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Emerging Technology- Wireless Classrooms


Why go Wireless?


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Teachers share classrooms and they also have class in mulitple rooms.  Wireless network the teacher can go to any classroom and access the network.  Teachers can bring their laptop to one room and then go all the way across the building with still having access to the network.


Allows users to access the internet or a network without having to worry about having a telephone line and cables.  Anyone that has the password to get on that network can access the network in a given area. 


There is no need to wire and rewire to be able to have access to the network in a classroom.  In the long run it is cheaper to go wireless.  To add a new computer to the network all one would need is a wireless card.  Teachers, Administrators and students would be able to go to any classroom and not have to worry if they have all the proper cables and if the room was wired for computer access.


Adding on to the network can be done without having to redo all the wiring like a hard wire lab.


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