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My Model Katlynn

This is a dark & dangerous look that can still be glamorous, creative, and attractive 1/3

My Model Katlynn

eyes- believe it or not this is a navy blue and purple. It looks a 'lil smokey but the same concept was used 2/3

My Model Katlynn

lips- I used a red lipstick, a clear gloss and an angled brush for the "mole" 3/3

My Model Katlynn

This is a cute, natural, and playful look for all you girly girls ;D 1/3

My Model Katlynn

eyes- i used a pastel pink eye shadow for the end of the eye and a light, pearl-ish pink for the lid 2/3

My Model Katlynn

lips- i used a light, almost clear pink with a touch of glitter for a glossy look but the eyes will remain the highlight of this masterpeice 3/3

My Model Arrica

This is a attractive, night club ready appearance for a walk through the mall or to meet up with your girlfriends at a bar really anywhere you can showoff 1/3

My Model Arrica

eyes- I used a black, shiny shadow for the faux smokey look. I also used a pink- melon for the lids 2/3

My Model Arrica

lips- I used a burgundy lip liner and a lip tint that matched 3/3


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My makeup bio

    Well, I was born and raised in Fresno, CA. I was spoiled rotten when I was younger. But, when i turned 4 I was told I had a sister named Katlynn Amalia......poop. After a long, long, long, long, long, long, long, LONG 5 years. I was blessed with a little brother named Noah Lee. Then 3 short years of watching him grow up, a shock hit me. I was having a baby sister named Isabella Raine. Whoo Hoo

      I first got into makeup......a week ago i think? I had so much fun watching my makeup idol Jeannie Mai do her makeup. I have a lot of designs of makeup. I will be posting some pictures