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You are reminded that the Manchester Discount Card is just a hobby and it is here to promote sales for Hitec Computers in Gatley.

The other associates are  are members that indicated that they would give discount to the members of the general public.

We now have time to spend more time on the card. From this week there will be a new website dedicated to the Trafford Centre in Manchester. We will Feature shops that are custimer friendly and do offer discounts from time to time.

Under Stop Press here we will also indicates where weekly offers can be made.

This is a service to the people of Manchester Under The Community Guardian Scheme.




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It was not until I had started my own venture that I got to learn about The Manchester Card.
It was when I was doing  a google search for my own card that I saw it.

Mine is a lot different - 1. It is free. @. It Is aimed at the Golfing Community of Manchester. It has links to services which golfers may find of value.

With regards to proof of ownership - I hope that the club card will be representative of this venture. A small number of business cards has been printed for my local club members.

I am currently attending the Google Garage in Manchester doing a programming and Starting a New Business Course - This is part of that exercise.


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This is primarily about finding services that would benefit the golfers of the Mersey Basin.

If I manage to get a significant number of businesses interested I will look at creating a mobile app so that an electronic business card can be implemented. But for now we have a limited number of business cards available.

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Thank you to Dave from D.C. Electrical in becoming our first Protopage Member.

You will be able to negotiate a discount with Dave if you mention our serviice and where you found him.


Alexandros Restaurant in Northenden has said that they can offer a service to golf club members on a Wednesday,Thursday and Sunday if they present themselves with their golf club membership card.

Britannia Hotels have said that they are on board.


I have joined the ranks of the unemployed - if your business needs a Business Analyst or a Project Manager for an IT project please contact me on 07939525218.

I will now  spend my days on my Hobby - Which is website design and delivery. So if you want a budget website please contact Hitect Computers in Cheadle.

Soon I will creatre a website called Trafford Centre Onboard - it will feature a Blog and every Monday I will go to The Trafford Centre for my lunch and do personal business. Whilst I am there I will review as many shops as I can and will feature then in the blog.

I hope that this is to your satisfaction it is all that I can do.

If your want to create your own active Protopage Website and create your own On-Line shop then please do so - E'mail me at and I will feature you on this site.

Happy Shopping 
(Community Guardian BA019)





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Britannia Hotels


Hi Alan


Listed below are the five hotels we have in the Manchester area.


Sachas Hotel Manchester

Britannia Hotel Manchester

Britannia Country House Hotel

Britannia Airport Hotel

The Asley Hotel

Airport Inn Hotel


Full details of the hotels can be found on our website


We would be able to offer 10% discount off the best available rate based on a minimum 2 nights stay at all the above hotels. Bookings would have to be made by contacting our call centre and will not be available to book via the website.


If you would like to take up this offer please contact me to discuss the details.


Good luck in your venture.



Gatley Computers

Gatley Computers do not have a website and have indicated that a small discount on services can be negotiated.


Alexandros Restaurant will extend discount on a Wednesday, Thursday and a Sunday to those presenting their Golf Club Membership Card.


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Sadly I have had one rejection - I will have many I am certain.




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About Adam

Sadly my son Adam died in 2016 - he has over 8o million views on his Snaresallday Youtube Channel.

Featured in my Manchester Music site.

The Golf Hub

The Golf Hub is an example of what a golf professional could do to service the membership.

There are lots of YouTube videos showing golf instruction it will just take one quality professional to organise them into a training program. This was attempted working with Bitesize Golf but failed.


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Manchester Together

Members - please retain yur discount then donate it to Manchester Together




Golf Club Members

Golf Clubs

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Greenpages are Golf Clubs or members of golf clubs that are valued but can not extend discount.

These services come recommended as being part of the Manchester Golf Family.

The Slate Yard



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Andrew McCool is the Director of A.M. ESTABLISHED COMPANY LIMITED a Manchester based Marketing Company.

A.M. ESTABLISHED COMPANY LIMITED focuses on pure ambitions talents all across the world. 
We have worked with Whitworth Art Gallery promoting Love For The Streets charity that focus on homelessness in Manchester bringing 1408 people to the event.  

as well as developing potential on instagram
Follow us on instagram  @a.m.e.c.l.insta as well as Andrew McCool on Instagram - @mccoolandrewinsta  

Red Octopus

Project Red Octopus is about developing The Slate Yard as a viable international business.

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