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Father Flanagan of Boys Town Council # 652

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Council 652 Events

Interested in becoming a Knight: Contact TonyRomero 690-3716 or Dan Elliston 953-7741 

Oct    1 Tuesday                   General Membership MeetingRosary 7:15 Meeting 7:30p.m.

Oct    3 Thursday                 Preparing the Meatballs for Cathedralfest in theCafeteria

Oct    4 Friday                      FridayKnight Countdown to Cathedralfest Concert 6:00 – 11 pm

Oct    5 Saturday                 CathedralfestSpaghetti Dinner

Oct    6 Sunday                    CathederalfestRing Toss

Oct   12-13 Sat – Sunday    AnnualCampaign for People with Intellectual Disabilities formerly

                                              knownas the Tootsie Roll Drive.

Oct   15  Tuesday                 Officers Meeting Lay ApostolateCenter 7:00p.m.

Oct   20  Sunday                   Bingo– Via Christe - 1:30 – 2:30 p.m.

Oct  23 Wed                        7pm World Series Game Watch – Legends - 6920 Pacific St 


Nov    6 Tuesday                  General Membership Meeting Rosary7:15 Meeting 7:30p.m.

Nov TBD                                             HockeyNight Game Watch  location TBD

Nov  20Tuesday                 Officers Meeting Lay Apostolate Center 7:00p.m.

Nov  18Sunday                   Bingo – Via Christe - 1:30 – 2:30 p.m.  


Dec.   5 Tuesday                  GeneralMembership Meeting Rosary 7:15 Meeting 7:30p.m.

Dec.  8  Sunday                   Blood Drive St. Cecilia Parish Center 7:30a.m.12Noon

Dec.  TBD                             Christmas Party Pot-Luck 6:00p.m.

Dec. 15 Sunday                   ParishBreakfast in the Cafeteria

Dec.  15Sunday                   Bingo– Via Christe- 1:30 – 2:30 p.m.

Dec. 17 Tuesday                  Officers Meeting Lay Apostolate Center 7:30p.m

·       Every Monday Night 7-8 Holy Hour for Men in the Our Lady of Nebraska Chapel lead by Father Buckley

Officers 2019 - 2021

Grand Knight - Al Vaccaro
Dpty Grand Kgt. - Jim Elliston
Chaplain - Fr. Michael Grewe
Chancellor - Art West
Recorder - Bob Wachter
Financial Sec. - Paul Lehn
Treasurer - Dan Elliston
Warden - Joe Wilcox
Advocate - Joe Schuster
Outside Guard - Mike Downey
Inside Guard - Steve Romero
3 year - Tony Romero
2 year - Mark Morehouse
1 year - Therial Bynum

General Information

Father Flanagan of Boys Town Council meets at St. Cecilia Cathedral in Omaha, Nebraska at 701 No 40 St.

The Omaha Council was founded in 1902 through the efforts of Mr. T.J. Mahoney and C.J Smyth.

It is the oldest council in the state, and was the state council until the official state council was

established in 1905.

Our 5 parishes include:

       Blessed Sacrement, 30th & Curtis St.

       Sacred Heart, 2207 Wirt St.

       St. Cecilia Cathedral, 701 No 40th St.

       St. Frances Cabrini, 10th & William St.

       St. Mary Magdalene, 19th & Dodge St. 


Fr. Edward J Flanagan (1886-1948)