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What is ADAM

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AK Project Logo

Who am i then?

My name is Adam Detre, and i believe that if you choose to follow my progress over the coming weeks, months, years, then you may well find yourself becoming interested in my plans to revolutionise the way we deal in what i deem to be a very important part in many people's lives.

What is the point of the AK Project?

I am creating this page as the initial stage in a pilot scheme which i hope will develop further the beauty and wonders that the internet is able to provide us all with.
I encourage whoever see this page and gives it a moment of their time to think of another past or present who show a glimmer of creative prowess and chose not to further their talent due to the imminent finacial turmoils.
Thought of anyone??
Yes... Refer them to this page and to me. That is all i have to say.

Why listen to me?

It is my vision to develop an online community for artists, musicians, writers, performers or any purveyor of creative talent with the desire for me to then transmit their work into the limelight (if desired) and thus give that needed step up that many young creative people find to be missing.
Why do i want to help others??
I wish to create this community in order to act as an intermediary between these creative individuals and those who wish to access them, and so the AK Project is born.

Do you read the paper?

Continue to look at this mini site as a means of accessing the developing world of young creative people much as you would read the Sunday paper.

This will become an encyclopedia of a generation's inspiration.

The Following pages will be dedicatee to those chosen to represent the AK Project in its

To whom it may concern

If you have read the majority of what i have written and you believe that this project could help you, a friend or a family member please fee free to pass on the details, things are changing and moving very fast at the moment so check back for any updated details. If you would like to find out more or ask any questions:



How was the idea(l) born

Where are we

1) the buzz
2) the momentum