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Economist's View Blog

Brad Delong's Blog

BBC News - World

NBER Working Papers

Marginal Revolution Blog

IMF Publications - Working Papers

The Economist: Finance and economics



Miles Kimball's Blog

Econbrowser Blog

Paul Krugman's Blog

Project Syndicate Feed

Greg Mankiw's Blog

Money Illusion Blog

iMFdirect - The IMF Blog

FT - Alphaville

Mainly Macro Blog by Wren-Lewis

Grumpy Economist Blog by Cochrane



FT - Africa

Business Daily Politics and Policy (East Africa focus)

Council on Foreign Relations - Africa blog

The Economist - Africa

The East African Home

African Arguments Blog

BBC News - Africa

Jeune Afrique Economie

World Bank Africa blog

Middle East


FT - Middle East & North Africa

The New Middle East Blog


BBC News - Middle East

World Bank Arab Voice


Atlantic Council - MENA Blog

The Economist - Middle East

The Arabist blog



FT - Asia

Council on Foreign Relations - Asia blog

Asian Development Bank - Blog

BBC News - Asia

The Economist - Asia

World Bank - East Asia & Pacific blog

Latin America


FT - Latin America & Caribbean

CEPR: The Americas Blog

IMF - Latin America Blog (Dialogoafondo)

BBC News - Latin America & Caribbean


CFR - Latin America Blog

The Economist - Latin America

Noticias de AméricaEconomí

World Bank - Latin America & Caribbean blog

The Black Box blog

Foco Económico blog

Caribbean360 News



FT - Europe

Bruegel Blog

Der Spiegel - Europe News

BBC News - Europe

WSJ - Brussels Blog

FT - Brussels blog

The Economist - Europe

CEPS - Publications

OFCE blog

World Elections

News Calendar of Upcoming Elections News Digest

World Elections Blog: Analysis of Recent Elections

Web widgets Map of Upcoming Elections


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This site is a collection of key sources for economics and financial news from around the world. These are some of the sources I try to follow, and am sharing them here for the benefit of my friends and former students. Kindly send an email to [protopage.economics at gmail dot com] if you have feedback or suggestions for improvement. Thank you. - Ruchir

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