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I though't I'd give this a try as a new homepage.
It's powered by the excellent Protopage and will probably get changed fairly regularly. In the meantime, it's pulling in feeds of both my blogs, and my Flickr Photostream, as well a load of other gubbins. You can also leave me a note in the box below!


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Lluniau Babi (o Flickr)

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We think it's a girl...

Steve Davies Rhys Dart Emma Francis Rhian Tal Lowri Morris James Cobb Janet Bowen Carolyn Rowlands Sali Earls Emma Smith Geraint Edwards Catrin Heledd Robert Earls Cathryn Beynon

Weight Guesses

6lbs 2oz - Rhian Tal 6lbs 8oz - Luke Pettitt 7lbs 3/4 oz - James Cobb 7lbs 1oz - Janet Bowen 7lbs 2oz - Steve Davies, Carolin Rowlands, Amy Brown, NIck Francis, Catrin Heledd 7lbs 3oz - Catrin Howells & Cerys Gruffydd 7lbs 4oz - Nerys Williams, Maria Stacey, Ayshea Chaudhry & Cathryn Beynon 7lbs 5oz - Nia Cole Jones 7lbs 6oz - Emma Francis, Lisa Beigan & Geraint Edwards 7lbs 7oz - Peter Stacey 7lbs 8oz - Rhys Dart & Lowri Morris 7lbs 9oz - Julia Stacey & Doug Belshaw 7lbs 10oz - Terry Stacey & Alex Jollifffe 7lbs 12oz - Lowri Sian 8lbs - Emma Smith 8lbs 1oz - Rob Earls 8lbs 2oz - Laura Kelly & Sali Earls & Louise Jones 8lbs 3oz - Matthew Streeter 8lbs 8oz - Richard Cornish 9lbs - James Hart

We think it's a boy!

Richard Cornish Nerys Williams Nia Cole Jones James Hart Catrin Howells Laura Kelly Julia Stacey Maria Stacey Lisa Beigan Peter Stacey Terry Stacey Louise Jones Amy Brown Cerys Gruffydd Nick Francis Alex Jolliffe Doug Belshaw Ayshea Chaudhry Luke Pettitt Matthew Streeter Lowri Sian Meleri Davies

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Baby Stuff!

This page will house all the baby related stuff, including pictures from Flickr and blog posts. It will hopefully become your one-stop shop for all news and information about Stacey Jr, before and after the big day!


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moments only - Never sleep downwind from a pack of hungry Hyenas

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