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Summer Hours

Summer Hours effective May 27, 2008 Monday-Thursday------8:30am--4:00pm Friday----------------------8:30am--3:30pm

Summer Jobs

For all students who put their names for a summer job, you need to fill out an application form. They are available at the front desk at the Economic Development building.

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Contact Info:

Elsipogtog Economic Development

29 Big Cove Road

Elsipogtog, NB, E4W-2S1


Tel: (506) 523-4726

Fax: (506) 523-8350


Director: Alfred Sock,, Tel: (506) 523-4729


Co-Director Economic Development: Lynn Francis,, Tel: (506) 523-4733


Case Manager: Susan Francis,, Tel: (506) 523-8470


Case Manager: Mark Y. Augustine,, Tel: (506) 523-8430


Environment Coordinator: Stephen L. Francis,  Tel: (506) 523-8438


Administration: Frank J. Peters,, Tel: (506) 523-4728


Service Delivery Agent: Joyce Simon,, Tel: (506) 523-8408


Welcome to the Elsipogtog Economic Development information page.


We hope to let you know what jobs related activities and training is happening in terms of Economic Development in our Community! 


Please check the other TABS for more information & point to the calendars and read the Job Ads.


Events at Economic Development


Economic Development

Welcome to Economic Development

Mission & Mandate

Job Ads


Good Job Links

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We will try to fill this area up with Job Ads that get emailed to us!


Email us your job postings - so we can post them on our info site! 

Joyce Simon


Please click paper button on the Job Tiles (left corner)  to see full details!

NB Power Recruiting

Go to the NB Power Website, under Careers & Fill out their General Application (Link) - Your application will be given consideration as staffing needs arise over a one-year period from date of receipt


Jr. Electrical Engineering Inventory


Also, NB Power is  looking for some candidates that have any background in electrical engineering.  NB Power has an upcoming vacancy at the Junior entry level and they are searching for candidates to fill this position!


Please forward your name and resume to Ed Genova if you are a potential candidate.


Ed Genova
First Nations Liaison Officer
NB Power Holding Corporation
(506) 458-3093

Seasonal employment at Provincial Parks

Seasonal employment at Provincial Parks 


Are you looking to find employment in one of our beautiful provincial parks and follow procedures on the email. It’s time to apply right now.  Thank you.


For National Parks please contact :

Kouchibouguac National Park
186, Route 117
Kouchibouguac National Park, New Brunswick
Canada, E4X 2P1
Tel:   506-876-2443
Fax:   506-876-4802
TDD:  506-876-4205


Fundy National Parkof Canada
P.O. Box 1001
Alma, New Brunswick
Canada, E4H 1B4
Tel:  506-887-6000
Fax: 506-887-6008
TDD:  506-887-6015


Contact Info:

Please share any Jobs ads with Joyce Simon, she will post them on the bullentin board at Economic Development.


Service Delivery Agent:

Joyce Simon,

Tel: (506) 523-8408

RCMP Recruiting

RCMP Recruiting



Job Deadlines

Programs & Services

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Public Service Internship Program

February 14, 2008

To First Nations Community:


The Government of New Brunswick is pleased to announce the new Public Service Internship Program in support of public service renewal.  The objective of the Public Service Internship Program is to attract a new generation of leaders into the province’s public service.  We will be recruiting twenty individuals for placement in June 2008 and we are asking for your assistance in communicating our program to your students.  Our program offers 18 months of work experience, job rotation, training and mentoring to create a solid foundation for a career in the public service.  It allows new graduates to achieve their career goals in a fostering environment with competitive compensation.


The Public Service Internship Program is open to university and college graduates who have graduated in 2006, 2007 or who will be graduating by June 30, 2008.  Specific educational requirements for the positions are further outlined in the advertisements at


Enclosed please find posters explaining the program and brochures containing more information on our program to share with eligible individuals.  Feel free to direct them to our website at


Should you require any additional information or clarification please contact me at (506) 453-2141 or by e-mail at


Janique Robichaud-Savoie

Staffing & HR Policy Consultant

Internship Program Manager

Office of Human Resources


We will be posting Economic Development Training & Program information!

Ulnooweg Programs & Services

Ulnooweg Programs & Services

ABC Youth Loan Funds:

National Aboriginal Capital Corporations Association First Nation & Inuit Youth Business Program:

Ulnooweg’s Business Services:

Ulnooweg Loans:  Loans up to $250,000.00 at an interest rate of 14.75. Equity required is normally 10%.


Contacts:  If you or someone you know is interested in Ulnooweg’s programs and/or requires our services you can contact our office in Truro toll free at 1-888-766-2376 or (902) 893-7379 or our office in NB at (506) 684-6295.


Sam Lafford - Manager of Business Services
Bob MacGillivray - General Manager
Todd Hoskin - Director of Operations
Sacha LaBillois - Business Service Officer covering NB and PEI
Louie Joe Bernard - Loans Officer
Wayne Abram - Loans Officer


Training Date Calendar


We Are Here...

In the News


CBC News

New York Times - Education

BBC News - Business

ABC News - Business

BBC Podcasts : News feed 1

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ABC News - Top Stories

CBS News - Top Stories

Other Depts.

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This area will be updated to link you to other areas in Elsipogtog!

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Health & Wellness Centre

EHWC (Has it's own web page as well as a news site)

Web Site:

News Site:


This site has the following information:

  • Doctors Schedule (Welcome Tab)
  • Youth Initiative Events (Youth Activities Tab)
  • Health & Fitness Events
  • Mental Health Events
  • Elsipogtogeoei Newspaper Events (Other Notices Tab)

Elsipogtog School

Elsipogtog School

356 Big Cove Rd,
Elsipogtog First Nation, NB
E4W 2S6

Principal: Ivan Augustine



Tel: 506-523-8240
Fax: 506-523-8235


Child and Family Services

Elsipogtog Child and Family Services
P.O Box 1078
Rexton, NB, E4W 5N6

Tel: (506) 523 8224

Fax: (506) 523 8226


Director: Harry Sock


Currently no web site present!

Elsipogtog First Nation band

Elsipogtog First Nation Band (Has it's own news site)

News Site:



This site has the following information:

  • Chief & Council Listing
  • Community News
  • Church Events
  • Others Local Events
  • News