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BramIT Recruitment

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Red Octopus

Experienced and Trainee computer programmer urgently need for Nimrod2025 / Empire and Moses Projects.

We are rolling outprotopage to every golf club in the UK.

We need drivenindividuals idealy whop are in full time employment that want to workfrom home in their spare time.

I am soory about hestate of this communication I am brain dumping for a Zeus project forWGC – I ned to use DWP Print Services.

RedOctopus is Employing

Please see

We have invented awhole new Infonet Protosearch will be ready in November– we then plan to deliver a number of subscription based servicesand a Small Business Intranet.

We have an order for100,000 websites at £100 per SSNA – Structured Social Networking

Ifyou are interestedin this exciting opportunity arrange a time with Karen and I willattend the job centre to discuss Vision 22.

Alternatively watchmy Podcast on Vision22

We are developing anew Payroll front end for the NHS with Pay Grade and Pay Scale forzero hours contract and Timebank empoyes for Sodexo PFI at WytheshaweHospital.

Sodexo have not beenInformed yet – I completed the Y2k Project for them in 2000 0 Thestopped all mainframe development to move to SAP – I was the leaddeveloper / Designer of Mainframe Systems I was made Redundant withPaullete leave just Harry and Sandra to support Payroll. Harry lookedafter Absence Management – I was never going to work he spent 6years trying. Sandra was brought in as an administrator to smoothtensions in the team.

It took me six yearsto resolve the errors in the initial development – I produced anerror report 5 feet high which embarrased the department.

When I was maderedundat Stve Leader said that I could stay on as long as I wanted toclear my decks and transfer knowledge – I worked for a monthexplaining TDD and batch system development – Parrallel assurancetesting. Harry and Sandra did not do batch testing they used theonline service which could not be paraallel run with production.

Sodexho would notallow me to change the system to a multi channel environment. Andthey did not allow me to change the company structure / nominalledget interfaces.

These are projectsthat will be covered by project Zeus – A multi Channeled multiLingual system.

You can be part ofthis deleopment creating a new DBMS – a hybrid hierarchicl /relational / occupancy database.

For those that don’tknow about occuoancy it is simply dated events within a dated event.

For Eexample if youwere to take up a playmore golf conract and wanted to play just a fewhoes per night yoy could biik a tee time for monday then record inyour own database mondat tuesday wednasday thursday and friday events– you could play 4 holes anight in th twilight hors plaing 3 ballsper hole. The you cold record you play on golf shake which wouldaccelerate your handicap – Playing Playing one round oer week. Forfun you could have a hybrid round covering 5 courses in gofshake oversay six months.

Great fun for ITProfessionals working away from home.

BramIT – CommunityGuardian (BA019)

Note : This is aGenesis Document – I am using the DWP Systems for the first timewauing for Karen. I have no glasses and cant see the key board –but I can see lots of errors – I will transfer this document to where I will transferit tomy WGC Gmail Account for conversion to Socrates for the club noticeboard for project Adam – Commencing in the winter.

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Secretary Of State Printing

I have reports to write for the secretary of state that need printing at the job centre - I do not have print services - I do so little printing my ink cartidges dry out and they are expenses that i can not afford.

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Salmon for Karen Recruitment posters Wed 07/09/2022

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Disaster Recovery

This site was created under Disater Recovery Task R.

I spent 1/2 hour writing a recruitment letter fo Karen too print for the DWP Notice Board.
The printer is nort working - I was advised by DWP Staff to save the document and send it to my E'Mail address. 
1. This is bad advise as Karen can not get at it.

Plus I truied to log into my E'mail and it was asking for me to verify nby my phone - I do not carry my mobile in case I lose it.

So I have used DWP Training which I am writing to the Sectretary of State about.

PlanIT / Weekly Status Reporting

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STOP 07/09/2022 17:39:00

STOP / Secretary Of State

September 7, 2022

I am not sure I am going to send a card to Cloe Smith

Please keep a watch on dwptraining for Pegasus Agile Daily Reporting to no 10

Its Time to STOP I have been down the job centre to recruit associate consultants under Timebavk.

I will write PlanIT in DWP NOW you are the Empire Product Owner  I am You PA – you will decide on the action plan for the next 3 tears……

Top priotity will be TDD – If you can do Excel to Json / jSon to SQL procedures by 10/10 that would be great Vision 22 PlanIT 

Daily Podcasts



Pegasus Agile. ( Plan )



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The  difference between Pegasus Agile is the periodicity of scrums and the procedure for open status reporting. Everything is in the public domain.

Richard has been appointed PO00RE

Redcamel Empire

Salman PO00DWP

Richard this is getting serious now Infonet Services is now a Government Project Salman at the DWP has agreed to be an Oracle and Product Owner he is dealing with recruitment.

I will meet with him weekly about DWP News.
He unformed me that Cloe Smith is Deputy Prime Minister  

Emma PO00A

Project Adam for WGC with Janes Dean

Quidam PO00Z


Chris PO00T

Chris has agreed to be Product Owner for Tesco


Project Apollo for Onboard Promotions
Apollo A Day in the life 2021

Carle PO00N / Michael PO00M

Carl Gayle has been appointed for NHS Infonet alongside Michael Tarkas (Moses)_

Tom Red Leader

Tom has been appointed Red Leader  This is a non exec QA role.

Alistair PO00WCH

Wythenshawe Community Housing

DWP Action Plan

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Red Camel 04/09/2022

I am really Happy that I have found a combat in the DWP to report to

I will now set up a protopage called SalmanPODWP and send him Podcasts

That will make life a lot easier and more professional for me

We need to talk about your commitment to the project and evaluate Pegasus as a development Methodolgy

When can you assign 2 hours a night for a week to undertake Pegasus

See DWP Action Plan


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DWP Fine

I met with Sandra and her Manager Christine today 07/09/2022 who remember my conversation a statements of accounts accounts when I claimed this last time for Universal credits and stated that the natwest account in my name waas a AVV Pension Account for Emma which runs at £1,200 per year now.

Sandra remembers signing a statement that this was acceptable.

I have found the minutes of my Prudential meeting when AVC's were set up. I will put them into google forms to display to yourself.

DWP Dispute




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DWP Employees need training on understanding financial accounts if the are advising customers about Universal Credits.

It is simple all they have to do is present a piece of paper like they do in airports that you are declaring all accounts IN YOUR NAME - Then there would be no misunderstanding. Or alternatively - Demand Current Statements when UC is applied for - Simple. Screen Prints of Online Banking !

It would be so much simpler if te government had access to accounts - they could produce engines that monitor Fraud.
Due to my accounting excellence Barclays noticed Fraud on my account - I had subscribed to a service for £5 and they had taken £100 out of my account over two months - There is mo legislation to recover this fraud. - Why?


Redcamel Solicitors are now disputing Alan's fine. 

Status Report Scripts

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07/09/2022 Status Report Nimrod

Have been doing podcasts from my mobile phone but they have not arrived in my inbox 

I did them yesterday and I was quite impressed that I did not have to go to YouTube.

I will have to do another Podcast for Adayinthelife2022

Bullet Points of activity today

  1. DWP Enquiry about Pension credits

  2. DWP Request for employees - notice board.

  3. Told by Karen to go to Wythenshawe Community Housing  

  4. Went to WCH

  5. Told to go to Bench Hill

  6. Went to Bench Hill - got Timeband Manager Contact / Charity number

  7. Went to IT - to see Alistair

  8. He remembered Red Octopus / Blue Flamingo - Badged him as a Product Owner.

  9. Created Poster for DWP

  10. Talked about Friday at Willow Park

  11. Talked about Nazareth Church

  12. Agreed people could attend to do research 

  13. Went to WCHG with poster for recruitment - Arranged to put it on their Samsung screen.

  14. Went to DWP to see Karen

  15. Wrote letter - could not print

  16. Put the letter on DWP Training Website

  17. Spoke to Salman and got the information from him about the deputy prime minister.

  18. Badge him as Oracle - He agreed to be the Product Owner of DWP Systems

  19. Action Plan write an application to record job opportunities for Timebank Employees Nationally

  20. Salman agreed to pass recruitment poster to Karen - Advised I want it done 09/09

  21. Spoke to Sandra / Christine about confirmation of bank accounts,

  22. Got Parking ticket 

  23. Paid Parking ticket

  24. Went to Tesco 

  25. Recruited Chris as Product Owner for Tesco Infonet

  26. Spoke to Helen - NHS Joked about making her Product Owner for NHS Infonet - She did not bite!

  27. Went home.

  28. Attempted Podcast using a mobile phone - Spent half an hour.

  29. Note to self bullet pointing Status is quicker and more effective.

  30. Attempted two more podcasts to gm22 and robs - both failed 

  31. Now 21:16 

  32. Cutting and pasting to DWP Training

  33. Adding Google forms link to DWP

  34. Adding to Granada reports as podcast script 

  35. Do Tomorrow - Go to bed have an early night Listen to Radioxl




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Whistleblower will become a Verastar Ticketing Process........
As part of the Manchester Database...

This development has been conducted by Verastar Community Systems

Oak House



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Pegasus Agile Trainees

I have been advised by the job centre that they do not assisst in recruitment that I should contact Indeed.

I have positions for 155 unemployed people - it is a disgrace. 
See Oak House Agile Teams.

Wythenshawe Forum has advised me that I can not book a room for the George Best / After Academy.

I am getting no support.

BSG Elite