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12) Online Applications

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1. They call the 1990s  "a pulse-pounding time for desktop software"


2. The apps live on the web and not the hard drive and it has everything everyone wants.


3. It is a task manager


4. The problems was that the apps required the Net to work. Companies are looking at ways to offer services offline

13) Social Networking

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#1 Soclial Network Video

1. Friends, jobs, and partners

2. They cant be seen

3. They let you see who your friends know, and who they know. So you know everyone.


#2) Founders of Myspace interview

1. $580,000

2. Obama

3. Pedifiles are a fear, but reality shows that teens are very safe online

4. 8,000,000

5. They physically look at every uploaded picture

6. MySpace is very safe despite what all the critics say

#3) Social Networking spoof

Dimitri makes fun about how Myspace can connect friends, but the connection can be impersonal. He also makes fun of the safety issue, saying that Myspace is loaded with sexual predators.

#4) Ethics & myspace... say it ain't so Tom!

1. Tom is one of the co-founders of Myspace

2. He wanted young people to think that he was cool because he "was" their age

3. Yes. It shows how easy it is for people to lie about themselves, creating them as their perfect self. That means that you can't take everything at face value on the Myspace, which in turn makes the whole Web seem untrusworthy.