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Adam Bramwell Classic Golf Day

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This site is a workin-progress it is managed by Red Octopus Business Services as a Community Guardian effort to promote the Adam Bramwell Charity golf day..

Whilst Adam was only a member at Hazel Grove he was happy here.

Adam started his golf at Withington Golf and was the catalyst for other members to bring their sons.
Adam was only a little boy but playing with the older boys  he was a winning member of the Ian Anthony Trophy.  His picture has pride and place at WGC.

WGC is part of the Mersey Hub.

Red Octopus is currently conducting a business survey on all features of Golf with a focus on IT Services.
To service the Golfing Community of Manchester we have created an Internet Marketing Division called Onboard Promotions. It is intended that Matt will get involved. We willl see.

It is intended that the password for this site be passed over to HGGC free of service for the benefit of the members - Protopage has many features as we will explain when we talk to WGC Management.

in a recent survey by Golfshake an active website is essential for a club - protopage satisfies this need.

We would now like to passover the password of this site to HGC with the suggestion that a gmail website is set up for the administration of google form for the registration to club open events.

Thank you for supporting the Adam Bramwell Charity Golf Day - The day will now be managed by Emma Bramwell for The Development of Junior Golf.

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Adam Bramwell Classic Golf Day at Hazel Grove Golf Club

Again we are at The Hazel Grove Golf Club - Provisionally 23rd June 2022

Alan and Emma are taking over the organisation of this event - This year there will be two shotgun starts 08:00 and 14:00 and entertainment in the evening by The 3 Northern Monkeys.

Please contact The professional Shop at Hazel Grove to book your place.

As a repeat of the 2019 event - 2020 and 2021 Event cancelled due to Covid 19.

This is a great day out - join us

Min Entry Fee £50 per player - 4 Player Team.

Full Handicap - Gents Yellow Tees / Ladies Red Tees.

We have increased the price of entry as we will now be providing an evenings entertainment with a live band. So bring your friends and family down for some fun.

IT brought to you by: Red Octopus Business Services / Onboard Promotions - Red Octopus Media

Event Organised by Matt and Kat - 4th Event Since 2016.

See : /

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Club Professionals

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3 Northern Monkeys

An evenings light entertainment has been arranged for the members of Hazel Grove Golf Club by Onboard Promotions.

A nominal fee of just £10 is being charged to see The 3 Northern Monkeys on the 16th June 2022 at 20:00.

This is the first year of operation - if all goes well we will be inviting all the clubs in Manchester to the event in 2023. Turning it into the Pro Am which me and Adam so much wanted to do.

Please do your best to support this new venture for Hazel Grove Golf Club.




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I have decided to do some work on The Golf Channel - This was the original project that myself an Adam was working on.

It was frozen when Adam died - I have recently updated it to delete inappropriate content. It is intended to be a directory of all that is interesting on the www about golf.

The golf hub was expanded to perform what the golf channel was doing - but it got confusing, so I have reduced it to golf lessons and the focus of SSNA which is Structured Social Networking Applications.

I want every Golf Club in the UK to use Protopage, Webador,Wix,Wordpress,Facebook,Instagram and Twitter.  The Kernal being Protopage with such products as The Directors Table - which is club notice boards of Directors Information

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James will need to create a Gmail account to have access to the google drive.
Then he can create a google  form and share it here.

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