Queen in this instance is Queen Lucy

Red Octopus