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The Link to Peter Gleave's Welcome biker is not set up yet - It is a work in progress and will depend upon Peter doing the registration. Peter will have to set up a Gmail account ad create a Welcome Biker Registration Form. Then he will need to register his protopage to his Gmail account and add the link to his registration services. Peter being an activer menmber of the Withington Golf Club Social Scene could also set up registration pages for social events - far more effective than current procedures.

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About Peter Gleave's Welcome Biker

Peter Gleave is a gentleman and great fun - an active member of Withington Golf Club.
In the Year 2000 Peter was having issues with his computer so I went to his offices in Didsbury Manchester to help him with some tuition.

Happy at what we achieved Peter introduced me to his publication Welcome Biker - A Heinz Manual - an Excellent publication.

My response to Peter was that it could be easily transferred to the WWW if we had the Database and the Images.  Sadly Peter could not get hold of this valuable information. Not deterred this we set up an ASP.Net data capture system for a subscription based service - we did not go through with the expense of creating banking transactions.

I was undecided on what images we were going to maintain so I conducted a survey of Welcome Biker Users - The response was poor - we did not proceed.

Peter thanked me for my help and gifted me a crystal toffee jar.

Welcome Biker has always been on my to do list for Peter - With the development of the WWW we can see that many peaple have the same idea. Forest 404 taps into this library and cn now service the biker community where Welcome Biker did so much before.

Should Peter want to progress his own version i suggest that he does a FREE service and that he should register with protopage his data collection module.  Hopefully Peter will still have his publication - it shouldt take him about 2 hours to construct a google questionaire.

I hope that this is to your satisfaction Peter - If you need support please don't hesitate to ask.

Alan Bramwell - Red Octopus Business Services Limited
Community Guardian (BA019)

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