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Is it feasible / possible to create Crystal Style Reports but with a header for SAR report Distribution
Ad to create a POWER Q Scheduling system to run batch reports and distribute them by E Mail

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WWWW World War 4 - Withington Golf Club Vs Alan Bramwell

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September 9, 2022

We are at WAR

AB has Announced WAR on WGC –

I stopped David Fricker having a Media war with Withington Golf club when he Registered Withington Golf Club . Com

David had a beef about his corporate membership.

Pegasus Agile

You should have enough codes to start planning and tracking your projects and seeing how much it is actually costing us.

I will do time tracking for Redcamel Soon – Stay with me I am Overloaded with work I had about 4 EGMs and an AGM Today.

Went through Tax and NI rules with my accountant – appointed a solicitor

Set up Pegasus Communication to My Solicitor and Accountant

Tom – You can’t have the Printer – I have Prints to do for King Charles that are Private – Top Secret.. Class TS Top Secret

Please start a Longhorn ( L) T – Training Task for WP Without Portfoli0 

For Foundation Computing – Protopage Google Form for Taskit Occupancy File


Activity Start Date and Time

Occupancy Start Date (Occurs 49 Times)

Task Class

Task Description

Vision Suggestion

Activity End Date End Sate

Can you Please Plan

1. Phase

2. Activity

3 Task

4 Milesones

You track Velocity by Accumulating the time for (COMPLETED TASKS)

When assigning tasks log

Start – Strat Dependancies

Start – End Dependancies

End – End Dependancies

A Mile stone is a Task with Zero House For Timebank Zero Hours Contrack Reporting

Garry Higgins has been Informed that we a re writing a Payroll System for him for Timebank and a Coshh System

Richard – Can you please move over into business Analysis and specify Waterfall Documents for Wigby for Coshh then Foundation Compute them for Wigby ask SQL Server them for Longhorn

Develop TDD JSON Interfaces Please

Incident 1

Case for Defence
When Alan was on Council he has issues with Simon andrews not doing 5 year plans,
Simon reported to the board tha there was discord in the group - Peter Houghman sided with Alan.
The board gave Simon authority to stop having meetings.
Alan has continued Working for Council as is the meetings had not been cancelled - Alan would have been Golf Director many years Ago.

Incident 2

In defence 2
John Goddard was a great friend of Alan - He got him a job at Communisis Broadprint when he was made redundant
I work for Communisis for 4 years writing systems but had no promotion - I was bullied by shop floor controller Nick Cosgrove.
My Good friend Vincent Shrapnel reported to me that John Goddard was sticking the knife in my back.

I had suggested The Directors Table to john and The Birdie - He rejected Web development.
Failing to implement protopage has cost Red Octopus many thousands of pounds.

Alan also Produced Barton Grange for Bob Bolton - Bob Bolton did not sanction webdevelopment
 When Alan asked to talk to the Marketting Director Tony Longdon - He Resulsed to talk to him.

When Alan requested a meeting with chairman Tex - he refused to talk with him

Alan has been victimised by WGC - He is currently writing a history of the club between 1988 and 2022
When Alan effectively DIED.
There is a memorial YEW tree in Shady Hollow that is there for when Alan dies - He will be rembered eternally on the wwww as being the man who Invented SSNA and The Infonet / Micronet.
Alan has a college called BSGElite Teaching Junior Golfers IT
This was for YMG International in 2007 where Alan was appointed as an IT Strategist as a community Guarding lauching doing shop floor control system and control centre systems called IRQ - Ingersoll Rand Quidam

Alans Community Guardian Contract is a £7 donation to The Erica Society for Lifelong Support
Alan entered Withington Golf Club making a £7 donation to The Captains Charity.
Alan has put all his contract donation to Charity.

Charities include The Red Cross for Tesco which paid for
£7 to Woodlans Trust for the bideford Centre
£7 To Machmillan for Northenden Community Libraray 
£7 To The Eric Foundatioon for The Benchill Community Centre
£7 To Erica for Willow Park Community Centre
Alister has been appointed Director of Wythenshawe Community Housing Communication on King Charles III Day.
Alistair does all Poster design and Printing for Red Octopus and Red Camel and Manchester Community Guardians
Blue Flamingo and Wythenshawe are his flagship sights - he is Product Owner over this Development.

ALAN DOES THINK THINGS THREW - Alan is taking WGC to Court for defermation of character.
Alan is a Para Legal - Red Octopus Para Legal Services to fight his case - he will use Intransition to determine whether or not he has a case.
Alan has won a case when he was convicted of having a driving offence.
Alan was advised by the duty barrister to plea guilty which he did on the condition that he could state his case. 
Alan had to take 3 penalty points but the officer from Greater Manchester Police was told off..
Alan will create a google form to canvas the membership. 
We need to establish the reasons for Alan's dismissal.
Foundation Computing will create a survey form.