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Information Management Strategy


6th March 2006 14:00

Pevensey Room, Bramber


1.                  Apologies for absence


2.                  Approval of minutes – January 2006 (to follow)

3.                  Matters arising


4.                  Reports      

4.1                      HIS

4.1.1    HIS Performance    HIS

4.1.2    South Coast Audit Report (6 reports attached)    IN


4.2                      NPfIT

4.2.1    CRS Progress Report    AW

4.2.2    PACS update


4.3                      Internal

4.3.1    PCT reconfiguration – IM&T aspects    IN

4.3.2    IG Toolkit – progress    IN


5.                  Primary Care     PM

5.1                      GP IT      



Dates of next meetings –            1400            Tuesday 7th March 2006


Information Management Strategy


10th January 2006 14:00

CE’s Office, Bramber


1.                  Apologies for absence


2.                  Approval of minutes – November 2005 (attached)

3.                  Matters arising


4.                  Policies

4.1                      Remote users – options 


5.                  Reports      

5.1                      HIS

5.1.1    HIS Business Continuity    Martin Fox

5.1.2    HIS Performance    HIS

5.1.3    Sussex HIS LDP request for 06/07 (three attachments)


5.2                      NPfIT

5.2.1    HIS Progress Report (attached)    HIS

5.2.2    CRS Progress Report (to follow)    IN


5.3                      Internal

5.3.1    PCT reconfiguration – IM&T aspects    IN

5.3.2    NPfIT Boards workshop report (attached)    AW

5.3.3    IG Toolkit – progress (verbal update)    IN


5.4                      SHA

5.4.1    Developing Effective Information Management (attached)  


6.                  Primary Care     PM

6.1                      GP IT

6.2                      Electronic Prescription Services  (two attachments)        


 Dates of next meetings –  1400    Tuesday 7th March 2006 March   2006       


Information Management Strategy Group


8th November 2005

Pevensey Room, Bramber Building



Paul Moss

Bill Allan,

Pam Margrave

Penny King


John Parsons

Debbie Beach

Bronwyn Pennington

Chris Mills

Chris Burrin

Andrew Wood



Pat Tait

Ian Nottage (acting chair)

Val Cooper


Apologies for absence, Pete Southern Jo Noble Mike Roddham, Linda Benny, Jo Rorison



Approval of minutes of last meeting 13th September 2005

The minutes were approved.




Matters arising

A meeting of the information governance theme leaders has been called for the 22nd November.








Applying for exemption under S60 of the of the Health the Social Care Act 2001

This is to be sent to Imogen Stephens. Unless she dissents the policy was approved.

Re-use of PCT Publications - Granting access and applying copyright notices

Bill asked who owned the intellectual property on an academic thesis written by an employee if the employee was undertaking the course in PCT time or with PCT money. Ian will find out.

The group asked for the guidance to be sent to Helen Armstrong for inclusion in the manuals and to PAs.












HIS Performance

No Helpdesk figures were available at the meeting.

Ian had previously been sent the figures and an exception report. While most calls were being resolved within the times laid down in the Service Agreement there were several that went over time that were related to the instability of the Exchange server. Since a software patch was applied to the server it has been more reliable.

The helpdesk was still dropping a little under one in five calls.

The Bramber server room air-conditioning units do not automatically restart after a power cut. The servers do restart and the server room heats up. Ian will log this as a risk with Jeanette Driscoll.

Chris Burrin has not been able to progress the work on disaster recovery. He will ask Jo Noble for help. Martin Fox is working for the HIS on disaster planning.





Progress Report

There was no one from the HIS to provide a programme-wide progress report.

The Clinical Records Service Project Initiation Document (PID) is currently being written. The PID will describe the project deliverables and plan and will commit the PCT to providing resources to the project. The PID will be presented to a meeting of the project’s Steering Group on 15th December.





IM&T Projects Register

Questions were asked about the Shared Business Service finance system– would the PCs and network links be good enough?

Business Continuity planning needs to be added as a project






Primary Care

GP IT – some data is being lost when practices move from EMIS GV to PCS. One practice is pulling out of the move.



Dates of Next Meetings –                    1400     10th January 2006

                                                            1400     7th March 2006




Information Management Strategy Group
13th September 2005
Pevensey Room, Bramber Building
Present:Pam MargravePaul MossAndrew Wood (chair)Pete SouthernPat Tait Sally AppelbeChris BurrinDebbie Beach,Ian NottageLynn CankJohn Parsons
The Chair welcomed Sally Appelbe from West Sussex County Council
1.0 Apologies for absenceMichael Humber, Gordon Fraser, Bronwyn Pennington, Jerry Noble Bill Allan, Chris Mills, Jo Noble, Linda Benny Action
2.0 Approval of minutes of last meeting 12th July 2005The minutes were approved.
3.0 Matters arising Connecting community staff to LV GP systems. It was felt that it is useful for community staff to have access to information held on GP systems. Lynn raised security issues – practices would need to be convinced that access would be secure. Paul Moss, Lynn Cank, Pete Southern and Ian Nottage will write a project mandate. PM, LC, IN, PS PoliciesInformation Governance PolicyThis was approvedIM&T StrategyThis was approved. Andy Wood asked if this was a proper strategy. Ian Nottage replied that it was more of a statement of beliefs, as the PCT had little freedom of action.The lack of links to local authorities was noted. The present thrust of the National Programme is not towards partnership working but towards the acute sector.Applying for exemption under S60 of the of the Health the Social Care Act 2001Section 60 of the Health and Social Care Act 2001 (H&SCA) permits the temporary setting aside of the Common Law duty of Confidentiality for the use of medical records for specific purposes. It does not set aside the requirements of the Data Protection Act 1998. The PCT needs a procedure for applying for this exemption.Jenny Maynard had provided Ian with an updated procedure document that was more explanatory. Ian will circulate this to members for comment.Over-arching information Sharing Protocol checklistThe County-wide Over-arching information Sharing Protocol has a checklist for organisations to self-assess their information security and governance arrangements. These assessments may be used by prospective partners when they are considering information sharing. Not being able to answer yes to every question will not automatically prevent information sharing.The questions are taken from the information governance tool kit so as the PCT improves its toolkit score it will also improve its information self-assessment score.The checklist was approved. ReportsHISHIS Service Agreement This has been approved by Andy Wood and was noted by the Group. The SA does not include GP IT. This is covered under a separate agreement.HIS Performance No Helpdesk figures were available at the meeting.The system by which equipment is ordered was mentioned by some as being unreliable. The HIS are looking into this. Ian will