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H20 Tech-Tube




             Across this country and all over the world there are people who do not have potable water due to harmful bacteria and diseases. If there was a quick, portable, effective, and technologically advanced water purifier then many survivors of Hurricane Katrina would have had plenty water to survive on. Our invention, H20 Tech-Tube, will be a small cylindrical shaped device that uses technology such as nano tubes and advanced filters to purify water by eliminating things that are smaller than 0.03 cm. It will be able to detect and take out Hepatitis A, rotavirus, Norwalk virus, poliovirus, and others that no other filter has been able to. This new purifier will be better than old ones because it will filter smaller than any other purifier has been able. This will improve on past attempts because of increased effectiveness and portability.


Future-Tech (rough)

Future Tech

            Today in third world countries, innocent civilians are dying from drinking dirty, polluted water caused by natural disasters like Hurricane Katrina and the tsunami in Thailand or by unsanitary living conditions.  We have designed an advanced filtration system that will not just clean water of all bacteria but make it taste better. We are confident that our new and improved invention will help people around the world and prevent diseases, like bacteria, that infiltrate their water.

            We have decided that we will have three chambers through which the water will be filtered. The first chamber will contain a filter textile with a mesh opening of 25 micron or 25 millionth of a meter. Micron means unit of length equal to one millionth (10-6) of a meter. We will improve the mesh wire, shrinking it 4 times as much as the original filtration system in a plan to catch more pathogens. Next, there will be a polyester mesh filter with an opening of 5 microns. We will improve this layer by shrinking the mesh by three times. With this improvement all big articles of bacteria will be filtered out and even the clusters of bacteria are removed. Then the water will go into a chamber of iodine impregnated beads. Iodine is an essential element for human life and is usually used as a medical tracer for thyroid problems, but in this case it will go into the DNA of the bacteria and then destroys its ability to reproduce more bacteria, eventually leading to its destruction. After this phase most of the bacteria, viruses, and parasites  will be eliminated. The second chamber is a void space, where any remaining viruses and parasites will be killed, and then the iodine will be removed from the filtered water.  A void space is an area which contains nothing, kind of like a black hole in space, a vacuum. The last chamber will contain a different version of active-carbon, which is an activated carbon. This active carbon is a novel activated carbon. Novel means strikingly new, unusual, or different. This active carbon uses cellulosic fibers as the base material of the 2nd chamber. Cellulosic is a complex carbohydrate, that is composed of glucose units, it forms the main part of the cell wall in most plants, and is important in the manufacture of numerous products, such as paper, textiles, vitamins/medicines, and explosives. There will also be a large surface of fibers which will stretch 1,000-1,600 m2/g and is specified as a micro pore structure, meaning that it has very small holes with diameters of 0.5-1.0nm (Nano-Meters). This layer will succeed by absorbing a broad layer of various substances. This has a higher capacity of absorption than any other regular active carbon. It also can absorb 10 to 100 times faster than any normal active carbon. Even the desorption is better than regular active carbons. Desorption means to remove an absorbed substance. This active carbon can also help with many things consisting of filters and vaporization.

            As a container, we will be using a Urethane rod which is exceedingly resistant to pressure and heat. We will use the strongest and most durable urethane available for our cylinder shaped filtration system. We will make it as thin as possible for easy transport, but durable enough so it may be able to be operated for many years. The whole filtering system will probably be around 20-25 dollars. The urethane rod will contain a suction tube, which will bring water to the main filters and then, after filtration, it will settle into the tube. If needed there will be a polymeric filter that exchange Hydrogen H(+1) ions for cationic ions, and M+OH to make anatomic ions which will remove salt. This process will usually take 5 minutes. Another option will be a plastic top which comes off and you dip it in the water, then you turn the filter section upside down on the cap and then flip it. At the end of the filtration cycles and possibly the salt filter, there will be a quarter of an inch spigot to release the water into a sterilized carrier tube that is provided.


            Over-all, the concept of the H20 Tech-Tube is to filter and purify contaminated water to get rid of bacteria, diseases, and other deadly viruses. The other part of it is to eclipse the limit of all other current filters. The smallest filters can get to is 0.03 inches but we are making that to one-billionth of an inch. This invention will help save the lives and improve the standard living of many people in America and all around the world.


Bibliography (rough)

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Team Info Sheet



Team Name: H2o Tech Inc.

Class Period: 8


Slogan: We make your water potable. 







Name / Short Description of Invention: Our invention is called H20 Tech-Tube. It is a advanced, portable water purifier that filters out diseases and dangerous bacteria for people who have Aids. So in countries with diseases and people at home can purify their water. This will help advances in Water Filtration. It also has a part to connect to a household sink to purify water. This will also help if any terrorists contaminate the water, it will be purified.     




Core Technologies: We will use technologies such as a filter textile, polyester mesh filter, Iodine impregnated beads, Void Space, Urethane Rods, Cellulose fibers.



Name: Christopher Doh


                Team Leader

Name: Spencer Fausel


                 Lead Writer

Name: Brendan Ko 


Role/ Responsibilities:

                 Documentation Specialist  

Name: Alex S


                 Lead Researcher/ Documentation Specialist