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The role of an NHS Networks Associate


NHS Networks was set up in May 2005 to help people in the NHS network with each other.  Through the NHS Networks website, individual networks can register, share information and discussions, and publicise their activities.  Increasingly, NHS Networks has a development role, helping new networks become established and providing background.  We also act as a two-way conduit between policy makers and the wider NHS.


NHS Networks is now developing a body of Associates to help with its expanding work programme.  Recent pieces of work have included gathering case studies for the White Paper on out of hospital care, initiating a social enterprise network, and supporting aspects of Commissioning a Patient Led NHS.  An ongoing work strand involves helping the Department of Health develop an accreditation framework for clinical and service delivery networks. 


The work that NHS Networks is currently and potentially involved in will afford individuals development opportunities that they might not otherwise gain in their current rolls.  This can support individuals' personal development plans or equivalent and ultimately can be of benefit to their organisations.  In addition, this will enable clinicians and managers to network with colleagues in other localities in areas of policy development.  We recognise with all the organisational changes going on, involvement with NHS Networks is an opportunity to retain valuable skills, knowledge and experience.


At this point there is no capacity for funding Associates – we hope that individuals will be able to present this as a development opportunity when discussing with colleagues.  We can pay towards expenses incurred in connection with specific pieces of work.


We are asking that Associates initially register with us indicating their position and areas of interest and skill.  From the Associates, we will then have a core body of people to draw on whenever we are asked to do a piece of work.   Initially, this might only be for one or two sessions a month, for a limited period of time.  However, there may be Associates who can offer up to a day a week, and we could ask them to become involved in coordinating roles – such as coordinating the Associates, or a particular network in development.


Some colleagues may like to register but be unable to commit any time initially.  We would still like to be able to contact you from time to time as sounding boards when we are asked to gather information about views in the NHS – for instance views on a particular policy.


Once we have a body of Associates, we will plan to hold one or two events a year at which the Associates themselves can network.  You will also be automatically registered as an Associate on our database, and will receive our weekly email newsletter.


For further information please contact Kathie Andrews




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