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12.) Online Applications

Rich sticky notes

Rich text note

Golden Age Article


1. pulse-pounding time for desktop software

2. *the services live on the net *they are free

3. a task manager

4. they depend on the Net to function

Web widgets

Web page

13.) Social Networking

Rich sticky notes

#2 Founders of Myspace interview

1. $580 million

2. Barack Obama

3. what could happen versus what actually happens

4. 8 million

5. they have people looking for inappropriate things

6. to tell the main ideas surrounding myspace and promote useage.

#1 Social Networks Video

1. friends, jobs, partners

2. they cant always be seen (hidden)

3. they help you see connections that are hidden in the real world

#3 Social Networking Spoof

1. It is saying that the younger generation loves online social networking, whereas the older generation is opposed to it.  It shows that many teens and young people are obsessing over myspace and are a little careless with their information.  Teens can only communicate through myspace and other social networks like it.

#4 Ethics & myspace... say it ain't so Tom!

1. Tom Anderson is the cofounder of Myspace.

2. Tom may have lied about his age because he was much older than most teens would consider "cool".  Teens would not like someone their parents age running a website they liked, and they probably wouldnt have added him as a friend if he had said his real age.

3. This is reflective of bigger issues.  It just shows how easy it is for fake information to be put on Myspace, and then believed just as if it was the truth.