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Click and Collect has not gone away - you were right in asking so many questions about the back office functions like what if there is no stock.
I have got round it by creating Pick and Collect - protopage website called Ben and Jacks.

What is required first is the golf hub to be set up. To get clubs to link together so that they can form their own little buying groups using stain golf or county golf.

I have done what I am asking you to do at you will see that thee are 4 elements of registration - I have just set out the first called Magna Carta for businessmen within the club that want to advertise their business over the golf hub.

It will all come clear once you start.

The key to it is the enquiry view which I hope will be your lokhul directory service that you once showed me where there is a map with flags on it and a list of businesses in the area. I want it to show golf hub clubs and their businesses.

I don’t think I can state it much clearer than that.

I hope that this does not take you too long - if it does not we cab then focus on the golf shop for each club then click and collect. But I am waiting on Paul with his Bsitting project for him to drive out the golf shops.

I know that you have said many times that you don’t want to get involved with golf club stuff - but that is basically where I believe there is a opportunity. Golf clubs are so far behind with technology.

Please take a look at  I have got to start thinking about the article I an going to write for golf world magazine.

I am going to start registration of the first few hubs and need to put a communication out to the clubs of our intended deployment date.

Please keep asking me for more information if you need it. I am very flexible at what you put out - if you don’t like the greengages format which I have chosen then so best - lets go with what you think is best - but there will be an appeal going out in the press soon to get business men to register for free advertising.

Thanks for all you r help.

With regards to the comment a registration page that becomes a subscription service. It might be possible that one day we charge for advertising that way we would resemble Stockport Marketing who charge between £40 and £2,000 for services.

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In 2007 we undertook a development for David to produce a Finder for his YMG Golf site. As mentioned in The Black Swan David left us high and sry. Again we engaged with David in 2016 and was left High and dry.  The password for Gozworld was left with David - I can no longer access the site.

It has taken me a further 4 years to persuade Richaerd Gilbert to help me out with what is my project now.

The original undertaking with YMG taht we were to create Active websites for Golf Professionals and that I was to create academic learning material for Junior Golfers to turn them into Managers capable of running the activities of the golf club. Next Seasons Board Of Directors.......

Richard has come back OnBoard and is creating Greenopages  for Onboard Promotions. This is a site which will allow Golf Club Business Men to register their business so that we can advertise it thoroughout the golf hub.

I will now start the task of looking at the YMG Finder to select golf clubs to become the golf hub primary site.

It will ne some time before Richard is ready to release registration for the Hubs as he is a busy man and we have let him down on two occasions.  Richard has said on many occasions that he does not want anything to do with golf because of the way he was treated by David Gosling. It is as well that Coz does not contact us anymore.

I consider myself a very Lucky man having Richard as a best friend - David Gozling should have taken advantage of it by charging his professionals just £2 per week for central IT Services. The Price of a golf ball/.

First Contact

Hello I am at the start of the process where I am breaking the uk golf sector down into golf hubs of about 12 clubs per hub. Each club having its own active website.

I was wondering if you could help by becoming the golf hub central site for south london. It would mean that you would have to use the website that I have created for you called  password : David
I will then introduce you to some of the interesting stuff that we are undertaking for your membership. 
Please call me on 0161 998 2637 - you are my first contact.
Thank you 

2nd Contact

I am CEO of Red Octopus Business services Limited - I am a community guardian and champion of a little known social media service called protopage,

I manage a website called the Golf Hub which is going to break the uk down into hubs of golf clubs - sam 12 in a hub that can share information using Protopage as an active web service.  Protopage is great with google forms for event booking for example.

You - your club hs been selected to be the voice of North London. 

I have registered for you - your password is David.

When you create your own protopage you have the option to create public and private zones - it would be a great area to do effective communication with your green keeper of golf f professional.  Your Golf professional could / should have his own Protopage where he can expose any You Tube Videos that he has done or even a Pick and Collect Golf Shop.

I hope that this is to your satisfaction and that you will get in touch with 11 of your sister clubs to make up The North London Hub

Alan Bramwell



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Dave Gosling - Black Swan



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Black Swan

David Gosling elected to knock this development back by 14 years by not implementing Gozworld and

our communications portal

It is inky in retirement that I now have the time to spend on this project.

David has tainted the relationship that I had between my developers Ben and Richard who now refuse to do the work that is required to turn this into a business.

Davids refusal to take phone messages - respond to e'mail requests is typical of the man who allowed my team to undertake 6 month development in 2007 with no intention of moving the contract forward as he had lost his company. To reappear with Bitesize Golf using some of my technology was a bit of a kick in the teath but we were still prepared to support him as there was good revenue in it for us. Again David let us down and may have contributed to the death of my son Adam.- who knows.