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Count me in - where is the link to the site.

I have been working on BSGELITE trying to create some code samples for MVC sharp SQL Server training but I have had an accident I tripped over the extension and spilled a cup of coffee over the machine - now it will not boot up. I am going to have to take an insurance claim the machine cost me £800.

But with your Forest 404 project I could use code samples from you and not need to buy another machine if we could agree a method of me providing Psuedo code. 

Now come on Rich - I may be discussing lots of new stuff for THE SYSTEM with you but all I have asked for is The Golf hub Stuff and Sleepy Hollow.

I know that you could complete both in an afternoon if you dedicated me some time.  How long does it take to do a simple SQL Server Input and Enquiry.

I have been asking for code samples for this for 21 years since you taught me ASP.Net in June 2000.   I did the amend and delete using wizards and the standard Microsoft Grid but did not like that way of working / results - I wanted to use stored procedures. Please don’t let me down Rich I have been very patient.

Action Plan :
Priority 1 : Forest 404 
Priority 2 : Shady Hollow
Priority 3 : The Golf Hub / Magna Carta

Alan to create Protopage,com/forest404 Password : Forrest404 
Create Entry Point :
Start to Document : THE SYSTEM
Focus on harvesting code Source for BSG Elite College.

Thanks Rich for the invite - think about what you want me to do and document it in protopage/googlr docs.

Thanks Again
For all you help and support over the last 25 years

Lets try to make this an Pegasus Agile Project.


On 16 Aug 2021, at 21:54, Richard Gilbert <> wrote:

Al - you keep coming up on new projects so I never know what is what!

Why don't you come onboard with Forest 404 - I'm looking to develope something similar to Ecosia with a profit share to tree planting in the UK. There are various stages planned to implement the basic site but I'd also like to add some optional additional features to change up the experience a bit. The basic site using Google Custom search is up and running.

Have a butchers!





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Forrest 404

Forest 404 neetly dovetails into my strategy of creating Green Gyms at Goll Clubs.

Golf Clubs are constantly  involved in Forestry - searching for ways to get funding for project.

I will talk with the Guys at the golf club about ground that we have that needs cutting back and replanting.

I will consider creating a Just Giving to collect monies for Green Gyms. 
I attempted a Just Giving for a Village Drill in Africa and raised just £20 from Hitec Computers.


I think that we should be running a protopage user group with a search engine that exposes protopages by genre / theme. 



Now that I have been In contact with you I realise that F404 is not a tree project - this work was done as it dovetails with my Golf Hub Project.

I think that I will continue the project to get an arboretum planted.

See my Wythenshawe Website - My Park.

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At this point we need to think about what nice little extras would we want on a search page? Remember our last x number of searches? 

what default options could we add to the page - weather? Dependant on location
Local News? - dependent on location

Any thoughts - what little snippet of functionality could be a game changer?

Alans reply.
I  still think that we should be supplying a service o protopage users as their sites are not hit by google sem.