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Phase 1 - Tommy Armour




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Business Story

Business. Story - Its 7am in the morning - I have cleared my walls for your first project in your distribution system.  I am going to bed now I will be up at 11:30 and will start work then by producing a video for you.

My war room is set up for 15 pieces of paper so you are limited to what you can do in phase 1 to 16 functions.

Using MVC it should be your top priority to do SQL Server / MySQL updates in MVC / PHP / MySQL

This Exercise here should take you and hour

Then write a Bill Of Material provess for the purpsose of selling shower curtain kits for Bsitting as per first video. Bsitting Distribution systems.

Required a TrainIT database with Lesson Plans and Session Plans.

Database Record 1 - Lesson Plan
Second Database Record - Session Plan

Transaction required to do session plan within lesson plan processing,
add/amend/delete functions and enquiry functions by lesson.

When I have this information I can start to load training data for my golf professionals.



I have been thinking about THE TASK - and SYSTEM ACCOUNIING and Q- CORE.

You have had E'Mails concerning Q_CORE you should dig them out from your filing system.

Nu I suspsect that you have not kept anything that I have sent you so wait for the Q-Core Video at 12:00 today. 31.01.2020.

Projects TrainIT / Xenophon / Zeus to start at 00:00:01 01.01.2021.

Read Me

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SSADM Starts with a feasibility study.

This Genesis Document is pre Feasibility Effort and includes Deimos Google Forms.

Golf 2120 - Zeus Build

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Room 101 - 100 year plan

The 100 year plan.......

There you go Paul you have 100 years to produce a system.

That's 101 volunteers x 1 years.

350 Zeus - Q Core



Q Core Requirements

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Whenever there is a request to change transaction transaction id there should be an enquiry against the q database to seek authorisation.

Q Core

Q Core is required for access control to Zeus Transactions - Access to the system will be via Personnel Code access security which will define what Establishment profiles a user has.

350 Zeus - TrainIT Transactions



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Here is your opportunity to look at golf in terms of Training Lessons and Training Sessions - We have worked through the transcript of a Tommy Armour book and have come up with abou 72 sessions that I need now to split over a 12 month period of say 12x6 sessions.

I am currently doing an open university course on Teaching Coaches how to Coach.

Business Story

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30/12/2020 Distrubtion

Paul has a problem at work - The Distribution systems do not work he is having to hand crank SQL enquiries to enable THE GIRLS to do their packaging.

Watch Video 000 for the solution.



MSNBC - Top Stories

This Week in Tech


Fresh Air


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Disaster Recovery

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Getting Things on Track


Disaster Recovery - Task R

You gave a client without a distribution system it is now 07:51 I have coded the first transactions that he needs.

I can not write the Bill Of material enquiry - my system does not have that function.

You can get started with this asap.

I will do you a video at 12:00

Where you are at in terms of Organizarional Psychology.

Paul You are at People 1a on this chart

The Chart is in Error thee should be a forth column called Cost. _ You need to look at an estimate of what it is going to take you to write in interim solution in Visual Foxpro then have the business decide if the busisness want to go the Microsoft C# Route or your proposed PHP route.

Either way you need a decision from the business as to ho you need to proceed.

Either way you still need to do the development for BSitting so I am going to continue.

I am reading a book called work and Organizational Psychology which has a diagram which describes 


I will use this now for your Disaster Recovery Situation - You are in the difficult position of tellig yopur boss that your systems do not work and can not be fixed and that a total new system is required.

Things is
 4a Precision working
4b Setting up
4c Operating Controlling II

3a Maniulating
3b. Operational controling 

2a Machine tending i
2b Machine Tendng ii

1a. Handling
1b. Feeding Offbearing

Data is 
6 Synthesizing

5a Innovating
5b Co-Ordinating

4 Analysing
3a computing
3b computing

2 Copying
1 Comparing

People  is
7 Mentoring 
6. Negotiating
5 Supervising

4a Consulting
4b instucting
4c Treating

3a Sourcing Information
3b Persuading
3c. Coaching
3d. Diverting

2 Exchanging Information

1a. Taking Instructions
1b Serving

Tiger Team

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Tiger Team

Happy New Year

I hope that you both had a good Christmas and that Covifd did not stop you from seeing your family.

I dis not get to see Paul Susan or Emma which gas really upset me and I have had a lonely time spent with my head in books.

Mainly  Economics and Psychology.  Doing my Open University Courses.

Paul is settling in at work but has a real problem - key systems are not doing what they need.

It is now 4 am in the morning and I haver been in ben since 20:00 hours dreaming about stuff.

I am setting up a Timer Team to do Commercial Distribution.

Time should be booked to Timebank against the following codes

1. TrainIT - Work done in work on personal development
2. Xenophon - Work done at home with work in mind on works systems.
3. Zeus - Pack age product development - Something we can sell.

I will be creating MP4 Videos to advise you of the history of commercilal distribution and how it is needed for our golf shops.

Look out for htttp://

Happy new year.
Community Guardian (BA019 / PO 001)




Economics 2020 / Psychology 2020 OU



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Cost Curve - ICMA


Institute of Cost and Management Accountancy.

What I would like to do now is a Power BI Cost Curve - Can you help.

610 Data Dictionary - Click and Collect



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Purchase orders

0. Golf Club

1.Purcharse Order-ID
2. Customer Name
3. Customer-ID
4. Purchase Order Header Comments
5 Purchase Order Trailer Comments
6. Line Item
7  Part Number
8 Part Description
9 Colour
10 Qty
11 Discount Code

Stock Movement Order

1. Part Number
2. Stock Description
3. QTY to be transported to stores
4. Qty to be transported to despatch
5. Date 
6. Time

Customer Record

1. Customer  Name
2. Customer-ID
3. E'Mail Address
4. Contact Names
5. Phone Number
6. Mobile Phone Number  
7. Address line 1
8. Post code
9. Town / City

Picking List / AOR Note

1. Part Number
2. Part Description
3. Customer-ID
4, Purchase Order-ID
5. Qty
6. Customer Name
7. Shortage-ID
8. Shortage QTY

Stores Recording

1. Location
2. Part Number
3. Part Description
4. Qty to be paid in

Manchester Discount Card

1. Loyalty 1%
2. Loyalty 2%
3.Loyalty 3%
4 Black Friday %
5.Christmas Sales %
6 Spring Offers %
7 Autumn Sales % 

Despatch Note / Invoice

1 Customer-ID
2 Customer Name
3 Part-ID
4 Part Description
5. Loyalty Discount Comments 
6 Total Invoice amount payable
7 Shortages Comments
8 invoice-ID

Stores Record

1. Location
2. Part Number
3. Part Description
4. Qty
5. Reorder Point Qty - Purchased Parts
6. Reorder Point Qty - Manufactured Parts 
7. Optimum Batch Size
8. Total Stock Qty
9. Manufacturing Lead Time
10. Purchasing Lead Time
11. Preferred  Supplier 

Views / Reports

1. Outstanding Purchase Orders and shortages by customer - View and E'Mail
2. Despatch availability by customer - View and E'Mail
3. Outstanding Orders Placed with Buying Group.


1 Purchase Order-id
2 Customer
3 Customer-ID
4 Part-ID 
5 Part Description
6 Shortage

Supplier Database

1. Supplier Name
2. Supplier Website
3. E'Mail Address
4. Contact Names
5. Phone Number
6. Mobile Phone Number  
7. Address line 1
8. Post code
9. Town / City


1 Customer 
2 Invoice-ID
3 Invoice Amount 
4 Method of Payment 




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Entity Life Cycle History

Schedules / Views

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Master Scgedule

1. Raise Purchase Order

FS Feasibility Study

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010 Feasibility Study

Feasibility Study

It is essential that any manufacturing or distribution business to have an effective stock recording and picking list / Assembly Order Release system - even a simple golf club shop with a Click and Collect Service. 

Agreement to scope of investigation : A.B, / P.E.

030 Select Feasibility Options

Option 1 - Do nothing allow the business to continue as is.

Option 2 - Continue to offer SQL Support to staff.

Option 3 - Enhance current system to produce scheduled output.

Option 4 - Conduct a detailed analysis of the situation and produce bespoke solution.

Option 5 - Purchase and install package products that fit task.

Option 6 - Conduct 5 with bespoke modifications to make 100% fit.

Option :     Selected by P.E.

040 Assemble Feasibility Report.

To Be Written by P.E.


Richard / Paul

The System - Commercial Distribution Systems.....

We are not going to be able to create a system Foy Withington Golf club as I am certain there are people there tha t will block it.

With regards to reading a system for Hillsborough Golf club that is a non starter too due to thee relationship with their supplier Stainton Golf.

This does not stop us from creating a generic commercial distribution system with a Supplier (Staintom GOLF)  a Retailer (Hillsborough Golf Club) and an Outlet (Withinton Golf Club and customer

Sop we are going to continue there will have to be a registration service that includes the four elements described above.

Now this scenario reflects what Paul is doing in his business with APIs and Jason Interfaces.
So I am going to move forward by prototyping for Jason interfaces.

Can yo both please look at the stuff that I have done for Q Core - the Security side to this operation.
You can find that at

Thank You.

020 Problem Definition

Problem Definition

There appears to be no effective processes in the business for assembly order release and shipping to customers with multiple orders or shortages.

Agreement to problem definition : P.E. / A.B.


See RA notes in 

Systems Required
1. Company Structure
2. Sales / Sales Analysis
3. Purchasing / Purchase Analysis
4 Distribution Systems and Warehousing
5 Sales-mans Commissions
6 Payroll Front End - Interface
7 Nominal Ledger Interface.

RA Requirements Analysis

Rich sticky notes

Stage 1 Investigation of Current Environment

To be conducted by P.E. / R.G

Paul we need your bossons golf shop now…..

What's being clicked?       An item from an on-line shop / shopping basket
Where is it being clicked?  As per the example of a Currys transaction
Where is it being collected? From the shop specified
How is that determined? By the shop registering that it is part of the scheme and he custmer selecting the shop from a drop down list.

How does the collector identify themselves - By Bank card
How is the entity distributing item get updated? By an update to he sales analysis system 
What happens when item is collected? Payment is made
What happens if collector turns up but item is not with distributor? a shortage is generated 
How does distributor investigate? By queries to the purchasing System. / Delivery notes / GRNs.

Are there limits on items to click / collect - no 
Are payments involved? Initially at time of collection nut as phase II I would like a shopping basket. (Phase I if this is easier)
Or is it a membership scheme? There is a membership Scheme fo Discounts and sales mans commissions
In which case how do you become a member? At Time of Purchase / Collection
How do you become a distributor? By Registering with The Golf Hub 
Are distributors paid? Commission
Are there multiple collection points? No Single point of sale.

You need to ask questions on the purchasing system - making purchase orders with the buying group.

If yo can think of the questions I will put them to Hillsborough Golf Club.

Just a few things to ponder - sure there's plenty more if you give it 5 mins thought - imagine you're paying a contractor 200 an hour - how do you make sure he's not going to be twiddling his thumbs!

Richard - these are good questions, the majority of which I have explained in my MP4 Videos.

I think if we go whole hog on this and do the banking transaction it will be simpler - That way we can simply clone the Curry's click and collect - but first we need a shop - Pauls shop.

As that does not like it will be coming soon - do we have a shop starter pack Richard with a shopping basket available.

As it stands with Sheffield , Hillsnorough the customers looks at two websites then raises an E’Mail to the shop.
We could get you to look at working that way till a on-line emporium is available.

Its your decision Richard - do we go the E’mail route or do we go the shopping basket route.

I think the best option is for you Richard to do the starter kit for the shop with the shopping basket.

But then there is the decision which outlet to deliver to - Currys have this covered by selecting the shop. This is where we need your Company Structure for The Golf Hub so that golf clubs can register to become part of the buying group.

Project Step 110 Establish Analysis Framework

Chose Protopage : A.B.

Produce : Project Initiation Document.

Basically we require a clone of the Curry's Click and Collect Process. With the additional load of having to place a purchase order onto a supplier first.

Lots of E' Mail Messaging required.

Step 140 Investigate current data

P.E. to review LDS

Thank you for starting to look at click and collect.   Thinking about it that is.

Can you please think about Warehousing and distribution - Picking List and what is required there

Can you also think about invoicing - Costing / Sale-mans commissions - Club Profit

And if you could ask me questions as you just have I will begin yo frame out the transactions.

I will contact Hillsborough Golf Club and their suppliers now to detail costs and see if we have a product.

What you definitely can start to program is Company Structure - I am thinking about distribution addresses where Hillsborough would be the central hub fo orders and Withingtom being a despatch address.

Project Initiation Document

Projects TrainIT / Xenophon and Zeus were commenced 01/01/2021.

No acknowledgement has been made yet - it is now 10/01/2021

Step 150 Derive Logical view of current service.

P.E. to conduct

Step 120 Investigate and define requirements

P.E. to Action

See Stage 1 Notes

Invoice / Manchester Discount Cardich text note


I have been in touch with Stainton golf - The supplier of stock to Hillsborough golf club and they do not want to work with us on this project.

That means that sea are going to have to set up a shop first so that we can advertise their stock at an inflated price then offer a loyalty deduction for golf club mentbers.

The formulae willl be

1 Stainton or Sheffield golf price 
2 toimes 110% top give shop price 
3 less 5% Golf club membership loyalty discount
4 Less 5% Manchester Discount Card discount.

Can you please look at for the links to Stanton golf under click and collect.

This will make life a lot easier as we will do a shopping basket and take payments upfront  I have set up a bank account today. Awaiting authorisation to use it.

We still nee the company structure on golf clubs that want to register to use click and collect - you could start to code that if and when you get time.


Step 130 Investigate Current Processing

P.E. to document.

Stage 2 Business Systens Options

See Options FS Feasibility Study

RS Requirements Specification



Rich sticky notes

210 Define Business Systems Options

1. Develop Company Structure
2. Create Online Shop
3 Develop Shopping Basket
4 Develop Manchester Discount Card - Mobile Phone Ap
5 Develop Invoice
6 Introduce Salemans Commissions

220 Select Business Systems Options

Q Core

Thinking About Q Core 

I have been giving some thought as to ho the system should look.

I am going to go for a subscription based service :

This will meen we need a registration page.

Somebody can register as a shop owner for a fee of £50 or as a customer with a fee of £7 for the purchase of a Manchester Discount Card.

So I would like to see :

Screen 1 with a nice graphic of a large Q and an enter button.

Screeb 2 with a smaller graphic of a Q with

1. Button to register as shop owner 
2 Button to Register as Customer
3 To Enter the system
4 The entry point at this stage should be a screen showing site under construction with some links which I will advise soon.

I will start on the shop website now.

You can see more about the design of Q Core at for prototype screens.

LS Logical System Specification Module

Rich sticky notes

310 Define Required System Processing

340 Enhance Required Data Model

370 Confirm System Objectives

320 Define Required Development Model

350 Develop Specification Prototypes

380 Assemble Requirements Specificationsich text note

330 Derive System Functions

360 Develop Processing Specification

PD Physical Design Module

Rich sticky notes


This is where we deviate from SSADM in that we focus on the physicalto certify logical requirtements can be mey database as opposed to SSADM 
Where stage 3 is about logical design.

In this Physical Phase we will use google forms to design and approve the physical schema.

We will document the logical views / reports that are required along with the Keystone Transactions with the viewpoint that we should step through the design as a design review to certify logical requirements can be met.

This will give the end user the opportunity to construct TDD assurance test data which can be imported to the sql database should we elect to conduct a bespoke development.

410 Define Technical Systems Options

610 Prepare for Physical Design

620 Create Physical Data Design

630 Create Function Component Implementaion Map

420 Select Technical Systems Option

640 Optimize Physical Data Design

650 Complete Functional Specification

510 Define User Dialogues

660 Consolidate Process Data Interface

520 Define Update Processes

670 Assemble Physical Design

530 Define Enquiry Processes

Define Keystone Dialogues

540 Assemble Logical Design













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Hi Alan,

My client, who are one of the most successful companies in their field of expertise, are looking for an outstanding individual to join their team as a Director of Development on a permanent basis. They are well established within their sector and have been constantly expanding for the last 12 years since they had started. Their office is based in Yorkshire, however, the role is partially remote – their office is based within Yorkshire.
The perfect candidate will have a strong track record at a Lead level in an agile development methodology (e.g. Product Owner), be able to interpret the needs of the wider business, have extensive knowledge of PHP development, and a strong coding background. 
You will be mainly directing the team who work with PHP, MVC, HMTL, SASS, RDMS (PostgreSQL). If you have any experience on working on a portfolio with related products would be hugely advantageous, as well as any experience working with a pre-existing product with existing customers and constantly worked to improve and revise it. 
Benefits include:
- Partial Remote Working
- Flexible working hours
- Yearly Salary Review
- Great Pension
Experience needed:
- Knowledge of RDMS
- Any Scrum Master Experience
- Leadership in an Agile development methodology environment.
- Highly effecting influencing communication skills
Nice to Have:
- Experience working on a related portfolio
- Experience with a pre-existing product where you have improved, revised or replaced it. 
In return, they are willing to offer up to £70,000 and partial remote working.
If this role sounds interesting to you, please reply with your CV and salary expectations now.

Lois Campbell
Recruitment Consultant
Tel: 0113 543 0753
Mob: 07889 581 572

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This should be right up your street.

Hitec Computers - Fredrico



Apollo Bookmarks - .mp4 Podcasts



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SSNA Standards

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SSNA Standards

This is what I want InfoNet sites set up as.
1. A Protected Primary Key Public Frameset for use by the Administrator / Auditor
2 A number of Foreign Key infoNet Framesets with Password: infonet

Framesets can be viewed by clicking the chevrons on the right hand side of the screen.


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Password; infonet





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Password: infonet


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Password: infonet