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Lotus Blogs - Page1


Codestore Activity Log

Interface | matters

Rich Waters


Lotus Notes on Web 2.0

IdoNotes (and sleep) blog

good thinking

Lotus Rock Star

The Quickr Blog

Theo's Blog

Phigment Said What?

Jack Ratcliff

News4Notes | ARRAS@online

Lotus Blogs - Page 2


V3 Test Feed

Stu Downes

Bruce Elgort

Carl Tyler's Blog

:: vowe dot net ::

Dec's Dom Blog

Chris Whisonant

Bill Buchans links

Musings from a code poet

Damien Katz

Lotus Guru

The Power Of The Schwartz

The Business Controls Caddy

Ben Poole

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Rich text note

Free Hit Counters
Free Counter

IBM'er Lotus Blogs


Ed Brill

IBM Lotus Notes Hints, Tips, and Tricks

Adam Gartenberg's Blog

Mary Beth Raven

Domino Unplugged 2007

Domino Blog

developerWorks Lotus team blog

Lotus Geek

Jeff Eisen

Best Practice Makes Perfect

In Theory...


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About this...

This page was made originally for me to access this information at my place of employment easily without the use of an rss reader. I know there are better options for reading these blogs but this is about the best thing I can do in a high security and controlled environment. I thought this may be a use for other people in similar environments, if so, I hope it is of use to you.


These feeds are placed pretty randomly and reflect no preference of one feed over the other...if I need to make any corrections (i.e. a feed should or should not be under the "IBM'er Lotus Blogs" ) please let me know.

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If anyone would like to be added to this page or would like to request other Lotus related feeds to be added, please send me an email at